Monday, August 21, 2006

I Wanna Be A Movie Star...Maybe!

Yeah that's my really my dong up there on the big movie screen...but where the fuck is the audience?

There was an ad in the Bay Area Craigslist a couple of weeks ago that went something like "Professional woman filmmaker doing documentary film on masturbation. Seeking male and female volunteers, all ages over 18 for interviews and optional on camera masturbation. No compensation involved. Leave evening phone number if interested." As most of you nice people know by now, jacking off is a subject near and dear to my heart. Whether I would have the "balls" to discuss my favorite solitary activity or actually jack off in front of a movie camera for a real movie is a different matter. Mainly out of curiosity, I answered the ad.

So this gal Lynn (who I fantasized looks like the babe at right!) called me on Friday night. She apparently is serious about her project, to be shot on digital video. She's done a couple of other documentaries for public television but I don't think we'll see this one there! She envisions entering this completed film in several film festivals, having a limited number of "art" theater showings and then releasing it on DVD. She says she already has a major commitment for the latter. She would like us volunteer participants to masturbate on camera while we are interviewed by her or just talk about our masturbation habits, when and how we learned about masturbation and started doing it, etc. If we are too shy to masturbate on camera, she will consider fully clothed interviews but she would prefer us to be nude and masturbating as we speak. She would also prefer to do the video shooting in our homes but we can come to her studio if the former is impossible for any reason. She will be accompanied by an assistant, another woman, who handles the lighting and sound for her. As the ad stated we don't get paid but get a special limited edition of the DVD when it is released (Big Deal!)

I have to say that the project sort of turns me on! In fact I sprung a boner while I talked to Lynn. I certainly have a passion for jacking off as you all know. I wouldn't even mind being interviewed about my passion. It's something I've never been ashamed to admit that I do. Part of me really wants to participate in the film. And yet...and yet...I'm not sure I could go through with it! Believe it or not, I'm really NOT an exhibitionist! As I've mentioned before I've shot nude still pics and video of myself enjoying my "hobby" as long as I can remember. I've even posted a few pics and video frames (like the one on the left here) on this blog from time to time. However before I started this blog I really never intended for anyone but myself to see this material. I don't believe I ever even showed any of it to my girlfriends over the years. Well with one girlfriend we did videotape ourselves fucking and masturbating several times and we both watched the video but that was a rare exception. Otherwise, I always kept my stash of secret pics and video well hidden, and that's where it remains today.

I would worry most about my family seeing this film, as unlikely as that may be. I definitely wouldn't want my daughter Jennie (now 40) to see it, nor my sister Karen or her family. I also wouldn't want my co-workers from my civil service jobs at military establishments in the Sacramento and Stockton areas to see it. I can hear the laughter and see the rude notes on the bulletin board now! In fact I wouldn't want any of my friends or anyone who has ever known me over the years to see it! The only exceptions might be my ex girlfriends and one living ex wife. Hell they know I jack off and have seen me do it! No big deal there!

The big question of course is how many of those people I've mentioned would actually stumble on the film (it definitely won't be playing at your local multiplex!) or buy the DVD. Probably not too many! I've certainly "let it all hang out" in this blog in every way possible and as far as I know, no friends or family have discovered the blog...yet! Admittedly I could be wrong there. Another major consideration is my new love and sex partner Marcella. I probably should discuss it with her and I am pretty sure she would not approve. She has been in the Bay Area with family this weekend (no nookie for Mikey, damn it!) so I haven't mentioned it to her yet, and I'm really not sure that I can or will. I will probably have to keep it yet another secret from her even though there is already enough guilt about keeping this damn blog a secret!

I've been thinking about whether I should do this or not all weekend and I'm still not sure which way to go. Actually I'm not even sure I'll be asked to do it but I suspect I will. Lynn seemed to very intrigued when I told her I was 66 and still a fiend for jacking off. She said I was so far the oldest guy who had responded but she had a woman in her early 60's who was ready and willing to participate. She also said she has had LOTS of response to the ad, including some from guys who wanted to do more than masturbate for her, have sex with her I suppose although she didn't come right out and say that. She also said she got lots of unwanted penis pics in the e mail responses. Why those dirty old men!

I'll let you know how this all turns out. Meanwhile I'm waiting with baited breath for my "casting call" (wonder if there will be an "audition"?) while deciding whether I'll accept the role or not. Since I'm way out in the boondocks in Stockton, I think I'll drive in to Lynn's studio in San Francisco (where else?), about 100 miles away, if I decide to do it. You know even with Marcella out of town, this thing has made me so fucking nervous I haven't even jacked off all weekend...and you know that means I've REALLY been nervous! Is this what you call "stage fright"? I probably at least should do some rehearsals prior to my star performance huh? Another worry...can I get it up in front of two women with cameras and lights? I truly don't fucking know! Maybe I better pack my Viagra! On the other, little old Mike Stewart from Stockton town a movie star! I can see my name up on the marquee now...

To be continued (maybe)!


Cheesy said...

Oh Mikey.. you HAVE to.. and posts pics! lol.. you owe it to your fans hehhe.. omg how in the world did you do the marquee??? BTW if you need practice.. I have a cam! lol j/k

cynthia said...

Can I have ur autograf mikey hon hehe? Actually looking at ur pic in da middle I rather have sumthing else ya know :)

ur fan club prez

Anonymous said...

You go big guy and enjoy it. I for one love masturbating for others. There is a public washroom where I live, and alot of bi guys go there and masturbate and suck each other. As my cock is 8x4 cut and shaved, the guys love to watch and I love to be watched masturbating for them. Oh thats a movie role I could get into..Bi Rob..

Jess said...

Well, look at it this way, IF anyone you know sees it..and says look them right in the eye and say "what were YOU watching it for? Hmmmm??" lol They aren't any better than you if they watch it..Make any sense? It does in my head...Good luck :)

Horny Old Guy said...

Gee thanks for the encouragement people! I am leaning toward doing this crazy thing. At my age, whatever modesty I once had (especially after this freaking blog!) is long gone! I've already had LOTS of practice cheesy! LOL Yeah Cyn darlin' you can have my autograph and that other thing too! Hey Marcella I am just kidding baby! I'll tell this movie gal about you Bi Rob, maybe she can make a trip up Canada way and give you an audition. Yeah Jess that makes sense...I think! Thanks again y'all!

Richard Lovel said...

This sounds like a wet dream cum true for me!