Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jacking Off in a Bottle!

A new experience for me! I've pissed in a bottle many times for routine physicals but have never been asked to jack off in a bottle, at least up until now. Of course with my recent vasectomy, the urology doc wants to make sure that there are no sperm thingies in my semen so he says that I should have three semen checks one month apart just to make sure of that. Until then he says that I should keep using condoms while fucking Marcella, which is just what I've been doing. I thought he said two checks before but today he told me three of them is the safe way to do it, and that's assuming all three checks are negative which he says they almost always are. The most practical way to do these checks is to have me jack off in a bottle...and who am I to argue with that? I can't think of another more pleasurable medical procedure! As I said several times before, at my age you take your cheap thrills where you can find them!

So I went into the doc's office bright and early this Thursday morning for my first cum check. My last sexual release was when Marcella sucked me off on Sunday morning so my pump was definitely well primed. Four days without an ejaculation is about as long as I care to go, even at my age! I had a semi boner when I walked in the office this morning. The doc's nurse took me into an examining room and explained what was about to happen. She asked when the last time I had an ejaculation was and if I had any pain or discomfort during sex since the vasectomy. Nope! She also asked me approximately how many ejaculations I'd had since the operation and all I can say was "A lot!" which is the truth!

Nobody told me that I was supposed to keep track but I guess the more ejaculations you have, the sooner all the sperm will positively be gone from your semen. Remind me to increase my frequency of fucking and jacking off starting this afternoon! The nurse was cute and her asking all these questions about sex combined with my already established horniness and semi hard on was giving me a full fledged boner! It's a good thing I still had my clothes on. I've had problems with springing boners in front of nurses in the past, even once in front of a female doctor. I wrote about those totally embarrassing incidents HERE a while back in this blog.

The nurse then led me down the hall into a small room with a sink, a toilet and a cot. She handed me a semen collection kit, just a small plastic bottle with a wide lid and some instructions, all sealed in plastic and told me to "have fun". I was tempted to reply something like "It will be more fun if you come in here with me!" but I resisted the temptation. I may be a dirty old man but I'm also a gentleman, believe it or not! I unwrapped the kit and read the instructions. Washing my weenie thoroughly was the first thing that I was required to do. There were supplies for that on the shelf above the sink. The instructions also said not to use any lubrication while masturbating and make sure the entire ejaculation fluid went into the bottle. There was also an illustration on how to masturbate! (Are they kidding? Showing ME how to jack off?) A sign on the wall advised using the cot rather than the toilet to perform the necessary activity. No explanation was given although I guess it would be easier to aim and shoot your wad into the bottle while laying down.

The bad news is there was no fucking porn anywhere to be seen in the room! Not even an ancient fucking copy of Playboy! Damn the bad luck! Didn't I see in all those movies (like "The Right Stuff", about the early astronauts) where they offered you some visual inspiration to accomplish your required meat beating task? I was hoping for a DVD player, a big screen plasma TV and a DVD copy of "Debbie Does Dallas 26"! Maybe if I'd asked, they would have provided some magazines or something. Maybe it's just too politically incorrect to have porno around nowadays. I haven't got a clue but I was disappointed to see there was none to be found.

Not that I really need any visual inspiration to jack off you understand, especially after four "dry days". Just washing my dick had brought my dick standing at attention again, even after the cutie pie nurse left. I laid down, pulled down my pants and shorts and went to work. Oh if that nurse only knew who I was fantasizing about as I jacked myself off. I still could hear her and the receptionist (a bit older but still very attractive) talking out in the office. I started fantasizing myself in a threesome with the two of them...them taking turns sucking me and then me going down on and fucking them both...OH YEAH!!!SPURT!!!....AHHHHHHHHH!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! If only all visits to the doctor could be as much fun! This sure beats the finger up the old pooper! LOL

I put the lid on the bottle, cleaned up myself, waited a couple of minutes for my stiffy to go down, pulled up my shorts and pants and took the bottle out to the nurse who said "Well that didn't take long, did it?" I'm happy to report that I again resisted the temptation to get her a smart ass answer. She put the bottle away and then took me back into the examining room and told me the doctor would "be right with me". Close to an hour later (!) the doc came in, told me to drop my pants and shorts, give me a quick check-up and said that everything looked fine "down there".

The doc then told me that two more monthly semen checks would be necessary, that I should continue having as many regular ejaculations as possible (no problem there!) and he would see me in a month. I'll find out the results of this jism check next week. I said thanks and goodbye to him and also to the nurse and receptionist on the way out (if they only knew!)...and here I am back home again. That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about semen checks and I promise I won't bore you with the subject anymore. You can tell you lead an exciting life when the high point of your day (or week!) is jacking off into a bottle in a doctor's office!

I'll be back tomorrow to name my Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month for September. Yeah I can hardly wait! Now it's time for lunch and a nap and then maybe I'll jack off again. You have to follow your doctor's instructions you know! Frequent ejaculations he wants, frequent ejaculations he'll get! I can't wait to tell Marcella about the doc's prescription! Cheers!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Morning Wood!

I woke up with a big boner this morning. "Morning wood" doesn't come as often as it did in my younger days so I thought I'd take advantage of it by jacking off. At my age you just don't waste any boners you know! Actually since I've been in this relationship with Marcella my frequency of morning boners has definitely increased. My blood pressure is down too. More proof that being in a romantic and sexual relationship with someone is good for your physical as well as your spiritual health I suppose.

When I was much younger, in my teens and twenties, I used to wake up with morning wood nearly every day. No matter how much I had jacked off or fucked the day or night before, I woke up with a big stiffy. I'm not complaining you understand. Boners do feel good and provide you with the inspiration to jack off which is a very pleasant way to start your day, If you have a partner in your bed, you can always hope that she will give you a helping hand...or mouth...or whatever...and that's an even more pleasant way to start your day. Yeah morning boners are okay! You can't piss with a full hard-on so sexual release can be a necessity to enable to take your morning pee. Admittedly time will also usually make that sucker go down but why pass an opportunity to jack off? That's always been my philosophy anyway!

As soon as I got my hand on my dick this morning though I remembered that I have to go in to my urologist's office this Thursday for my first semen check after my vasectomy. They want to make sure there are no sperm thingies in my cum before I can start no condom bareback fucking with Marcella, which I am definitely looking forward to doing! The doctor's receptionist called on Friday to remind me of the appointment and to notify me that I was not to ejaculate for three to five days before the appointment. I shouted "Damn! Damn! Damn!" when she told me that. She was amused but I was serious...and so was she about those instructions. I already had to go a week without sexual release after the vasectomy and now I have more forced abstinence. Oh well, I guess I'll survive. No playing with my weenie until I jack off into a bottle in the doctor's office on Thursday. That actually sort of sounds like fun. Like I've said before, at my age I take my cheap thrills where and when I can find them. I just hope they provide some good porn...not that I'm going to need it!

Marcella did come over on Saturday night and gave me some very nice and much needed sexual release. She was out of town last weekend and I was definitely ready for some hot nookie! It's funny that I've gone for years without pussy and jacking off always got me through with no big problems but now that I'm in a relationship I miss one weekend of fucking and I think I'm going to die. It's been that way in every relationship that I've been in. Once you get back into the groove of getting laid regularly, you really miss it when you can't get it when you want it. That's not to say that I don't enjoy jacking off as much as I always's just that fucking and blow jobs are so much better! I got both from Marcella this weekend so I'll make it okay until Thursday.

I still haven't heard from Lynn, the director of that masturbation video/movie project. Every time the phone rings I think it's her telling me to "come on down" for my "star performance" of jacking off while talking about it for the camera. Unless I chicken out at the very last minute I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do it. Marcella thinks I'm joking but at least I've told her about it, which makes me feel less guilty than keeping it a secret from her. I've had several crazy dreams about the movie, an indication of how much it's on my mind I suppose. I really don't have any way to contact Lynn. I answered her ad through an anonymous Craigslist box number (they do the forwarding) and now that addy is dead. I gave her my phone number in my response and she called me but I don't have her number nor a real e mail addy. I wish I did so I could send her a link to this blog so she would know that I am a most serious advocate and practicer of the great sport of jacking off, a self professed expert in fact as I am sure you will all agree. Oh well, she seemed very interested when I told her I was such an old fart and still jerking so I still am pretty confident she will call.

Nothing much more to report here. I'll be back on Thursday after my jack off in a bottle experience with a first hand report. I know you can hardly wait! LOL Until then have a wonderful, healthy and sexy week!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Silly Thursday

As I mentioned in my last post Marcella was out of town last weekend which of course meant no nookie for Mikey. I was hoping for at least a mid week blow job to tide me over until this weekend but she's been working 12 hour shifts at the clinic all this week so we missed our mid-week "date" last night. I've seen her at the coffee shop a couple of times but that's about it. We've haven't had the time or the privacy or sex. Last night we had a long phone conversation when she got off work though. She was amused when I told her that I had jacked off while thinking about her, which is true...twice in fact since last weekend! While she was giggling about that I figured it was a good time to bring up that masturbation movie project I'm thinking of participating in. That really cracked her up! She couldn't stop laughing! Not exactly the reaction I was expecting! She may have thought I was joking but she doesn't know me very well, does she? I feel better now, knowing that at least I mentioned the movie to her. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm going to go through with it, assuming this Lynn babe (the director) calls me back and I really expect that she will. I mean making a movie about jacking off without me would be like making a movie about early rock and roll without mentioning Elvis!

By the way, some anonymous joker made a comment on one of my posts that asked "What the fuck makes you such an expert on jacking off? We all do it man and we all are experts!" Good point Mr. Anonymous but the simple answer is EXPERIENCE son! I discovered the wonderful world of jacking off at age 12 and I've been doing it ever since. I'm 66 now so just do the math dude! Fifty four fucking years of beating my meat! If that much time playing with your weenie doesn't make you an expert, I don't know what will! Besides that, I've never mentioned it here because I don't like to brag but I happen to have a diploma proudly displayed on my wall. Click on this Mr. Anonymous Smarty Pants! They don't just give out these to ANYBODY you know!

I've confessed to being an unashamed Viagra user although sometimes I wonder if I really need it with Marcella. I usually pop a little blue pill if I know we are going to fuck but all it takes is her warm mouth on my dick to give me a super boner even without the Viagra. Frequently just thinking about her makes me spring a woody. No problems keeping the stiffy when she jacks or sucks me off either. I'm just not sure about prolonged fucking. We have fucked a couple of times without it and I didn't seem to stay as hard so I suppose I still need it. I don't want to take any more than I need though. The poor fellow in this cartoon swallowed the whole bottle and look what happened to him. Well at least you can say "What a way to go!? huh?

Lastly some people think I am an old fogey because I am less than crazy about extra piercings and tattoos on women,even though I fully recognize that they have the absolute right to do with their bodies exactly what they please! I just think they look better without those things and it's also my right to feel that way and say what I feel. I will say that I find some of the clothes (or lack of clothes) worn on the street by young women nowadays are mighty appealing though. For example, these that I found on the web recently got a "rise" out of me if you know what I mean and I think you do! Now If I could only find the street where all this lovely bare skin is displayed. About the only public nudity we ever see here in Stockton town is an occasional weenie waver (No it's not me, you silly!)

Well folks I warned you that this was "Silly Thursday"! Now it's back to reality! I can't wait for the weekend to get here and Marcella to come over and suck on my weenie. Until then I'll continue my daydreams about becoming a movie star and maybe have another rehearsal or two for my big scene. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I Wanna Be A Movie Star...Maybe!

Yeah that's my really my dong up there on the big movie screen...but where the fuck is the audience?

There was an ad in the Bay Area Craigslist a couple of weeks ago that went something like "Professional woman filmmaker doing documentary film on masturbation. Seeking male and female volunteers, all ages over 18 for interviews and optional on camera masturbation. No compensation involved. Leave evening phone number if interested." As most of you nice people know by now, jacking off is a subject near and dear to my heart. Whether I would have the "balls" to discuss my favorite solitary activity or actually jack off in front of a movie camera for a real movie is a different matter. Mainly out of curiosity, I answered the ad.

So this gal Lynn (who I fantasized looks like the babe at right!) called me on Friday night. She apparently is serious about her project, to be shot on digital video. She's done a couple of other documentaries for public television but I don't think we'll see this one there! She envisions entering this completed film in several film festivals, having a limited number of "art" theater showings and then releasing it on DVD. She says she already has a major commitment for the latter. She would like us volunteer participants to masturbate on camera while we are interviewed by her or just talk about our masturbation habits, when and how we learned about masturbation and started doing it, etc. If we are too shy to masturbate on camera, she will consider fully clothed interviews but she would prefer us to be nude and masturbating as we speak. She would also prefer to do the video shooting in our homes but we can come to her studio if the former is impossible for any reason. She will be accompanied by an assistant, another woman, who handles the lighting and sound for her. As the ad stated we don't get paid but get a special limited edition of the DVD when it is released (Big Deal!)

I have to say that the project sort of turns me on! In fact I sprung a boner while I talked to Lynn. I certainly have a passion for jacking off as you all know. I wouldn't even mind being interviewed about my passion. It's something I've never been ashamed to admit that I do. Part of me really wants to participate in the film. And yet...and yet...I'm not sure I could go through with it! Believe it or not, I'm really NOT an exhibitionist! As I've mentioned before I've shot nude still pics and video of myself enjoying my "hobby" as long as I can remember. I've even posted a few pics and video frames (like the one on the left here) on this blog from time to time. However before I started this blog I really never intended for anyone but myself to see this material. I don't believe I ever even showed any of it to my girlfriends over the years. Well with one girlfriend we did videotape ourselves fucking and masturbating several times and we both watched the video but that was a rare exception. Otherwise, I always kept my stash of secret pics and video well hidden, and that's where it remains today.

I would worry most about my family seeing this film, as unlikely as that may be. I definitely wouldn't want my daughter Jennie (now 40) to see it, nor my sister Karen or her family. I also wouldn't want my co-workers from my civil service jobs at military establishments in the Sacramento and Stockton areas to see it. I can hear the laughter and see the rude notes on the bulletin board now! In fact I wouldn't want any of my friends or anyone who has ever known me over the years to see it! The only exceptions might be my ex girlfriends and one living ex wife. Hell they know I jack off and have seen me do it! No big deal there!

The big question of course is how many of those people I've mentioned would actually stumble on the film (it definitely won't be playing at your local multiplex!) or buy the DVD. Probably not too many! I've certainly "let it all hang out" in this blog in every way possible and as far as I know, no friends or family have discovered the blog...yet! Admittedly I could be wrong there. Another major consideration is my new love and sex partner Marcella. I probably should discuss it with her and I am pretty sure she would not approve. She has been in the Bay Area with family this weekend (no nookie for Mikey, damn it!) so I haven't mentioned it to her yet, and I'm really not sure that I can or will. I will probably have to keep it yet another secret from her even though there is already enough guilt about keeping this damn blog a secret!

I've been thinking about whether I should do this or not all weekend and I'm still not sure which way to go. Actually I'm not even sure I'll be asked to do it but I suspect I will. Lynn seemed to very intrigued when I told her I was 66 and still a fiend for jacking off. She said I was so far the oldest guy who had responded but she had a woman in her early 60's who was ready and willing to participate. She also said she has had LOTS of response to the ad, including some from guys who wanted to do more than masturbate for her, have sex with her I suppose although she didn't come right out and say that. She also said she got lots of unwanted penis pics in the e mail responses. Why those dirty old men!

I'll let you know how this all turns out. Meanwhile I'm waiting with baited breath for my "casting call" (wonder if there will be an "audition"?) while deciding whether I'll accept the role or not. Since I'm way out in the boondocks in Stockton, I think I'll drive in to Lynn's studio in San Francisco (where else?), about 100 miles away, if I decide to do it. You know even with Marcella out of town, this thing has made me so fucking nervous I haven't even jacked off all weekend...and you know that means I've REALLY been nervous! Is this what you call "stage fright"? I probably at least should do some rehearsals prior to my star performance huh? Another worry...can I get it up in front of two women with cameras and lights? I truly don't fucking know! Maybe I better pack my Viagra! On the other, little old Mike Stewart from Stockton town a movie star! I can see my name up on the marquee now...

To be continued (maybe)!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jacking Off to Nudist Magazines!

I was going through a trunk yesterday afternoon and found several old nudist magazines in my collection of ancient erotica that I once used for visual inspiration for jacking off. They brought back some fond memories and even yesterday they gave me a big fat hard on. Yup I jacked off again while looking at them! ("What else is new?" you ask!) One of the magazines was so old that there were no genitals exposed in it, not even a glimpse of pubic hair. Prior to about 1960, it was taboo to show pubic hair or genitalia in the media, even in nudist magazines! It's hard to believe that we were once so hung up on nudity. Come to think of it, after seeing the furor over one of Janet Jackson's titties popping out on TV a couple of years ago, we are still way too fucking hung up on nudity for me! The world would probably come to an end if we saw a dick or pussy on network TV. Cable TV is a whole different story but the Republican right wingers in Washington are seriously considering letting the FCC get their prudish hands on that too!

The oldest magazine in my collection, dated March 1956 has the pubic area of both men and women air brushed out in the few shots where the subjects are facing the camera. Most of the other shots are deliberately posed so that only tits and butts are visible. The air brushed pubic shots look absolutely ridiculous! It appears that there is just bald skin down there, no pubic hair, no genitals! I can imagine some prepubescent boy of that innocent era getting hold of one of these magazines and wondering if his weenie and balls were going to disappear when he grew up. And what happened to that mysterious crack he'd seen between the legs of little girls? Did that disappear too? Those tits and asses sure looked mighty fine though! Any of us horny young bastards who were lucky enough to find a nudist magazines thought we had died and gone to heaven! It even beat those rare pictures of topless African and Balinese maidens we loved to find and jerk off to in National Geographic.

Things got even better around 1960. The nudist magazines were the first to break the pubic hair and genital barrier in mainstream media, several years before Playboy and Penthouse and the other adult magazines followed suit and even more years before hardcore sex was allowed in magazines and films. Of course full nudity and hardcore pictures and movies have been always available under the counter, ever since the birth of photography. Few of us had access to that material in the 1950's and 1960's though. In the early 1960's these uncensored full frontal nudist mags were the best visual stimulation us horny young studs could find. I remember purchasing some of them right after I got out of the Army in 1961.

The first nudist magazines that showed those "pickles and beavers" in all their uncensored hairy glory were thin imports from the Scandinavian countries and went for the premium price of three to five dollars which was fairly expensive back then. Even Playboy only cost about a buck! Of course the blue noses and various local governments tried to get the nudist magazines banned. The magazines were actually seized and the sellers arrested in several cities. I believe the battle went all the way to the Supreme Court. Eventually it was decreed by various courts that complete nudity in itself is not obscene (Duh!) and the uncensored nudist magazines, American and foreign, were here to stay

I imagine it was the beginning of the end for the nudist magazines when Playboy and Penthouse and all of the other men's magazines started showing pubic hair and genitals. None of us straight guys cared for the pictures of other naked guys in the nudist magazines anyway and those professional perfect figure models in Playboy were much more appealing than some of the nudist gals. Actually I always liked the variety in shapes and sizes of women in the nudist magazines. They were much more interesting and erotic to me than the professional models, many of whom looked the same, not that I didn't appreciate also looking at them all. I'm not even sure if any nudist magazines are published anymore. Maybe they exist as legitimate journals of the nudist movement rather than erotica, I'm not even sure of that. It's been many years since I've seen one on the racks of adult book stores. They do bring back some pleasant memories of my youth and early adulthood though. I spent many happy hours staring at those nubile young unclothed bodies and jacking off to them. It was deja vu all over again yesterday afternoon! Enough nostalgia for now! Have a great weekend y'all! Let's all get naked!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I Just Love Oral Sex!

Well I had a very nice weekend at beautiful Lake Tahoe with my beautiful new sweetie Marcella. Great weather, great food and great sex! What more could an old fart ask for? I even did pretty well at the gambling tables, Marcella not quite as well at the slot machines. We didn't go up until Saturday morning so we only had one night together in bed but as usual it was a good one. We didn't get to sleep until almost 3 AM Sunday morning and slept until almost noon. Marcella was giving me her now ritual Sunday morning blow job when the maid knocked on our door. Too bad she didn't walk right in. She would have got quite an eyeful! I thought momentarily about staying quiet and let her come in. I've always got sort of a rush when caught in the act by maids ever since one caught me jacking off many years ago, This time Marcella blurted out "Come back later!" and quickly finished what she was doing. SPURT! Oh did that last part feel good!

Even more than the fucking, I am really enjoying the oral sex with Marcella, both giving and getting it! I've always loved oral and have been away from it far too long. The first times I went to bed with Marcella she didn't give me any head at all, not even in foreplay. Some women don't like sucking cock, a minority even refuse to do it and I feared Marcella just might be one of those women. Just a casual mention of how much I loved blow jobs changed things though. Now it's always a part of foreplay on both of our parts and I can count on at least one full cum-in-mouth blow job a week, usually on Sunday mornings before she gets up to go to church (her priest would not approve!) Marcella seems to be enjoying my muff diving skills more and more too. She apparently hasn't had that many sex partners in her thirty eight years and I get the impression that she's had very little oral sex performed on her. It takes a while to bring her off, but she does go wild when those orgasms start coming!

My first girlfriend in high school Vicki was the first girl that I ever went down on and even though she had a lovely young pussy I didn't enjoy licking it all that much and frankly really didn't know what I was doing down there. Vicki seemed to be sort of enjoying it but in retrospect she may have been just faking it. I got in a little more amateur muff diving practice with my sweetie pie virgin jail bait girlfriend in El Paso during my Army years (18-21) but it wasn't until was I in my early twenties that I really started to do some serious pussy eating. I remember getting an illustrated sex manual that helped me refine my oral skills quite a bit. I got some good on the job training with a horny divorcee named June and then even more with my first wife Margaret. Margaret enjoyed it a lot more than Vicki but she gave me very little head in return (damn the bad luck!) so I sort of cut back on eating her. It does take some time and effort to learn to do it and to do it right!

 I got much more practice with my second wife Julia and by then, my early thirties, I finally felt that I was becoming a professional muff diver, an expert in the fine sport of "yodeling in the canyon"! As with most things in life "practice makes perfect!" I've had no complaints and lots of compliments ever since so I must be doing something right! I really do love to eat pussy, not only for the satisfaction that I bring my partner but because I just love to bury my face between a woman's legs and taste that familiar and wonderful nectar! Yummy! It's such an erotic experience! I'm getting a hard on now just writing about it!

As far as blow jobs, as I've said before I think that they are as close to heaven as any of us guys will ever get to here on earth! I just love to be sucked off! Foreplay is terrific too of course but there is nothing like having your weenie sucked until you cum in your girlfriend or wife's mouth! Spit or swallow doesn't make any difference to me at all! I was barely into puberty when I had my FIRST BLOW JOB. Barbara was an older woman, a customer on my paper route, who introduced me to the wonderful world of sex. On our second time together she was on her period and didn't want to fuck so she sucked me off instead. WOW! I knew it was going to feel good but had no idea it would feel THAT good!

My high school sweetheart Vicki gave me some head but not nearly enough. We got off to a bad start in the full blow job department when she almost barfed when I came in her mouth at a drive in movie. I bet that wasn't the first time that happened to a blow job virgin at a drive in! By the way that was the one and only full blow job that I ever received from Vicki. More oral foreplay was to come but she made it clear there would be no more squirting that nasty sperm stuff in her mouth. Damn the bad luck! More BJs would have to wait until I joined the Army and those were was to be from the Korean and Mexican whores around the bases where I was stationed. Not quite as good as having your girlfriend suck you off but then again in my most humble and ancient opinion there is no such thing as a bad blow job. God I love those things!

Girls and women of my generation were generally not that crazy about sucking cock. They seemed to think blow jobs were some nasty thing that only whores and sluts did and at the time they may have been not that far from wrong. When I read that today's teenage girls give blow jobs as casually as girls of my generation gave good night kisses, I definitely know that I was born fifty years too soon. Damn the bad luck! Oh well...from girlfriends and wives and whores and one night stands, I suppose I've had my share of blow jobs over the years and they have all been great! It's been said that there is no such thing as a bad blow job and that's probably true. Some are better than others (Watch those teeth babe!) but they all are absolutely fucking GREAT! Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who sucked me off! I hope I was able to return the favor with my own mouth! It's just so nice to have regular blow jobs as well as regular pussy eating be part of my life again!

My cock is throbbing just thinking about eating pussy and getting sucked off! I know you people will be shocked but I think I'm going to jack off right now while fantasizing about getting a nice juicy full cum in mouth blow job! I think I'll fantasize about getting sucked off by that blonde sweetie check out clerk at the drug store...maybe her giving me a BJ in the great outdoors! Yeah that sounds like a good one! Let me whip it out and start jackin'! Hey thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! I hope you all get lots of sex, oral and otherwise...even if it's just in your fantasies! Bye now!