Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Appeal of Younger Women

Actually 18 to 21 would also be mighty fine too Lance! As long as they are legal...

Well I'm feeling much better this morning, thank you! The sense of sadness about my first real girlfriend Vicki's death is subsiding. It's more of a nostalgic feeling now as I think of our good times together. Marcella came over last night which also helped my melancholic disposition immensely. Nothing like a juicy blow job to bring you out of a blue funk! She was on her period and didn't want to fuck but after ten days of no sex with her and no jacking off for me since Saturday night, oh did that blow job feel good, especially the last part!(SPLURT!!!)

We went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant prior to Marcella performing her mercy blow job on me and it seemed to me that more people than usual were staring at us, primarily because of the age difference I'm sure. Marcella being a different race than me must make them pretty sure she is not a family member. As I've mentioned before, some people probably think that she is a mail order bride since since many of those women are also Filipino. Others just think "That dirty old man!" They are not too far wrong there huh? Furthermore I just don't give a shit what they think! I like Marcy, Marcy likes me, we fuck! Get over it you prudes!

There is definitely something about the appeal of much younger women for us old farts though. The older you get the better the younger ones look to you. It's just a fact of life! You really don't fully appreciate all that youth and beauty and sex appeal until you get much older. By then for many or most of us, it's too fucking late! Oh if you are rich or powerful or famous like Hugh Hefner you won't have any problem attracting the young babes at any age. For the rest of us though, all we can hope to do is get lucky once in a while! Otherwise we only fuck the young ones in our jack off fantasies...and there is nothing wrong with that either! I speak from experience in that area!

Time can really ravage our bodies and that goes for both men and women. I know damn well most younger women wouldn't want to go to bed with an old fart like myself and I don't blame them. Most older women if they had their choice would most likely rather play "Hide the Salami" with Johnny Depp or George Clooney than Grandpa Jones! The appeal of having sex with a younger, more attractive person is hardly rocket science and I don't understand why some people can't grasp that rather simple concept.

Actually I've dated (and married) mostly women within 10 years of my own age most of my life. Most were a few years younger than me, although several were my age or even a few years older than me. Marcella is the first lady with a substantial age difference, 28 years to be exact. I really wasn't looking for a much younger woman, well except maybe in my jack off fantasies! I just met Marcella in the coffee shop and we happened to hit it off. Of course I'm extremely glad that we did! The sex just continues to get better and better (for both of us I think) and oh how am I enjoying her trim and firm young body! I don't think I even need my Viagra much anymore!

Marcella's roommate Patty is 9 years younger than Patty (29), a real cutie pie and yeah I'd like the stick my weenie in her tight (and possibly virgin!) young pussy too although the chances of that are next to zilch and as long as I am with Marcella I would never try. Oh does young Patty make some spectacular appearances in my previously mentioned jack off fantasies though! Would I like to fuck an even younger woman than Patty? As long as she is of legal age (no jail bait or jail time please!), HELL YEAH!...but again fat fucking chance of that happening! Ah those jack off fantasies are lovely though!

Every day I walk the streets looking at and lusting after the young babes. I don't approach them, make no rude comments or wolf whistles ever...but I'm undressing them with my eyes and in my fantasies having sex with all of them. Come to think of it, I've been doing that all of my life starting at puberty so I guess nothing has really changed. In any case I don't see anything wrong with it. Some feminists may not approve but that's just what us guys do! It's look but don't touch...and your masturbation fantasies will set you free! Life is good if you have a dirty mind!

Sometimes I wonder how long my extreme horniness will last. In twenty years, if I am even still alive, will I still be ogling the young babes and having jack off fantasies about them? I suspect that I will! Hopefully I will be still doing a bit of actual fucking too, if not with Marcella with another woman of any age...and yeah younger would be nicer! By then I will really be shouting "Thank you Jesus!" for Viagra! Only time will tell what my future holds but I strongly believe in that old philosophy of "use it or lose it"...and I definitely plan on keep using it! they allow fucking in nursing homes? How about jacking off? Jesus now I am starting to get depressed again! Let me get back to my fantasies about those younger babes!

Enough for today! A trip to my dentist yesterday and gazing on some lovely cleavage there has inspired me to write a couple of posts next week about one of my favorite subjects...TITS! Enjoy the weekend folks and thanks again for reading this incoherent babbling!


Anonymous said...

Hi HOG, Oh yes tits and cleavage is one of my favorite parts too. Don't think your the only older guy who thinks about fucking a hot looking young teen(legal that is). Lots of the high school grls who visit my coffee shop hangout end up in my jerk off sessions. Oh yes younger women. My lady is also black and younger then me, and I know how you feel. I love it, there all jelous of us HOG,,Bi for now Rob

Rap said...

It seems that you hit forty and suddenly become invisible to young women but your awareness of them is heightened.

For about a year when I was twenty I lived with a woman thirteen years my senior.

It was an educational experience to say the least.

Glad you are getting back to feeling your usual effervescent self, Mike.

Enjoyable post as usual and the pics crack me up!


Elizabeth said...

I don't know, Mike. Of course, being female, and having only one head with which to think might change my perspective, but younger men....or significantly older men for that matter, hold no appeal to me. I don't care how big their pecs are...or pricks either for that matter. It's the shared maturity, the balance of experience that makes or breaks the bank for me.

The last thing I want in a relationship is some older guy trying to tell me what to do.

Conversely, a younger man seeking my advice all the time is a big turnoff.

In my 4 years as a Middle Aged Sex Goddess, I've taken a turn at both and have found that those within five years of my own age are the best suited.

Jack off fantasy? Maybe. Relationship? Definitely not.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for the comments folks. I understand what you are saying Elizabeth (nice to see you here again darlin'!). As you can see by my post and Rob and Rap's comments above, us guys just think a little different than most of you women do. It's like the Three Stooges thing...we think they are comedic geniuses and you think they are humorless jerks! Us guys do like the younger babes, even if they exist only in our masturbation fantasies!

I have nothing against women my age or older though. As I mentioned in my post, they have been most of my dates and long time companions (and two wives) over the years. Maybe most were a few years younger than me but not substantially younger. Actually it is nice being of the same generation as you do have lots more to relate to and talk about. Believe me I don't need a girlfriend that listens to hip hop, wants to go to slasher movies and eat at McDonald's every day!

Within 5 (or 10) years works just fine for me in real life too. Marcella is younger but that just happened and yeah I am enjoying it while it lasts. For my frequent jack off fantasies...well give me Scarlett Johannson instead of Barbara Walters any day! At my age I need all the help I can get to get it up!

(an older guy who doesn't tell anybody what to do or how to think!)

Priscilla said...

I wonder what Paul McCartney has to say on the subject? I don’t imagine no twenty or thirty something’s going to have quite the same appeal for him anymore… firm butt and pert breasts or not! Hey, us fifty and sixty something gals aren’t all cellulite and flab ya know!

A friend of my husband’s slept with a much younger woman recently and he said that penetrating her was like throwing a sausage into Carnegie Hall… I thought I would die laughing!

Love your blog Mike, keep it up!!


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks Priscilla! Oh I've got the feeling Paul will be out there chasing after some young poontang again! When you are a rock star (even an ancient one!), you pretty much have your choice as far as women go. It's sort of like being at an all you can eat (and fuck!) buffet you know.

Yup agree many of you older gals are mighty fine! I'm horny for all ages!

Priscilla said...

Well, time will tell I guess? Poor guy! He's not the first aging millionaire to get screwed and he certainly won't be the last! $400 million she's going for I read. Apparently, he didn't want her putting a bedpan under the bed as he said it would be like living in an old ladies home!! Now who says it's just us oldies that have weird fetishes?

Last night Stan took me to a wonderful new oyster bar which just opened (we live in South Carolina) and they were giving away free T-shirts and I thought how funny it would be for you to wear one the next time you visit Marcella in the coffee shop. Big bright pink letters... SHUCK ME, SUCK ME, EAT ME RAW!

That would be quite a "hello there"!!

Have a good one!! Cilla

Anonymous said...

$400 million?????? I heard she doesn't have a leg to stand on!!!!!