Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blah Blah Blah!

Well the Labor Day weekend is over and it was a good one for me. Marcella came over Friday night and didn't leave until Monday night. It's the most consecutive time we've spent together so far. We were out a good part of the time, to the State Fair in Sacramento on Sunday and to a picnic here in Stockton yesterday but there still was plenty of time for fucking and sucking here at home. "Pussy whipped" is the best description of how I felt when Marcella finally went home last night. No complaints about that you understand! And yet the solitude also feels good this morning. No one to entertain but myself, back to playing with my computer and my dick! Well not quite yet with my dick but the day is still young!

We took Marcella's sweetie pie roommate Patty to both the fair and to the picnic. I can't believe that the delicious Patty hasn't got a boyfriend. What a hottie! Marcella thinks she still might be a virgin but at almost 30 that's hard to believe. Marcella says she has never had a boyfriend since she's known her and only talked about one guy who she dated in high school. She's a shy one, pretty religious too I think, Catholic like Marcella. Maybe she's a lesbian although Marcella doesn't think that's the case, based on Patty's comments on young studs they see on TV and in the movies and in the mall. It's none of my business anyway. As I've said before, young Patty definitely does turn me on! I think she is finally warming to me too. She's become more and more friendly, this weekend in particular as the three of us spent time together at the fair and picnic. At first I really thought she didn't like me but I think now it was her shyness that gave me that impression.

Patty wore shorts this weekend and on both days it was hard to keep my eyes off that luscious young butt and those lovely young legs. Of course with Marcella by my side, I had to be discreet with my ogling but I found many opportunities to glance Patty's way. More than once, the sight of that shapely butt caused a rising in my pants and there were some nasty fantasies in my mind that I probably shouldn't be having with my real girlfriend by my side.

Last night those fantasies continued while I was fucking Marcella. I have to admit that in my mind it was Patty I was fucking rather than Marcella. I believe it's the first time that's happened although I have jacked off several times while fantasizing about Patty. Yeah I felt a bit guilty when I was actually fucking Marcella but the guilt is gone by now. Most of us have fantasies about other people from time to time while having sex with our regular partners. I've heard that's even more common with women than men. If Marcella wants to fantasize that it's Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or whoever on top of her instead of this old fart, that's just peachy keen with me! I think fantasies can actually make the sex better for both partners. The secret is simply to not let things get beyond the fantasy stage. It's probably best to keep your fantasies a secret from your partners too. In my case, I am sure that is absolutely essential!

Look I truly have absolutely no intention of putting the make on Patty and pretty sure that I would be properly rebuffed if I even tried! As I've mentioned before I never played around while in either of my marriages nor in any long term relationship. I expect faithfulness from my partners and I surely owe them the same fidelity. That's really more important than ever today, with all of those nasty STDs out there...and me about to abandon those condoms soon too! Nope, one serious relationship at a time has always been just fine with me and I have no intention of changing my policy at this stage of the game. It will be either monogamy or jacking off only from now on for the horny old guy! I feel really fortunate to have found the lovely, nice and young (38) Marcella and I'm not about to jeopardize that relationship by trying to slip the big salami to her even younger roommate, even if she is a real babe and possibly even a virgin (sigh!). I see nothing at all wrong with fantasy though and I suspect the fantasies about Patty combined with masturbation will continue, at least until Marcella finds this blog and comes after me with a butcher knife!

No word on my movie starring role yet. I really should have asked more questions of that Lynn gal, like when would I know if she was going to use me or not. I'm beginning to wonder if the whole thing was a hoax although I think not. I've got a pretty good sense of detecting bullshit, even on the phone. Lynn came across as being very sincere in her desire to make an explicit video/film on the subject of masturbation (a good I idea too I think!) and I suspect she will go through with it. I'm still expecting that phone to ring any day now and when it does I will be ready...I think! Remind me to pop a couple Viagras just to make sure I'll be "up" for my performance!

I'm planning to take a run over to the coast for the next couple of days. The summer is almost over and I haven't been to a nude beach yet this year. Ah the scenery is so delightful there if you know what I mean and I think you do! Since Marcella is working the rest of the week I wonder if Patty would be interested in accompanying me? Fat chance of that but just the thought of Patty on a nude beach...without clothes of course (sigh again!)...is bringing the old pecker to life! Yes folks, fantasy is truly a wonderful thing! Maybe it's not too early to start playing with my dick after all! Alas I'll be heading for the coast and the nude beach by myself though. See you when I get back!


Anonymous said...

Ha old guy, have a great time at the nude beach. Try not to think of Patty too much when your there, as walking around with a boner would be hard to hide..lol. Enjoy, bi for now , Bi Rob

Swish said...

Like your blog and your handle. The husband is often away, with his work, so I enjoy the quiet and endulging in a little (well, a lot) masturbation. Have fun - Kay

Jess said...

I love that summer is almost over! lol As for Patti, she might very well be a virgin. My best friend was one til she was 30. Nothing wrong with that :) Just a little info for ya..:p

Horny Old Guy said...

Hehe boners do happen on nude beaches Bi Rob! I've had some first hand experience with them in fact.

Thanks swish! Glad we share the same "hobby"! Have fun yourself sexy lady!

You're right about older virgins Jess...and you're also right that there is nothing wrong with waiting until you are 30, or even later if that's your choice. Masturbation can definitely help out while you are waiting. Patty may or may not be a virgin...but I envy the lucky guy that has made or will make her a non-virgin (sigh!).

Camilla said...

I have had Orlando Bloom on several occasions, thanks to my imagination and my partner. And he? I don't know and don't really care.