Friday, September 22, 2006

Back to the Nude Beach!

We're having our "Indian Summer" weather here in Northern California now. That usually means that there is no fog on the coast so I made a two day excursion over to the ocean, about 100 miles from Stockton, to check out my favorite nude beaches. I really wanted to wait until the weekend and take Marcella but she said there is just no way she is going to take her clothes off in public and really doesn't care to see any other naked people either. Spoil sport! I was hoping she would want to come along and maybe bring her roommate, the lovely and boner inducing Patty. Ah the thought of Patty stark naked on the it too early to start jacking off? Anyway, since Marcella didn't want to come, I decided to go by myself and do the trip mid-week while the coast was still warm and pleasant and clear of fog.

I wrote an earlier post HERE about how much I love the nude beaches. I've been enjoying them ever since I was in my early thirties. At one time I was a frequent visitor and could give you the location of most of the good nude beaches in Northern California, even some in other parts of the state. As I got older and realized that too much sun was not the best thing in the world for your skin I went less often. I've also always lived inland from the coast too, mainly in Sacramento and Stockton, which made regular visits a bit time consuming and impractical. I knew of a few nude recreation areas along the river in Sacramento but I am not aware of any here in Stockton, although there may indeed be some on the delta. I do still like to take a few trips to the coast each year to enjoy the nude beach "scenery" if not the sun though and also to gaze upon the rugged coastline and the mighty Pacific Ocean. It's truly one of the most beautiful parts of this state and the entire country I think. Alas it looks like this will be my only trip for this year, since it's now late in the season.

As you might expect of a horny old guy like me, the scenery of the nude female variety is the thing I enjoy most on the nude beaches. Anybody who thinks that guys don't go to nude beaches to check out the babes is totally full of shit! Oh yeah, they are nice places anyway, even when there are no women around but unless you are gay, no guy is interested in going to an all male nude beach! The babes are the main attraction for most of us guys, end of story! The more women there are, the more enjoyable the beach is. It's as freaking simple as that! The post summer crowd was a bit sparse at both of the nude beaches I visited on this trip. The nearby Santa Cruz college girls have gone back to school (sigh!) but there still were a number of women of all ages and sizes, mostly with male companions but a few with women friends or by themselves. Of course I checked them all out!

I couldn't help but notice the steadily increasing female anatomy trend of tattoos and shaved or greatly trimmed pubic hair on this trip. No big surprise on the tattoos as I've spotted them on the exposed skin of so many clothed women (seems like almost ALL women!) in recent years but I was surprised about all the shaved pussies. I still prefer the natural look...unmarked skin, no piercings and full hairy bushes...but of course women have the right to do what they want with their bodies. They were still a delight to gaze upon. Not all Playboy models to be sure, but that's what makes it interesting. I really do enjoy the variety of shapes and sizes of women of all ages that you see on the nude beaches. For me it's much more interesting and erotic gazing at them than at the rather same looking siliconed bimbos you see in the adult magazines and on the web,

I didn't spot any sexual activity on this trip. Sex is not something you see regularly on nude beaches but it does happen from time to time. Couples are usually very discreet when they feel the need to get frisky, They find a secluded area, usually near the far end of the beach and do the nasty there, out of view of families and anyone else who might object to public sex. I've seen quite a few couplings over the years but sad to say I've never been a participant. I came close one time with a girlfriend but no cigar...she chickened out at the last minute. I've always wanted to fuck on the beach but just never had the chance, damn the bad luck! At this stage of the game, unless I can talk Marcella into it (very unlikely!) I think I'm just shit out of luck!

I've jacked off quite a few times on nude beaches. Masturbation is also something that you need to find a private, secluded spot for. You don't want to offend anyone and with everyone having cell phones with them today, that is now more important than ever. The cops would not be amused by a public beach masturbator! And yet in the right place with privacy, I've found it to be quite a thrill. I don't know if it's the sun's rays on your body or just doing something taboo in the great outdoors and in a place you could possibly be seen...but it's a total rush, just as any outdoor fucking is I suspect! Sun tan lotion makes a great lube too! I've had some of the most enjoyable masturbation experiences and powerful ejaculations of my life on nude beaches. Yeah I found a time and place to do the deed on this trip too. Thoughts of a nude Patty were all that I needed for inspiration! The whole jack off experience and end result felt just as good as it always does on a nude beach! WOW!!!

Boners do happen on nude beaches too, even without the occasional resulting sex. Of course every guy isn't walking around with a hard on but they do happen from time to time. No big deal, nobody cares! It's easy to just turn over on your stomach if you are embarrassed. I've had my share of boners there myself over the years but as I aged they have certainly become less of a problem. I suspect that a nude Patty would indeed give me the inspiration to spring the mother of all boners though. Marcella has a lovely body but by now I'm so familiar with it that I doubt I'd get a hard on by just being naked in public with her. Patty is a different story though! My most embarrassing nude beach boner was many years ago when I was laying on a beach towel talking to a woman my age I'd just met there. Her simply stunning jailbait daughter (also stark naked!) who had been swimming joined us. I tried to avert my eyes and think of other things...but BOING! "Junior" snapped to attention! The woman was not amused, immediately stopped talking to me and in a few minutes she and her daughter got up and moved. What can I say except that boners just happen ma'am!

I spent the night in the lovely beachfront town of Santa Cruz which brings back lots of pleasant memories from childhood on up for me. There is a great old fashioned amusement park boardwalk there, now pretty much shut down after the summer season. Santa Cruz is also the place where me and my sister as early teens carried the game of "You show me yours, I'll show you mine!" one step further on a family vacation. A bit of innocent but still incestuous experimentation (mutual masturbation) which I wrote about early on in this blog. Every time I'm in Santa Cruz, even now over 50 years later, I think of that weekend in that Santa Cruz motel room with my sis. Amazing how some childhood experiences you can't really just leave behind you!

I drove up the coast yesterday morning and stopped at another beach I remembered as being nude but everyone is now wearing bathing suits there. Damn the bad luck! After visiting nude beaches, bathing suits truly look ridiculous! I mean who needs the damn things? Nude beaches are really a liberating experience. I think from the first time they visit them and take off their clothes, most people feel totally comfortable with their own nudity and the nudity of those around them. All ages, all sizes, all races...everybody is accepted! I can't ever remember seeing any fights or any of the rowdy behavior you sometimes see at clothed beaches. As I said in my other nude beach post, it's pretty hard to be macho with your weenie hanging out and flopping around.

 Nude beach crowds tend to be the among the most mellow people you will find anywhere.Just behave yourself, don't try to put the make on anyone who doesn't want it and don't try to take anyone's picture without permission and you will find yourself among friends. I've really become a believer and wish we had more nude recreation areas in all areas of the state and the country. I can see having separate "bathing suits required" areas for those people who are offended by nudity. I do feel sorry for those people but of course their rights have to be respected. There just should be more clothing optional areas throughout the country, at the coast and away from the coast. Nudity is much more accepted at European beaches but we Americans still have some major hang ups about it. Extreme violence is of course much more acceptable to us than nudity, in our media and in our real life and that's pretty damn sad.

So here I am back in Stockton town, a bit sun burned (even with all that lotion I put on!) but feeling refreshed and relaxed after my trip to the coast. Marcella is working late tonight but is coming over Saturday morning to spend the weekend. That of course means more relaxation of my favorite kind if you know what I mean and I think you do. Have a good weekend y'all...and try to spend at least part of it with your clothes off huh? Now back to my own private and delicious thoughts of a naked Patty! Yummy!


Anonymous said...

dude I like your style

Mesothelioma said...

I agree, seems like you are leading a great life.

Rap said...

Where I live (Canada) winter is never far away. It's still relatively warm here for now but in a few weeks I know the snow will fly.

Nice to know that somewhere in the world it's warm enough to not only go outside without a jacket but go out side bare ass naked and not risk loosing something important to frostbite.

I agree with you about tats on women and I've always appreciated the good old natural look too.

Very intersting post and a lot of fun to read.

Cynthia said...

hey call me next time you go to the nude beach and maybe you wont have to jackoff there hehe jk :) how bout some pix of naked dudes or u?

prez of ur fan club

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments and compliments folks! Ah Cyn darlin', if you didn't live so damn far away...and I wasn't now on my best behavior because of Marcella...but remind me to use the thought of you and me doing the nasty on the nude beach as my next jack off fantasy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Horny Old Guy, love the pics on this post,,Yummy. Your right about us hung up North Americans. I lived in Germany, and had a blast there at nude beaches. I will have to say your post and your incest sis stories got me rock hard now..Will have to take care of Too bad your lady didnt join you on the trip. When you described talking to the mother and the teen daughter showed up, that would have definatley gave me a woody also. I would have loved to fooled with my sis like that when younger, but your right, fantasy incest about sis, brothers, daughters is way better. Bi for now Rob

Richard Lovel said...

I only once visited a nude beach. It was a very family oriented scene so I couldn't be naughty. But just walking around naked in mixed company excited me as if an electric current were flowing through my body. I've always wanted to masturbate and watch others playing sexually on the beach. Maybe in a future life....