Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ramblings of a Dirty Old Man

I went over to Marcella's apartment for dinner last night. As usual her roommate Patty was there. I continue to be extremely aroused by Patty. She is 29 (9 years younger than Marcella) and a real cutie pie. She's Filipino like Marcella, petite and small breasted with one of the cutest little butts you or I will ever see (not that I've had the pleasure of seeing it bare!) Yeah I know, I am old enough to be her grandfather! Please don't remind me of it! She hasn't got a boyfriend and Marcella told me she thinks she still may be a virgin (BOING!) even though she's never admitted it to her. Don't get me wrong. I have no intention of making a pass at Patty, not that I would have a chance in hell in getting in those sweet panties. Patty thinks it's funny (and maybe even pathetic!) that Marcella is dating an old fart like me. Anyway I have too much respect for Marcella to try to slip the salami to her roommate or anyone else.

I'm really a one woman man and have always been extremely faithful in any long term relationship as well as my two marriages. I expect fidelity from my partners and it's only fair that I show them the same respect. Today with all those nasty STDs out there that's more important than ever! I don't see too much wrong with fantasy though. We are all sexually attracted to people in our lives who we know we will never go to bed with. Nothing wrong with fantasizing about them and even accompanying the fantasy with masturbation, right? Yeah I admit it! Last night in bed I jacked off while fantasizing about Patty! I still feel a bit guilty about it but that will soon pass I suspect. Oh my God if Marcella ever finds this blog, this relationship will be over!

Speaking of being an old fart, another birthday has passed. At my age I try to just ignore those birthday things! I'm 66 now and the age differential between myself and Marcella is now 28 years. It will stay that for a while since Marcella just had a birthday in May. Oh well, what the fuck? I'm in extremely good health, no major problems of any kind, have a new steady sex partner in my life and my right hand still works when Marcella is not around. Viagra is there if and when I need it, thank you Jesus! I sure as hell am not going to get any younger so I might as well enjoy where I'm at. Things could be worse...and they will probably get so! For now I'm pretty much a happy camper...or happy fucker...and happy jerker!

And speaking of being a happy jerker...this cheerleader pic from another blog just put some more lead in my pencil! Click on it for a better look. WOW! I don't remember the cheerleaders at Napa High being quite this sexy...or at least this revealing! Our cheerleaders were actually pretty damn sexy though and for me the only reason to go to those football games. Back in the 1950's you had to take any opportunity to see some bare skin you could get and when those girls kicked up those long legs, you got an eyeful. I never saw any pussy though, damn the bad luck!

I do remember a time way back in the sixth grade when a girl named Janet came to school with no panties on. I was sitting across from her in class and when she crossed her legs her dress came up enough to give us guys a bird's-eye view of that mysterious place that we all were increasingly interested in sticking our weenies in. She held that pose for several minutes until she noticed all the wide eyed stares from us guys. Most of us had probably not discovered the wonderful sport of jacking off yet but I guarantee there was a classroom full of stiff little peckers! Amazing how minor incidents like this can remain so vivid over fifty years later!

Enough rambling for now. Let me concentrate some more on that cheerleader picture! Marcella and I are going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. Whatever you are doing, enjoy it! See ya on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes that pic is hot. I cum across it yesterday too. Nice Beaver. Wonder if its a Canadian Beaver. I'm on the east coast of Canada, horny old guy. Nothing wrong at all with looking at the menu, and jerking off to it. Oh I have countless sessions thinking of fucking a tight teen smooth pussy, or thinking of all the hot guys with their yummy big cocks that I have sucked and swallowed..Mmmm..Have a great weekend, be bad,,the Bi Guy

Jess said...

Maybe Patti can join the 2 of you? hehe..just a suggestion..Glad to see a man with enough class to be a one woman man though! Kudo's to you babe :)

Horny Old Guy said...

A threesome with Patty Jess? Only in my dreams I'm afraid! It's a nice fantasy though and like I said in my post there is nothing wrong with fantasies, with or without masturbation! Thanks darlin'!

robmacca said...

Excellent Blog!

anu said...

Oooo Mikey I loved the picture.

And it is O.K. to fantasise dont feel guilty about it sweetie. What is most close and real to us is our feelings and our fantasies. Noone absolutely, noone can tell us 'how to feel or how not to feel'.

Kisses darling