Thursday, August 24, 2006

Silly Thursday

As I mentioned in my last post Marcella was out of town last weekend which of course meant no nookie for Mikey. I was hoping for at least a mid week blow job to tide me over until this weekend but she's been working 12 hour shifts at the clinic all this week so we missed our mid-week "date" last night. I've seen her at the coffee shop a couple of times but that's about it. We've haven't had the time or the privacy or sex. Last night we had a long phone conversation when she got off work though. She was amused when I told her that I had jacked off while thinking about her, which is true...twice in fact since last weekend! While she was giggling about that I figured it was a good time to bring up that masturbation movie project I'm thinking of participating in. That really cracked her up! She couldn't stop laughing! Not exactly the reaction I was expecting! She may have thought I was joking but she doesn't know me very well, does she? I feel better now, knowing that at least I mentioned the movie to her. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm going to go through with it, assuming this Lynn babe (the director) calls me back and I really expect that she will. I mean making a movie about jacking off without me would be like making a movie about early rock and roll without mentioning Elvis!

By the way, some anonymous joker made a comment on one of my posts that asked "What the fuck makes you such an expert on jacking off? We all do it man and we all are experts!" Good point Mr. Anonymous but the simple answer is EXPERIENCE son! I discovered the wonderful world of jacking off at age 12 and I've been doing it ever since. I'm 66 now so just do the math dude! Fifty four fucking years of beating my meat! If that much time playing with your weenie doesn't make you an expert, I don't know what will! Besides that, I've never mentioned it here because I don't like to brag but I happen to have a diploma proudly displayed on my wall. Click on this Mr. Anonymous Smarty Pants! They don't just give out these to ANYBODY you know!

I've confessed to being an unashamed Viagra user although sometimes I wonder if I really need it with Marcella. I usually pop a little blue pill if I know we are going to fuck but all it takes is her warm mouth on my dick to give me a super boner even without the Viagra. Frequently just thinking about her makes me spring a woody. No problems keeping the stiffy when she jacks or sucks me off either. I'm just not sure about prolonged fucking. We have fucked a couple of times without it and I didn't seem to stay as hard so I suppose I still need it. I don't want to take any more than I need though. The poor fellow in this cartoon swallowed the whole bottle and look what happened to him. Well at least you can say "What a way to go!? huh?

Lastly some people think I am an old fogey because I am less than crazy about extra piercings and tattoos on women,even though I fully recognize that they have the absolute right to do with their bodies exactly what they please! I just think they look better without those things and it's also my right to feel that way and say what I feel. I will say that I find some of the clothes (or lack of clothes) worn on the street by young women nowadays are mighty appealing though. For example, these that I found on the web recently got a "rise" out of me if you know what I mean and I think you do! Now If I could only find the street where all this lovely bare skin is displayed. About the only public nudity we ever see here in Stockton town is an occasional weenie waver (No it's not me, you silly!)

Well folks I warned you that this was "Silly Thursday"! Now it's back to reality! I can't wait for the weekend to get here and Marcella to come over and suck on my weenie. Until then I'll continue my daydreams about becoming a movie star and maybe have another rehearsal or two for my big scene. Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I quess the guy who commented on you being an expert masturbat-or, is not one himself. Hell I consider myself one, and like to practice my art every day, even on pussy This world needs more self love,,Bi for now,,Bi Rob

Dick said...

glad to hear you're leaning toward about doing the movie... I know there's a lot to consider, but this sounds like the culmination of a proud wanker's dream! I like the diploma... mine's just a lousy B.A.!

stroker said...

cool..very cool

Jess said...

Nothing wrong with a little "expertise"!! Keep "up" the good work :p

Shay said...

I think what makes you an expert masturbator is that you can do it (and do it well) but you don't neglect other things (like banging marcella) in favour of jacking off.

Horny Old Guy said...

uThanks for the comments and support folks!

As usual, good advice from Shay, my favorite (and most sexy!) sex columnist. Click on her blog from my links list or just click on her name here which will take you to her profile and (at the bottom) a link to her blog. Good stuff!!! She gives me lots of inspiration for jacking off and I frequently learn something new there, proving that you actually can "teach an old dog new tricks"! Thanks Shay darlin'!