Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jacking Off to Nudist Magazines!

I was going through a trunk yesterday afternoon and found several old nudist magazines in my collection of ancient erotica that I once used for visual inspiration for jacking off. They brought back some fond memories and even yesterday they gave me a big fat hard on. Yup I jacked off again while looking at them! ("What else is new?" you ask!) One of the magazines was so old that there were no genitals exposed in it, not even a glimpse of pubic hair. Prior to about 1960, it was taboo to show pubic hair or genitalia in the media, even in nudist magazines! It's hard to believe that we were once so hung up on nudity. Come to think of it, after seeing the furor over one of Janet Jackson's titties popping out on TV a couple of years ago, we are still way too fucking hung up on nudity for me! The world would probably come to an end if we saw a dick or pussy on network TV. Cable TV is a whole different story but the Republican right wingers in Washington are seriously considering letting the FCC get their prudish hands on that too!

The oldest magazine in my collection, dated March 1956 has the pubic area of both men and women air brushed out in the few shots where the subjects are facing the camera. Most of the other shots are deliberately posed so that only tits and butts are visible. The air brushed pubic shots look absolutely ridiculous! It appears that there is just bald skin down there, no pubic hair, no genitals! I can imagine some prepubescent boy of that innocent era getting hold of one of these magazines and wondering if his weenie and balls were going to disappear when he grew up. And what happened to that mysterious crack he'd seen between the legs of little girls? Did that disappear too? Those tits and asses sure looked mighty fine though! Any of us horny young bastards who were lucky enough to find a nudist magazines thought we had died and gone to heaven! It even beat those rare pictures of topless African and Balinese maidens we loved to find and jerk off to in National Geographic.

Things got even better around 1960. The nudist magazines were the first to break the pubic hair and genital barrier in mainstream media, several years before Playboy and Penthouse and the other adult magazines followed suit and even more years before hardcore sex was allowed in magazines and films. Of course full nudity and hardcore pictures and movies have been always available under the counter, ever since the birth of photography. Few of us had access to that material in the 1950's and 1960's though. In the early 1960's these uncensored full frontal nudist mags were the best visual stimulation us horny young studs could find. I remember purchasing some of them right after I got out of the Army in 1961.

The first nudist magazines that showed those "pickles and beavers" in all their uncensored hairy glory were thin imports from the Scandinavian countries and went for the premium price of three to five dollars which was fairly expensive back then. Even Playboy only cost about a buck! Of course the blue noses and various local governments tried to get the nudist magazines banned. The magazines were actually seized and the sellers arrested in several cities. I believe the battle went all the way to the Supreme Court. Eventually it was decreed by various courts that complete nudity in itself is not obscene (Duh!) and the uncensored nudist magazines, American and foreign, were here to stay

I imagine it was the beginning of the end for the nudist magazines when Playboy and Penthouse and all of the other men's magazines started showing pubic hair and genitals. None of us straight guys cared for the pictures of other naked guys in the nudist magazines anyway and those professional perfect figure models in Playboy were much more appealing than some of the nudist gals. Actually I always liked the variety in shapes and sizes of women in the nudist magazines. They were much more interesting and erotic to me than the professional models, many of whom looked the same, not that I didn't appreciate also looking at them all. I'm not even sure if any nudist magazines are published anymore. Maybe they exist as legitimate journals of the nudist movement rather than erotica, I'm not even sure of that. It's been many years since I've seen one on the racks of adult book stores. They do bring back some pleasant memories of my youth and early adulthood though. I spent many happy hours staring at those nubile young unclothed bodies and jacking off to them. It was deja vu all over again yesterday afternoon! Enough nostalgia for now! Have a great weekend y'all! Let's all get naked!


Anonymous said...

TGIF HOG. The first girly mag I cum across was when I found my older brothers stash of penthouse at my Mom and Dads place. It was like I hit the jackpot for jerking off. I was thinking back too my Army days(Yes me too old guy Cdn army 77-2000.)Anyway I lived in Germany 85-89, and back then their mags were full of all out cock in pussy and cum shot pics, bj, whatever. So were way behind in that sense.. Bi for now Rob..

Jess said...

I found my Dad's stash of Hustler and Mom and Dad's "naughty" playing I remember my brother seeing them and going "why is he licking that girl butt?" lmao! That's when I got my first "peek"..just thought I'd share :p

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for those comments Rob and Jess. Guess we all remember when we got our first taste of smut! Actually legalized hardcore porn (both magazines and movies) hit the USA in the early 1970's Rob. I believe Canada was quite a ways behind though. I remember going up there many years later and being surprised to find only softcore stuff. Amazingly there are several countries today where hardcore (even softcore!) is strictly illegal. Remind me never to move there! Good question from your bro Jess! LOL

MrManicDepressive said...

Wow, thanks for the pics from the mags. Look! Natural breasts! And, the women have some meat to them! Who would have thought?!?!?!?!?!?

I used to buy my mags at the local cigar shop. The folks there were very cool with us horny little bastards. They let us browse and buy. They've torn the place down but it's still a nice memory. Thanks for taking me back.

Anonymous said...

HOG - Oh yes but now we proudly show the "Canadian Beaver" Rob

anu said...

Wow these women look so hot and natural. I am turned on by women also. I'm not sure if I would like to have sex with women but our body is so hot and the curves ..natural curves are so tempting it makes me leak badly to see a naked woman, as much as I would love to see a naked man..shaking his weenie.

ohhh..all this talk is making me hot..

Thank you Mike for this lovely innovative post.