Monday, October 30, 2006

No More Condoms! Hallelujah!

I went to my urologist for my third and final semen check last Thursday to make sure that there are no more of those sperm thingies in my jism after my recent vasectomy. I won't get the official result until later this week but the doc says that as soon as I do (assuming it is negative as we both expect it to be!) the green light is on for bareback fucking! No more fucking condoms! Hallelujah! Marcella and I are both excited about this. Condoms aren't that big of a hassle and anyone who has casual sex nowadays without them is a fool but like most guys I just prefer to play "Hide the Salami" without them. You have to take a break during foreplay to put the damn things on and it's best to withdraw immediately after ejaculating. I prefer spontaneous penetration and after shooting my load leaving my hard penis in the vagina and letting it go limp naturally.  Besides it just feels better to fuck without them. Fucking with them is not quite as bad as taking a shower with a raincoat on as some have said...but it's still just more fun to fuck without them. Hopefully I am through with rubbers for good!

Reminiscing about about condoms...rubbers...the first time you see them as kids and find out what they are used for...finding used ones laying in the grass, in the street and even on the schoolyard...finding them hidden in your dad's drawer and trying one on, wondering why they are so big and your weenie is so small...your dad giving you one as a teenager and telling you to use it with your girlfriend if you need to and to ask for more if you need them...being issued them in the Army every time you went out to fuck the whores...feeling like a real man when you finally had a need to buy them at the drug store, but still feeling self conscious asking the female drug store clerk for them, which were hidden under the counter for adults only in those days...times when they weren't really necessary (the swinging 60's and 70's) and times when they are definitely necessary, at least for casual sex...NOW!
With all the sexual release I get from Marcella and my right hand, my pipes were probably cleaned out a month after my vasectomy but I couldn't take any chances. Marcella is Catholic and extremely anti-abortion, something that we have argued about on more than one occasion! She told me from the beginning that if she ever got pregnant she would definitely have the baby rather than get an abortion. I am pretty certain she is dead serious and there just is no way this old fart is going to become a daddy at the age of 66! Thus the vasectomy and doing just what the doctor ordered before getting the okay for no bareback fucking. That day is finally (almost) here Whoopee-ti-yi yo! Ride 'em cowboy!

Thankfully Marcella has no problems with birth control of any kind. Most Catholics rightfully ignore the nonsense that comes out of the Vatican on that subject and Marcy is no exception. Those Catholics that don't ignore what the Church mandates, especially those in poverty stricken third world countries, frequently find themselves with children they neither want nor can afford and that is a tragedy and a disgrace for the Catholic Church, one of many I might add.

Marcella has no problems with masturbation either. We would have some BIG arguments if she started telling me that jacking off was a sin! She has even admitted to me that she masturbates and has a vibe hidden in her underwear drawer. Good for her! At least we have one "hobby" that we can share. I wonder if her cutie pie roommate Patty masturbates or has a vibe...oh I better stop thinking about's too early to start jacking off this morning...or is it EVER too early for that? Probably NOT!

You know I'm sort of going to miss going to the doctor's office to jack off. These three appointments for jacking off in a bottle have been the only three times in my life that I've looked forward to going to the doctor's office. At my age, you have to take your cheap thrills where you can find them! As I handed the nurse my semen bottle, I jokingly told her that it was a lovely experience and asked her if I could come back for a repeat performance just for the fun of it. She laughed and told me she couldn't let anyone use that room or the wonderful erotic stimulation package (some old Playboy and Penthouse magazines!) without a doctor's appointment. Damn the bad luck! I didn't tell the nurse that on my first semen check appointment when they forgot to offer me the erotic stimulation package that I whacked off fantasizing about having a threesome with her and the office receptionist, who are a couple of babes by the way. Some things are just better left unsaid! Sadly there will be no more jacking off in the doctor's office I least until my next vasectomy (Say what?) All I can say is that it was much more fun that the finger up the pooper I get from the doc on my annual physicals!

Enough for now! I'll be back later on in the week with my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for November. Yeah I can hardly wait! Have a nice week y'all!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Love Those Nip Slips!

Well let me continue where I left off on the TITillating subject of cleavage and breasts. Why do all of us guys love breasts so much? Some of us are even totally obsessed with them! Is it because we were so attached (in every sense of the word!) to them as babies? That reminds me of Robin Williams' comment about vaginas..."We come out of them as babies and spend the rest of our life trying to get back in!" Truer words were never spoken with possibly the exception being "A stiff dick has no conscience!'  With breasts its more likely that they are just so lovely to look at, so enjoyable to feel and kiss and suck on the nipples of them. I love ALL titties! All shapes, all sizes, all ages! More than anything else I love the variety! The average woman's breasts are much more interesting and erotic to me than those of the siliconed bimbos in modern day porn, all of which look pretty much the same to me. I've never been disappointed when I took a woman's bra off or she took it off for the first time...or any time! Yeah I just love those titties and I am absolutely sure that I have lots of company there!

The urban dictionary defines "nip slip" as "when a braless female's nipple accidentally slips out from under a loose fitting garment". That's my subject for today. I suppose it's sort of the Holy Grail of cleavage ogling. Nip slips can also occur with skimpy bathing suits or just getting the right viewing angle even when there is no cleavage involved. The key element is of course no bra. Nip slips can happen to your sister or mother, the girl next door, the biggest movie and music stars in the world or even the president's daughter (really!) We guys only hope that we will be there when when they do happen or at least someone with a camera will catch the moment for us all to treasure. Sometimes people get way too upset over a simple nip slip. Remember the Janet Jackson Super Bowl furor! From the outraged reaction of the right wingers and religious fanatics you would have thought that she flashed her beaver at us! Much ado about nothing! It's only a tit you silly people! Get over it!

My first major recollection of a nip slip is from my early teens. Our next door neighbors were a mid twenties married couple. I'd already had some jack off fantasies about the lovely and very nice wife Dory. I went over to borrow something for my mother one day and the husband Jeff at the front door told me to see Dory out in the back yard. Dory was sitting in a lawn chair reading. She was wearing a loose blouse and no bra and from where I was standing I had a perfect view of one pure white tit and a lovely and oh so perky and suckable nipple. It was very much like the picture at left. BOING! Instant hard on for young Mikey! What a disappointment when she got up to go into the house to get whatever it was my mom wanted to borrow. This was before my paper route customer Barbara introduced me to sex and it probably was my first ever view of a mature titty, well at least since I was a baby. I never saw Dory's tit again, probably never saw her without a bra in fact. Braless women were truly rare in the 1950's! Whenever I did see Dory or even think about her (even to this day!) I think of that lovely breast and perky nipple though. Oh would I have loved to suck on that! You can probably guess what I did when I got home (and for the next several weeks!) after witnessing that lovely sight!

I saw very few nip slips for several years after that. The sixties however were a great time to witness nip slips with all those braless hippie chicks and their boucing boobies. I lost track of all the of the bare tits and nipples I saw during those years. Another memorable nip slip for me was on a local Sacramento TV program in the late 1960s. This was before cable TV or VCRs you understand. No nudity allowed on TV whatsoever! A young woman was modeling bikinis on a live afternoon talk show and her complete breast slipped out. Several seconds of erotic delight for those guys of us lucky enough to witness it! WOW! A bare titty on TV! My cock was out and I was jacking off before she got her tit back in the bikini top. Even though I was in my late twenties by then, this nip slip event had as big as an effect on me and my dick as seeing Dory's lovely nipple had many years earlier/

And so to this day, it's a constant search for nip slips for yours truly, the Horny Old Guy! Women usually are wearing bras of course and you have to settle for just cleavage (which as I said in my last post is just wonderful!) but once in a while you really get lucky and get to spot a nip. The web has brought us a wealth of visual material on celebrity nip slips. It's amazing all of the movie stars from Britney Spears to Jennifer Lopez to Lindsay Lohan who have nip slips when a camera is around but I guess with those people, a camera is ALWAYS around! I wasn't joking about the president's daughter either. Jenna Bush apparently had a nip slip when dancing with daddy (!) at a formal event at the White House. Yup nip slips can happen when you least expect them so us guys have to constantly be on the alert and keep our eyes open at all times. The next nip slip may be right around the corner! We can only hope!

Thanks to all of the women who have brightened us horny guys days with cleavage and nip slips. You truly have our eternal gratitude! Oh my God if these last two posts don't put me on some feminist shit lists or get me some hate mail, nothing will! My sincere apology to any women I have offended but that's just what us guys do...we just love to gaze upon your titties! Among other things we like hot cars, cold beer, football the 3 Stooges...and bare titties! Most of us wouldn't have it any other way!

Is ther anything us guys like better than viewing a nip slip? Well yeah....

It's of course a PUSSY slip! Doesn't that (above) look just good enough to eat? Yummy! I'll have to write about those lovely things some day but for now I'm on my way to my last jack off in a bottle post-vasectomy sperm check. Bareback fucking should be just two days away! Whoopi-ti-yi yo! More about that on Monday! Hey have a nice weekend everyone! You guys keep your eyes peeled for nip slips or better yet pussy slips and tell me if you see any, hear?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cleavage is a Wonderful Thing!

I went to my dentist last Wednesday and was treated to TWO lovely displays of cleavage. That reminded me of how much I dearly love to gaze on women with low cut dresses and blouses so I thought I'd devote a post or two to one of my favorite sights and subjects in the whole world...tits! Yeah I know we usually don't get to see the whole breast with cleavage (those damn bras!) but that's really not important. Sometimes what you can't see makes what you can see even more erotic. Anyway I just love to gaze upon that lovely cleavage!

My love of cleavage goes way back to my teenage years. Of course back then, in the dark ages of the 1950's, us horny young lads welcomed any glimpse of bare skin we could get. No nudity in the movies or on TV and most of us teens had no access to men's magazines which showed only tits and ass anyway. No video, no porno, no computers! Nude beaches? Forget it! Fashions? Girls and women kept way too much covered up, almost everything in fact! No tight jeans, bare midriffs, butt crack cleavage or bouncing boobies to give you instant boners back then. Unless you had a girlfriend who was willing to take off some clothes for you or you caught your sister coming out of the shower once in a while, you were truly fucked in the live bare skin department! The occasional cleavage you saw became your best friend and always resulted in a big fat boner and usually a subsequent jack off session. At least it did for me!

As I said, there was no nudity in the movies but occasionally Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfied, Kim Novak, Anita Ekberg or some other nameless starlet would display a bit of excess cleavage (hopefully while bending over!) in a Hollywood movie and it would usually produce a round of applause and yelling and I suspect an auditorium full of boners from us rowdy males of all ages. I remember more than once when I was in the back row of the stadium balcony of the Uptown Theatre, I would whip my cock out and jack it off after seeing just a few seconds of sexy cleavage. It just didn't get any better than that at the movies in those days! For quite a while after seeing that movie cleavage, it would also be the inspiration for many a jack off session at home.

Of course even better than seeing cleavage in the movies was seeing it in real life! You didn't get that many opportunities but when you did you took full advantage of them. I remember always looking for cleavage as I walked the streets of any neighborhood or city I was in. You didn't see much titty in Napa, a bit more in Vallejo 15 miles down the road and lots more in far off San Francisco or Sacramento. I always looked forward to trips to the big city for the potential cleavage viewing as much as anything else. No matter where I was, I was always checking out all of the babes, looking for those low cut dresses and blouses and that lovely cleavage crack, trying to get in position for a better view, trying to see how much of those titties I could see, and just praying to God those lovely women would bend over. We were some horny and desperate young bastards back then! Come to think of it, not too much has changed! I'm still doing pretty much the same thing as an old fart in my constant search for new cleavage! Horny and desperate young bastards become horny and desperate old bastards I suppose!

A friend of mine's mother used to wear low cut dresses quite a bit and I always looked forward to visits to Jimmy's's house in hopes of seeing some of his mom's quite lovely and large breasts as much as I did for spending time with Jim. To this day, I vividly remember some of those bend over views and one in particular when she was not wearing a bra. WOW! Jack off inspiration for six months! We didn't have the slang term "MILF" back then but she was definitely a mother I would have liked to fuck! Then there was the young woman who worked in the women's clothing department at the J.C. Penney store in downtown Napa. We would make regular trips to the store, hoping she would be wearing one of her low cut dresses and hoping even more that she would bend over to give us horny young dudes a better view. She probably wondered why those teenage boys kept walking back and forth through the women's clothing department..or maybe she didn't wonder after all! And then there was that sexy English teacher at Napa high...

Yeah we took any opportunity to gaze upon any cleavage and titties way back then. Over fifty years later not too much has changed for me. I still love cleavage! Age of the women, shape or size of breasts doesn't matter at all. I just love that sexy cleavage crack and what you can see of the breasts to go along with it. If I see cleavage in the movies or on TV, my eyes become instantly focused on it. Same with when I see it on the street or anywhere else in a public place. Cashiers in stores and bank tellers sometimes provide some prime opportunities. Being a gentleman (what are you laughing at?) I of course try not to constantly stare. I look up and down and back and forth but my eyes always soon come back to that cleavage! Just as it did when I was a horny teen, it still frequently results in an instant hard on and quite often a jack off session later on. Some things just never change!

That brings me back to my dental office experience. There are two lovely thirty something women working in the office. One is the receptionist, one handles payments and billing. Last week both women were wearing low cut tops and I was treated to two exceptionally lovely cleavage views within a matter of minutes. They were sitting at their desks and I was standing at the counter over them, absolutely the best conditions for prime cleavage viewing. Oh what beautiful medium sized breasts they both have! As always, there were immediate fantasies of feeling and kissing those warm breasts, of sucking those nipples that I can't even see! The payment and billing woman has already been in my jack off fantasies many times. When she stands up and I look at her trim figure and one of the most delicious looking butts I've ever seen in my life...well I know there is no need for any Viagra today! I'm in love or at least in lust!

I left the dentist's office with a throbbing hard on. The only reason I didn't jack off when I got home is that Marcella was coming over that night and I decided that I better save my wood for her. That dental office cleavage is still in my mind five days later though and I've had a hard on ever since I started writing about this subject. I think it's about time to take care of business right now if you know what I mean and I think you do. I'll be back later in the week with thoughts on another TITillating and related (maybe even better!) subject...nip slips! "See you then!" says Mike...and the sound of a zipper being unzipped is heard somewhere out in Stockton town as well as in cyberspace!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Appeal of Younger Women

Actually 18 to 21 would also be mighty fine too Lance! As long as they are legal...

Well I'm feeling much better this morning, thank you! The sense of sadness about my first real girlfriend Vicki's death is subsiding. It's more of a nostalgic feeling now as I think of our good times together. Marcella came over last night which also helped my melancholic disposition immensely. Nothing like a juicy blow job to bring you out of a blue funk! She was on her period and didn't want to fuck but after ten days of no sex with her and no jacking off for me since Saturday night, oh did that blow job feel good, especially the last part!(SPLURT!!!)

We went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant prior to Marcella performing her mercy blow job on me and it seemed to me that more people than usual were staring at us, primarily because of the age difference I'm sure. Marcella being a different race than me must make them pretty sure she is not a family member. As I've mentioned before, some people probably think that she is a mail order bride since since many of those women are also Filipino. Others just think "That dirty old man!" They are not too far wrong there huh? Furthermore I just don't give a shit what they think! I like Marcy, Marcy likes me, we fuck! Get over it you prudes!

There is definitely something about the appeal of much younger women for us old farts though. The older you get the better the younger ones look to you. It's just a fact of life! You really don't fully appreciate all that youth and beauty and sex appeal until you get much older. By then for many or most of us, it's too fucking late! Oh if you are rich or powerful or famous like Hugh Hefner you won't have any problem attracting the young babes at any age. For the rest of us though, all we can hope to do is get lucky once in a while! Otherwise we only fuck the young ones in our jack off fantasies...and there is nothing wrong with that either! I speak from experience in that area!

Time can really ravage our bodies and that goes for both men and women. I know damn well most younger women wouldn't want to go to bed with an old fart like myself and I don't blame them. Most older women if they had their choice would most likely rather play "Hide the Salami" with Johnny Depp or George Clooney than Grandpa Jones! The appeal of having sex with a younger, more attractive person is hardly rocket science and I don't understand why some people can't grasp that rather simple concept.

Actually I've dated (and married) mostly women within 10 years of my own age most of my life. Most were a few years younger than me, although several were my age or even a few years older than me. Marcella is the first lady with a substantial age difference, 28 years to be exact. I really wasn't looking for a much younger woman, well except maybe in my jack off fantasies! I just met Marcella in the coffee shop and we happened to hit it off. Of course I'm extremely glad that we did! The sex just continues to get better and better (for both of us I think) and oh how am I enjoying her trim and firm young body! I don't think I even need my Viagra much anymore!

Marcella's roommate Patty is 9 years younger than Patty (29), a real cutie pie and yeah I'd like the stick my weenie in her tight (and possibly virgin!) young pussy too although the chances of that are next to zilch and as long as I am with Marcella I would never try. Oh does young Patty make some spectacular appearances in my previously mentioned jack off fantasies though! Would I like to fuck an even younger woman than Patty? As long as she is of legal age (no jail bait or jail time please!), HELL YEAH!...but again fat fucking chance of that happening! Ah those jack off fantasies are lovely though!

Every day I walk the streets looking at and lusting after the young babes. I don't approach them, make no rude comments or wolf whistles ever...but I'm undressing them with my eyes and in my fantasies having sex with all of them. Come to think of it, I've been doing that all of my life starting at puberty so I guess nothing has really changed. In any case I don't see anything wrong with it. Some feminists may not approve but that's just what us guys do! It's look but don't touch...and your masturbation fantasies will set you free! Life is good if you have a dirty mind!

Sometimes I wonder how long my extreme horniness will last. In twenty years, if I am even still alive, will I still be ogling the young babes and having jack off fantasies about them? I suspect that I will! Hopefully I will be still doing a bit of actual fucking too, if not with Marcella with another woman of any age...and yeah younger would be nicer! By then I will really be shouting "Thank you Jesus!" for Viagra! Only time will tell what my future holds but I strongly believe in that old philosophy of "use it or lose it"...and I definitely plan on keep using it! they allow fucking in nursing homes? How about jacking off? Jesus now I am starting to get depressed again! Let me get back to my fantasies about those younger babes!

Enough for today! A trip to my dentist yesterday and gazing on some lovely cleavage there has inspired me to write a couple of posts next week about one of my favorite subjects...TITS! Enjoy the weekend folks and thanks again for reading this incoherent babbling!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Blue Monday

Well Marcella was out of town AGAIN this weekend so you know what that nookie for Mikey AGAIN! Her dad had a recent operation and is not doing that well so she's been going to the Bay Area to visit her parents more often. I fully understand that of course. We talked about her coming over during the week and spending the night, probably on Wednesday when we usually have a dinner date night (but usually without sex). The only problem there is that with all the fucking we don't get much sleep when she's here and she has to get up at 5:30 AM to go to work. For me, being retired, I can sleep in as late as I want.

Maybe we can just have a mid-week fuck night and she can go home at 10 or 11. Frankly I was sort of enjoying my solitary weekends when she was just going to the Bay Area every month or so but it looks like every other weekend, maybe every weekend for the immediate future so we need to make an alternate nookie night plan. Here's hoping her dad's health will improve and we can soon get back to normal. Meanwhile, it's back to jacking off on weekends for me. Believe me I've had LOTS of practice at that!

I went to Napa to visit my old high school buddy Paul and his wife yesterday. Paul gave me a bit of sad news. He told me that he saw on Classmates that my first real girlfriend VICKI had died. Truthfully I hadn't thought about Vicki in years, except when I wrote a couple posts about her early on in this blog. We went together during my junior and senior year of high school. She dumped me for a jock right before we graduated and of course I was devastated, the first of many times that I would feel that way. We got together and fucked one more time when I was home on leave during my Army years (she by then had dumped the jock!) and the last I heard she married a fellow student in junior college and they had moved up the valley. I was still in the Army then, it must have been about 1961 when I lost touch with her..

I have wondered from time to time whatever happened to Vicki. I've been to a couple of high school reunions but she wasn't there and nobody seemed to know anything about her. I suspect that she left the Napa Valley as I did but I'm not even sure of that. Apparently the notice on Classmates didn't mention where she lived or what she died of. I don't know here married name so I can't search on line for any information about her. It's hard to imagine Vicki as a mature woman though. I still picture her as that lovely blond haired young woman and my first real love. Our relationship was great while it lasted and I've long ago forgiven her for dumping me. I hope she had a good life.

Vicki has been on my mind ever since I heard the news from Paul yesterday. I guess the truth is that most of us never completely get over our first true loves. I had a hard time sleeping last night, even shed a few tears, something I very rarely do. I was so bummed out that I didn't even jack off so you just know I was really bummed out! I keep thinking of our good times together. I suspect that I'll soon get over it though. Writing these few words about her has helped. I'll be back later in the week in a more upbeat mood with more incoherent babbling. Enjoy the week y'all!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Isn't Modern Technology Wonderful?

Today is really a wonderful time to be both a horny young guy or like me a horny old guy! I don't know if today's young lads realize how good they have it. Let me now go into my "old fogey" mode for a few minutes to tell you what I mean. When I was growing up back in the "dark ages" of the 1950's all we had for visual inspiration for the grand sport of jacking off was pictures like this:

Hmmm...this babe actually doesn't look so bad does she? That picture would have sent me on a continuous six month jerk off orgy when I was a horny teenager. In fact it makes me want to whip the old dick out and jack it off right now! Just tits and ass though. Depictions of pubic hair and genitalia were strictly taboo in those bad old days. Hard core pornography? Forget it unless you could come across a TIJUANA BIBLE (a crudely drawn X rated comic book) or find some black and white fuck pictures or an 8mm stag film hidden in your dad's closet. For most of us this material was just impossible to come by. We just didn't see it and didn't know where to get it! It was all strictly illegal and only available "under the counter" (wherever that was!) Hell we thought we had died and gone to heaven if we scored a tattered and scum stained copy of a three year Playboy!

We just had to make do with tits and ass pics from men's magazines (if we were lucky enough to even find them!) or find a picture of a topless maiden from Bali in National Geographic or HOLIDAY magazine to take into the bathroom for our nightly jack off sessions. Of course as horny teenagers you really don't need THAT much inspiration to jack off and most of us almost wore out our dicks jacking off even if we didn't have any visual inspiration in printed form. I would suspect that the boys of my generation jacked off at just about the same frequency as those of today, even without all the internet porno, XXX rated DVDs, R rated movies,soft core cable smut, etc. Still, a bit more of that visual inspiration would have made a pleasurable activity even more enjoyable back way back when.

Modern times would of course be an even better time to be a teenage horndog. I mean besides all the porno available (especially on the computer), today's teenage boys are actually getting laid regularly. That is something most of my generation could only dream about! Oh I was VERY lucky and briefly got introduced to the wonderful world of fucking early on by an older woman, a customer on my paper route, but then I went through a long dry spell with no pussy until I got my first real girlfriend Vicki as a junior in high school, and it took quite a while to get her panties off! There was a lot of bragging and bullshit going on but in reality most of us guys were NOT getting laid back in the 1950's. It may be just as well as condoms were hard to come by and abortions illegal back in those days and there would have been lots of unwanted pregnancies and births if we all had been fucking like rabbits, which believe me we all wanted to do!

If all that readily available porno and readily available poontang wasn't enough to make me envious, there is even more! I mean when I hear that today's young women give blow jobs as casually as the young women of my era gave goodnight kisses, I just know that I was born fifty fucking years too soon! I hear the young gals don't even regard blow jobs as actual sex! WOW! Who says Bill Clinton didn't leave us a worthwhile legacy? And yet...and yet I suspect that I wouldn't REALLY want to trade places with the young dudes of today. As puritanical as it was, the 1950's really wasn't such a bad time to grow up in. At least nobody was getting shot in or out of school. Very little conflict, very little violence...and we didn't have to listen to that fucking hip hop crap either! I'll take Elvis and Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry any day! If only those girls next door and cheerleaders would just have been willing to suck on our weenies once in a while we would have been really happy campers!

I am extremely glad to have lived long enough to see how the technological revolution developed over the years. I remember listening to radio before anyone even had their first small screen black and white television. I saw movies go from being boring, sexless small screen affairs to "anything goes" hardcore porn extravaganzas in glorious color on giant wide screens! Same with the adult magazines...from tits and ass to fuck and suck!

Home video made it possible to view porno while jacking off or fucking in the privacy of our own homes. We could even make your own homemade porn! Computers opened up a whole new world of free sexual stimulation to even old farts like myself. Instant messaging, webcams, cyber sex, any kind of porn your heart and dick desires! Whoopee! Us old codgers have been able to take advantage of all of this technology as it developed and we aged. I think it has helped keep us young and horny in spirit and body too. I continue to be amazed and aroused by all of these modern gizmos, the computer in particular. Now if they would just hurry up and develop that VFM (Virtual Fucking Machine) before I kick the bucket, I will die one happy and sexually satisfied old bastard! Horny Old Guy says "Thumbs (and dicks) Up!" for modern technology! Now excuse me while I do another Google search for "Molly Ringwald nude"!