Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Morning Wood!

I woke up with a big boner this morning. "Morning wood" doesn't come as often as it did in my younger days so I thought I'd take advantage of it by jacking off. At my age you just don't waste any boners you know! Actually since I've been in this relationship with Marcella my frequency of morning boners has definitely increased. My blood pressure is down too. More proof that being in a romantic and sexual relationship with someone is good for your physical as well as your spiritual health I suppose.

When I was much younger, in my teens and twenties, I used to wake up with morning wood nearly every day. No matter how much I had jacked off or fucked the day or night before, I woke up with a big stiffy. I'm not complaining you understand. Boners do feel good and provide you with the inspiration to jack off which is a very pleasant way to start your day, If you have a partner in your bed, you can always hope that she will give you a helping hand...or mouth...or whatever...and that's an even more pleasant way to start your day. Yeah morning boners are okay! You can't piss with a full hard-on so sexual release can be a necessity to enable to take your morning pee. Admittedly time will also usually make that sucker go down but why pass an opportunity to jack off? That's always been my philosophy anyway!

As soon as I got my hand on my dick this morning though I remembered that I have to go in to my urologist's office this Thursday for my first semen check after my vasectomy. They want to make sure there are no sperm thingies in my cum before I can start no condom bareback fucking with Marcella, which I am definitely looking forward to doing! The doctor's receptionist called on Friday to remind me of the appointment and to notify me that I was not to ejaculate for three to five days before the appointment. I shouted "Damn! Damn! Damn!" when she told me that. She was amused but I was serious...and so was she about those instructions. I already had to go a week without sexual release after the vasectomy and now I have more forced abstinence. Oh well, I guess I'll survive. No playing with my weenie until I jack off into a bottle in the doctor's office on Thursday. That actually sort of sounds like fun. Like I've said before, at my age I take my cheap thrills where and when I can find them. I just hope they provide some good porn...not that I'm going to need it!

Marcella did come over on Saturday night and gave me some very nice and much needed sexual release. She was out of town last weekend and I was definitely ready for some hot nookie! It's funny that I've gone for years without pussy and jacking off always got me through with no big problems but now that I'm in a relationship I miss one weekend of fucking and I think I'm going to die. It's been that way in every relationship that I've been in. Once you get back into the groove of getting laid regularly, you really miss it when you can't get it when you want it. That's not to say that I don't enjoy jacking off as much as I always's just that fucking and blow jobs are so much better! I got both from Marcella this weekend so I'll make it okay until Thursday.

I still haven't heard from Lynn, the director of that masturbation video/movie project. Every time the phone rings I think it's her telling me to "come on down" for my "star performance" of jacking off while talking about it for the camera. Unless I chicken out at the very last minute I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do it. Marcella thinks I'm joking but at least I've told her about it, which makes me feel less guilty than keeping it a secret from her. I've had several crazy dreams about the movie, an indication of how much it's on my mind I suppose. I really don't have any way to contact Lynn. I answered her ad through an anonymous Craigslist box number (they do the forwarding) and now that addy is dead. I gave her my phone number in my response and she called me but I don't have her number nor a real e mail addy. I wish I did so I could send her a link to this blog so she would know that I am a most serious advocate and practicer of the great sport of jacking off, a self professed expert in fact as I am sure you will all agree. Oh well, she seemed very interested when I told her I was such an old fart and still jerking so I still am pretty confident she will call.

Nothing much more to report here. I'll be back on Thursday after my jack off in a bottle experience with a first hand report. I know you can hardly wait! LOL Until then have a wonderful, healthy and sexy week!


Desireous said...

Hunny a boner shouldn't be wasted at any age!!!


Faith Junkie said...

how is jacking off good for you spiritually?

Horny Old Guy said...

You make a very good point Ms. Desireous and it's a philosophy I've tried to live by! I've wasted few boners in my life...and I'm proud of it! Cheers!

Ms. Faith Junkie I believe I said that being in a relationship is good for your spiritual health but jacking off can also be a spiritual experience for many of us. You take your spirituality where you find it and I'll take mine where I find it...and God (or whoever!) bless us all! Amen. Thanks for your question!

Al Sensu said...

the fact that we were *intelligently designed* to make it possible to bring ourselves such great pleasure is freaking spiritual!

Now I'll have my seeing eye dog help me find the wart remover.

Jess said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear the final report! *crosses fingers for a 0 count in the cup* :p

Anonymous said...

No horny guy, what Lynn meant was she would call you to "Cum" in for your Yes good luck tommorow, and I hope they have some hot mags, and you give them a big load,,But you may need two containers to hold it all,,Bi for now, Bi Rob..