Monday, September 11, 2006

Dreams of Stardom Down the Toilet!

Well it could have been a better weekend! Marcella went to visit her parents in the Bay Area which of course meant no nookie again for Mikey! She was supposed to come over last night when she got back but she called and said she was super tired and asked if it was okay if she cancelled our "date" (sigh!). Being a nice guy I of course said okay and then did what any disappointed and horny dude in this modern age would do. I went to my computer, found some porn, whipped the old dick out and jacked it off! I'd been horny all weekend in anticipation of some Sunday night poontang but that was not about to happen last night. Oh well, it's hardly the first weekend that my right hand has been my only means of sexual release! Marcella is back to regular daytime hours at the clinic this week so we are meeting tonight for dinner and I suspect that she will be more than happy afterwards to make up for what we missed last night! With any luck, she might even spend the night and let me go back for "seconds". A juicy blow job in the morning would be very, very nice!

If lack-of-nookie wasn't enough to make the weekend a total disaster for me, my movie director friend Lynn called me on Saturday afternoon. My heart started pounding faster when I heard her voice and I was ready to blurt out that I would be happy to accept a role in her masturbation video/movie project. See my post from August 21 entitled "I Wanna Be a Movie Star...Maybe!" for details on what that is all about. Before I even had the chance to give my acceptance speech Lynn told me that I wouldn't be needed! Bummer! I've been thinking about this goddamn thing for three weeks, lost sleep, actually made some notes on what I wanted to say while jacking off on camera, and even went through a few "rehearsals" for my star performance...and now Lynn says that I'm not needed! Well kiss my ass! I can't fucking believe it! She doesn't need ME, truly the "master of masturbation", in her movie! Talk about a feeling of rejection! Now I know what these Hollywood stars go through when they get turned down for an important role! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Lynn says that she has more than enough volunteers in the Bay Area and she would rather videotape them in their homes than have them come to her studio. Stockton is apparently just too far for her and her sound/lighting assistant gal to drive in order to photograph my Oscar worthy performance. I asked her if she has any other "senior jerkers" lined up since she had seemed very interested when I told her my age during our first phone conversation. She says she does in fact have several elderly male and female volunteers in the Bay Area including an artist gent in his seventies so I guess I'm fucked there too! I hope that old fart has a heart attack while whacking off his ancient pecker! (LOL..oh not really!)

 I told Lynn I was still available if "Grandpa" bows out or can't get it up. She laughed and thanked me for my interest. She says her project will be ready for release next spring or early summer. The working title is "The M Word" and she hopes to enter it in some film festivals (including the famous Sundance Festival) and get a few theatrical showings in "art" theaters before releasing it on DVD next fall. She says she already has a deal for the DVD. I found out that Lynn's last name is Nagel and I'm going to keep an eye on the web for word on the eventual release of the film and DVD. I will mention that here too. I mean masturbation is surely one of my favorite subjects even if I'm got going to participate in a flick about it. The least I can do is promote the goddamn thing I guess! I'm still more than a little bit pissed that I got rejected though! Grrrrrr!

Time heals all wounds and I'm sure that I'll get over this one quickly. At least now I don't have to worry about anyone in my family, my daughter Jennie and sister Karen in particular, or any of my friends and former co-workers stumbling on this completed film, as unlikely as that seems. That slight possibility was indeed a concern and I'm sure there would have been more worrying after my segment was shot. It could turn out to be something that in retrospect I deeply regretted doing. Some things are best kept a private act and jacking off may just be one of them. Besides I have plenty or room to talk about that activity right here...and God knows I do just that! Surprisingly Marcella didn't seem to care if I did it. She thought the whole idea of her old guy boyfriend jacking off in a movie was funny as hell. I don't think she realized that I was really serious though and maybe that is just as well! And yet...and yet...I could have been a movie star! Damn the bad luck!

I'll be back later in the week, in a much better mood I'm sure. Sex with Marcella tonight will do wonders for my disposition! Have a nice week y'all and I'll see you AT but not IN the movies!


Jess said...

Awwww! Sorry you didn't get "the part" but oh well! Things happen for a reason. You know, you could make your own movie, but I'm sure you already know this :p

Anonymous said...

The Bi guy would love to see a vid clip of you masturbating for all your blog fans,,,Mmmmm. That way without showing your face you can do your own movie,,Bi for now your Bi Canuck Rob..

Anonymous said...

you are a genius, i have started a blog that was similar to yours but more a view from my penis.i gave it up for a while but you have inspired me to restart.thanks

Horny Old Guy said...

I'm over it (almost) Jess! Actually I have made my own movies over the years. Every once in a while since my late 20's I shot (on film and video) myself enjoying my "hobby" of jacking off. I've used a few frames in this blog from time to time to illustrate a point in my boring life story and also compiled it into a one hour program with music. (Can you say "BORING"?) I've also videotaped sex with three girlfriends, the only ones who would agree to let me do it!. I promised them that no one else would ever see that footage and I've kept that promise. No way I could make that public or put it on the web!

Like I haven't made a fool of myself already with my senior citizen dong still pictures Rob??? LOL

Wow, I guarantee that's the first time anybody referred to me as "a genius" anonymous #2...and probably the last time too! Yeah re-start that blog dude and let us know where to find it. Thanks!