Monday, August 14, 2006

I Just Love Oral Sex!

Well I had a very nice weekend at beautiful Lake Tahoe with my beautiful new sweetie Marcella. Great weather, great food and great sex! What more could an old fart ask for? I even did pretty well at the gambling tables, Marcella not quite as well at the slot machines. We didn't go up until Saturday morning so we only had one night together in bed but as usual it was a good one. We didn't get to sleep until almost 3 AM Sunday morning and slept until almost noon. Marcella was giving me her now ritual Sunday morning blow job when the maid knocked on our door. Too bad she didn't walk right in. She would have got quite an eyeful! I thought momentarily about staying quiet and let her come in. I've always got sort of a rush when caught in the act by maids ever since one caught me jacking off many years ago, This time Marcella blurted out "Come back later!" and quickly finished what she was doing. SPURT! Oh did that last part feel good!

Even more than the fucking, I am really enjoying the oral sex with Marcella, both giving and getting it! I've always loved oral and have been away from it far too long. The first times I went to bed with Marcella she didn't give me any head at all, not even in foreplay. Some women don't like sucking cock, a minority even refuse to do it and I feared Marcella just might be one of those women. Just a casual mention of how much I loved blow jobs changed things though. Now it's always a part of foreplay on both of our parts and I can count on at least one full cum-in-mouth blow job a week, usually on Sunday mornings before she gets up to go to church (her priest would not approve!) Marcella seems to be enjoying my muff diving skills more and more too. She apparently hasn't had that many sex partners in her thirty eight years and I get the impression that she's had very little oral sex performed on her. It takes a while to bring her off, but she does go wild when those orgasms start coming!

My first girlfriend in high school Vicki was the first girl that I ever went down on and even though she had a lovely young pussy I didn't enjoy licking it all that much and frankly really didn't know what I was doing down there. Vicki seemed to be sort of enjoying it but in retrospect she may have been just faking it. I got in a little more amateur muff diving practice with my sweetie pie virgin jail bait girlfriend in El Paso during my Army years (18-21) but it wasn't until was I in my early twenties that I really started to do some serious pussy eating. I remember getting an illustrated sex manual that helped me refine my oral skills quite a bit. I got some good on the job training with a horny divorcee named June and then even more with my first wife Margaret. Margaret enjoyed it a lot more than Vicki but she gave me very little head in return (damn the bad luck!) so I sort of cut back on eating her. It does take some time and effort to learn to do it and to do it right!

 I got much more practice with my second wife Julia and by then, my early thirties, I finally felt that I was becoming a professional muff diver, an expert in the fine sport of "yodeling in the canyon"! As with most things in life "practice makes perfect!" I've had no complaints and lots of compliments ever since so I must be doing something right! I really do love to eat pussy, not only for the satisfaction that I bring my partner but because I just love to bury my face between a woman's legs and taste that familiar and wonderful nectar! Yummy! It's such an erotic experience! I'm getting a hard on now just writing about it!

As far as blow jobs, as I've said before I think that they are as close to heaven as any of us guys will ever get to here on earth! I just love to be sucked off! Foreplay is terrific too of course but there is nothing like having your weenie sucked until you cum in your girlfriend or wife's mouth! Spit or swallow doesn't make any difference to me at all! I was barely into puberty when I had my FIRST BLOW JOB. Barbara was an older woman, a customer on my paper route, who introduced me to the wonderful world of sex. On our second time together she was on her period and didn't want to fuck so she sucked me off instead. WOW! I knew it was going to feel good but had no idea it would feel THAT good!

My high school sweetheart Vicki gave me some head but not nearly enough. We got off to a bad start in the full blow job department when she almost barfed when I came in her mouth at a drive in movie. I bet that wasn't the first time that happened to a blow job virgin at a drive in! By the way that was the one and only full blow job that I ever received from Vicki. More oral foreplay was to come but she made it clear there would be no more squirting that nasty sperm stuff in her mouth. Damn the bad luck! More BJs would have to wait until I joined the Army and those were was to be from the Korean and Mexican whores around the bases where I was stationed. Not quite as good as having your girlfriend suck you off but then again in my most humble and ancient opinion there is no such thing as a bad blow job. God I love those things!

Girls and women of my generation were generally not that crazy about sucking cock. They seemed to think blow jobs were some nasty thing that only whores and sluts did and at the time they may have been not that far from wrong. When I read that today's teenage girls give blow jobs as casually as girls of my generation gave good night kisses, I definitely know that I was born fifty years too soon. Damn the bad luck! Oh well...from girlfriends and wives and whores and one night stands, I suppose I've had my share of blow jobs over the years and they have all been great! It's been said that there is no such thing as a bad blow job and that's probably true. Some are better than others (Watch those teeth babe!) but they all are absolutely fucking GREAT! Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who sucked me off! I hope I was able to return the favor with my own mouth! It's just so nice to have regular blow jobs as well as regular pussy eating be part of my life again!

My cock is throbbing just thinking about eating pussy and getting sucked off! I know you people will be shocked but I think I'm going to jack off right now while fantasizing about getting a nice juicy full cum in mouth blow job! I think I'll fantasize about getting sucked off by that blonde sweetie check out clerk at the drug store...maybe her giving me a BJ in the great outdoors! Yeah that sounds like a good one! Let me whip it out and start jackin'! Hey thanks for reading and have a wonderful week! I hope you all get lots of sex, oral and otherwise...even if it's just in your fantasies! Bye now!


anu said...

I loved this post, Mike. :)

Have a great week you too sweetie :)

Jess said...

YOU? Jacking off?? Pfft..No way! :p hehe

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments Anu and Jess! It is truly hard to believe that I would engage in such a sinful act as jacking off huh Jess? LOL

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

OMG! I love this blog! You rock!

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for that comment ms. tragic! I don't know about the ROCKING part but I sure do a lot of JACKING and lately I've even been doing some FUCKING! Cheers!