Monday, October 16, 2006

Blue Monday

Well Marcella was out of town AGAIN this weekend so you know what that nookie for Mikey AGAIN! Her dad had a recent operation and is not doing that well so she's been going to the Bay Area to visit her parents more often. I fully understand that of course. We talked about her coming over during the week and spending the night, probably on Wednesday when we usually have a dinner date night (but usually without sex). The only problem there is that with all the fucking we don't get much sleep when she's here and she has to get up at 5:30 AM to go to work. For me, being retired, I can sleep in as late as I want.

Maybe we can just have a mid-week fuck night and she can go home at 10 or 11. Frankly I was sort of enjoying my solitary weekends when she was just going to the Bay Area every month or so but it looks like every other weekend, maybe every weekend for the immediate future so we need to make an alternate nookie night plan. Here's hoping her dad's health will improve and we can soon get back to normal. Meanwhile, it's back to jacking off on weekends for me. Believe me I've had LOTS of practice at that!

I went to Napa to visit my old high school buddy Paul and his wife yesterday. Paul gave me a bit of sad news. He told me that he saw on Classmates that my first real girlfriend VICKI had died. Truthfully I hadn't thought about Vicki in years, except when I wrote a couple posts about her early on in this blog. We went together during my junior and senior year of high school. She dumped me for a jock right before we graduated and of course I was devastated, the first of many times that I would feel that way. We got together and fucked one more time when I was home on leave during my Army years (she by then had dumped the jock!) and the last I heard she married a fellow student in junior college and they had moved up the valley. I was still in the Army then, it must have been about 1961 when I lost touch with her..

I have wondered from time to time whatever happened to Vicki. I've been to a couple of high school reunions but she wasn't there and nobody seemed to know anything about her. I suspect that she left the Napa Valley as I did but I'm not even sure of that. Apparently the notice on Classmates didn't mention where she lived or what she died of. I don't know here married name so I can't search on line for any information about her. It's hard to imagine Vicki as a mature woman though. I still picture her as that lovely blond haired young woman and my first real love. Our relationship was great while it lasted and I've long ago forgiven her for dumping me. I hope she had a good life.

Vicki has been on my mind ever since I heard the news from Paul yesterday. I guess the truth is that most of us never completely get over our first true loves. I had a hard time sleeping last night, even shed a few tears, something I very rarely do. I was so bummed out that I didn't even jack off so you just know I was really bummed out! I keep thinking of our good times together. I suspect that I'll soon get over it though. Writing these few words about her has helped. I'll be back later in the week in a more upbeat mood with more incoherent babbling. Enjoy the week y'all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Old Guy, thanks for the email. Sorry to hear about your first love. She sounded like she was quite a looker in her day. I had the hots for a young blonde grl when I was in grade 8. Damn did i jerk off alot thinking of her little tit mounds. I still see her nowadays at the local store, divorced, a bit heavier. Oh but I would still like to lick her all Have a great week. Bi Johnny

Rap said...

ozvYou always remember the first one as something special.

Maybe it is best if they stay in your memory where they are forever the fresh, sprightly young thing they once were.

Mine was named Rhonda.

I had a VW Beetle and one night parked near the beach with the lights of Seattle twinkling across the Straits of Juan de Fuca she introduced me to the amazing world of oral sex.

Quite an accomplishment in a car the size of an orange crate.

I saw here a few years ago when I went to the coast. She is a grandma now and honest to goodness, she looks just like Ernest Borgnine.

But once upon a time...once upon a time...woooweeeeeee!

Pekiro said...

hey old guy, sorry for what happened to ur 1rst love. Thats how life is, as even 4 u, the sunset years are here. Talking of 1961 love, thats a long time.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Yup Pekiro 1961 was a long time ago but as others have commented you NEVER forget your first love. At 22 that concept may be a little difficult to understand but you'll see...and unfortunately those "sunset years" come all too quickly for all of us!