Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jacking Off to The Olsen Twins!

Well just one more day until I can resume sexual activity after my vasectomy. Actually it's felt fine "down there" since the first of the week and I think that it would have been okay to have sex starting about then but I usually follow my doctor's instructions to the letter so I've been doing exactly what he told me to...wait a full week. These last couple of days I've been feeling super horny though. A week is a long time to go without sexual release for me. On my walk this morning I was mentally undressing every woman in sight and fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck them. Come to think of it, I do that EVERY morning! LOL Anyway, tomorrow the wait will be over. I'm planning to jack off first thing in the morning and if my dick doesn't explode or implode I'll give it some real exercise when Marcella comes over on the weekend!

Hey I just realized that I was so excited about getting laid last month that I forgot to name my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for July. Oh well,  thanks to Marcella I really didn't need one for July, not that I have given up on jacking off altogether. To make up for my oversight my Jack Off Fantasy of the Month for August will be the Olsen Twins! Talk about doubling your pleasure! By the way, who the fuck are the Olsen Twins? I seriously have no idea. Movie stars? TV stars? Pop music stars? I haven't got a fucking clue! I guess I should pay a bit more attention to pop culture but every time I turn on the TV I want to kick the screen in! I got your "reality show" hanging dude! Oh well the Olsens are definitely a couple of lovely young women worthy of my masturbation fantasies so I guess that's all that is important. I'm sure they will be pleased when they find out they are the recipients of this great honor. If any of you see them on the street, please give them the word, okay?

There were a pair of twins in high school that I and probably every other boy in the school used to have some serious sexual fantasies about. Their names were Joan and Jean Travalino! Two absolutely stunning dark haired Italian beauties! I spent many happy hours jacking off while fantasizing about threesomes with those babes! They were "primo pussy" though and only dated the jocks or guys that looked like Rock Hudson or Tab Hunter. Little did we know that both of those Hollywood studs preferred sucking dick to eating pussy! In any case I didn't have a chance in hell on getting in either one of their sweet young panties (sigh). Oh did I jerk off to them though!

I actually saw Joan's (or was in Jean's?) sweet young butt one time though. It was at the local community swimming pool. She was climbing up the ladder out of the pool and her twin sister who was right behind her pulled the lower part of her two piece bathing suit down over her buns. It only lasted a couple of seconds but BOING!...instant boner dude! A big roar of laughter and applause from all us lucky guys who witnessed the spectacle. That was about as good as it got back in the 1950's for most of us horny bastards. I was about 15 and still a couple of years from meeting Vicki, my first real girlfriend. I hadn't seen any other bare female skin since Barbara, the older woman who briefly introduced me to sex, left town.

 This was different though...YOUNG bare skin! I almost wore out my dick jacking off in the next couple of months thinking about that bare young butt and fifty years later it's still a vivid and erotic memory of my teen years. Joan and Jean wherever you are, thanks on behalf of all of us horny young guys who fantasized about fucking you while we jacked off. You made our high school years much more endurable even if you don't know it and probably didn't even know we existed at the time!

Well between thinking about the Olsen Twins and the Travalino twins, I've given myself a stiff boner now and the sad thing is I can't do anything about it. Oh well, I'll take care of business tomorrow and maybe fantasize about BOTH sets of twins then! Even a wet dream couldn't get much better than that! Hey folks (both of you!) I'll be "busy" for the next few days if you know what I mean and I think you do! I'll be back first of next week with a full report on post vasectomy sex. Yeah I can hardly wait! Until then, have a great weekend y'all! Thanks again for reading this incoherent babbling!


Jess said... crack me up..the Olsen twins started out on a tv show called Full House when they were little bitty..Good luck on your "task" in the morning :p Happy Jerking!!

Horny Old Guy said...

Oh THAT"S who the Olsen twins are! I knew they had been around since they were jailbait but now they are apparently 18 and legal. I just completed my "task" and OMG did that feel good!!! Thanks Jess!

Tara Tainton said...

Great photos and I love your humorous and honest style of writing. Thanks so much for introducing me to your blog by visiting my own! :)

There aren't enough "horny old guys" sharing their thoughts with all of us...and confirming sex is natural and good for every generation getting mixed signals these days. ;)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm the Olsen Twins, I beat you too the task of jerking off to that pic with the stars on their fine set of firm tits. Oh what a dream it would be to fuck those two together..Ha have fun and don't wear yourself out. I just read a bunch of incest stories and now I am going to jerk off a big load myself..TGIF Bi for now Bi Rob

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Wassup H.O.G.?? Damn, that spells out HOG - hahaha...

Well I see you're still UP to your usualy masturbation talk. Damn, I need to go back and read all thatI've got knifed, eh? Well I feel sorry for your lady friend because you're gonna be nailing her all day, everyday while you're making up for lost time.

NeverEnough said...

You're are great, in so many ways :0