Monday, October 23, 2006

Cleavage is a Wonderful Thing!

I went to my dentist last Wednesday and was treated to TWO lovely displays of cleavage. That reminded me of how much I dearly love to gaze on women with low cut dresses and blouses so I thought I'd devote a post or two to one of my favorite sights and subjects in the whole world...tits! Yeah I know we usually don't get to see the whole breast with cleavage (those damn bras!) but that's really not important. Sometimes what you can't see makes what you can see even more erotic. Anyway I just love to gaze upon that lovely cleavage!

My love of cleavage goes way back to my teenage years. Of course back then, in the dark ages of the 1950's, us horny young lads welcomed any glimpse of bare skin we could get. No nudity in the movies or on TV and most of us teens had no access to men's magazines which showed only tits and ass anyway. No video, no porno, no computers! Nude beaches? Forget it! Fashions? Girls and women kept way too much covered up, almost everything in fact! No tight jeans, bare midriffs, butt crack cleavage or bouncing boobies to give you instant boners back then. Unless you had a girlfriend who was willing to take off some clothes for you or you caught your sister coming out of the shower once in a while, you were truly fucked in the live bare skin department! The occasional cleavage you saw became your best friend and always resulted in a big fat boner and usually a subsequent jack off session. At least it did for me!

As I said, there was no nudity in the movies but occasionally Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfied, Kim Novak, Anita Ekberg or some other nameless starlet would display a bit of excess cleavage (hopefully while bending over!) in a Hollywood movie and it would usually produce a round of applause and yelling and I suspect an auditorium full of boners from us rowdy males of all ages. I remember more than once when I was in the back row of the stadium balcony of the Uptown Theatre, I would whip my cock out and jack it off after seeing just a few seconds of sexy cleavage. It just didn't get any better than that at the movies in those days! For quite a while after seeing that movie cleavage, it would also be the inspiration for many a jack off session at home.

Of course even better than seeing cleavage in the movies was seeing it in real life! You didn't get that many opportunities but when you did you took full advantage of them. I remember always looking for cleavage as I walked the streets of any neighborhood or city I was in. You didn't see much titty in Napa, a bit more in Vallejo 15 miles down the road and lots more in far off San Francisco or Sacramento. I always looked forward to trips to the big city for the potential cleavage viewing as much as anything else. No matter where I was, I was always checking out all of the babes, looking for those low cut dresses and blouses and that lovely cleavage crack, trying to get in position for a better view, trying to see how much of those titties I could see, and just praying to God those lovely women would bend over. We were some horny and desperate young bastards back then! Come to think of it, not too much has changed! I'm still doing pretty much the same thing as an old fart in my constant search for new cleavage! Horny and desperate young bastards become horny and desperate old bastards I suppose!

A friend of mine's mother used to wear low cut dresses quite a bit and I always looked forward to visits to Jimmy's's house in hopes of seeing some of his mom's quite lovely and large breasts as much as I did for spending time with Jim. To this day, I vividly remember some of those bend over views and one in particular when she was not wearing a bra. WOW! Jack off inspiration for six months! We didn't have the slang term "MILF" back then but she was definitely a mother I would have liked to fuck! Then there was the young woman who worked in the women's clothing department at the J.C. Penney store in downtown Napa. We would make regular trips to the store, hoping she would be wearing one of her low cut dresses and hoping even more that she would bend over to give us horny young dudes a better view. She probably wondered why those teenage boys kept walking back and forth through the women's clothing department..or maybe she didn't wonder after all! And then there was that sexy English teacher at Napa high...

Yeah we took any opportunity to gaze upon any cleavage and titties way back then. Over fifty years later not too much has changed for me. I still love cleavage! Age of the women, shape or size of breasts doesn't matter at all. I just love that sexy cleavage crack and what you can see of the breasts to go along with it. If I see cleavage in the movies or on TV, my eyes become instantly focused on it. Same with when I see it on the street or anywhere else in a public place. Cashiers in stores and bank tellers sometimes provide some prime opportunities. Being a gentleman (what are you laughing at?) I of course try not to constantly stare. I look up and down and back and forth but my eyes always soon come back to that cleavage! Just as it did when I was a horny teen, it still frequently results in an instant hard on and quite often a jack off session later on. Some things just never change!

That brings me back to my dental office experience. There are two lovely thirty something women working in the office. One is the receptionist, one handles payments and billing. Last week both women were wearing low cut tops and I was treated to two exceptionally lovely cleavage views within a matter of minutes. They were sitting at their desks and I was standing at the counter over them, absolutely the best conditions for prime cleavage viewing. Oh what beautiful medium sized breasts they both have! As always, there were immediate fantasies of feeling and kissing those warm breasts, of sucking those nipples that I can't even see! The payment and billing woman has already been in my jack off fantasies many times. When she stands up and I look at her trim figure and one of the most delicious looking butts I've ever seen in my life...well I know there is no need for any Viagra today! I'm in love or at least in lust!

I left the dentist's office with a throbbing hard on. The only reason I didn't jack off when I got home is that Marcella was coming over that night and I decided that I better save my wood for her. That dental office cleavage is still in my mind five days later though and I've had a hard on ever since I started writing about this subject. I think it's about time to take care of business right now if you know what I mean and I think you do. I'll be back later in the week with thoughts on another TITillating and related (maybe even better!) subject...nip slips! "See you then!" says Mike...and the sound of a zipper being unzipped is heard somewhere out in Stockton town as well as in cyberspace!


Rap said...

I wonder why every dental assistant I have ever seen has been absolutely lovely? They must weed the not so attractive ones out in dental assistant school.

But that is another story. We were talking about tits, right?

You just have to be observant and sometimes you get lucky.

Tim Horton's coffee shops are on just about every corner up here. They are all self-serve so you must wait in line until it is your turn to place your order.

I'd already got my coffee and I was sitting at a table near the counter reading the Sunday paper when my attention was diverted by an absolutely stunning young woman wearing a miniscule, billowy top and a little short skirt.

She was shifting her weight from foot to foot as she stood in line, her arms crossed under her substancial boobs.

I think the skirt was one of those things that looks like a skirt but is really shorts, anyway...

Her turn finally came and she rested her elbows on the counter near the till and placed her chin in her cupped hand as she surveyed the selection of donuts displayed behind the counter.

I was below and to her left and when I looked up I had an unobstructed view of her breasts, unhaltered and unfettered under the short little top she was wearing.

I gotta tell ya, Mike, I nearly spilled my extra large, double, double, right there and then. (that's the coffee I was drinking, btw)

It took her several minutes to choose her dozen donuts. It was a tough decision for her and she wanted to get it right.

I thanked God she pondered over a honey glazed and a maple donut, then a cherry danish and a blueberry fritter.

Each second she stood there engrosed in thought was a gift from the Allmighty.


Mike Stewart said...

Great story Rap! I live for days just like that! At my age, an unexpected titty show is about as good as it gets..well ALMOST as good as it gets anyway!

So true about dental assistants. I seem to have a thing about all medical/dental women. Nurses, assistants, office personnel, even women doctors and dentists...I want to fuck them all! Fat chance of that but oh those nice jack off fantasies!

Anonymous said...

Hey Horny just discovered your blog and I fucking love it. You speak for all of us old guys who are still horny. Keep it up and sounds like you are LOL Don

MrManicDepressive said...

Cleavage is one of my favorite things to see too. TW, my wife, loves to wear low cut tops. My SILs (Sister In Laws) give me some nice views occasionally but they're too far and inbetween.

Glad you had a semi-nice experience at the dentist. I hate going to mine. I used to go to an all female office and they would brush their breasts up against me from time to time. Both the oral hygenists and the dentists! I doubt they did it on purpose, but I sure as hell thought they did! :D A guy can dream, right? I miss going there.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks anonymous Don! I can always use a new reader. I think that makes three of you now. Actually I continue to be amazed of the number of profile views and hits I get. Who are all these people? Lots of anonymous folks I guess and they all are sincerely appreciated even if just they take one look and say "Ewwww! Let me outa here!"

I hear you Mr MD about going to the dentist. Cleavage is one of the few bright spots there. Last week, the dentist's assistant (a young cutie pie!) was actually holding my hand (first time ever!) when the dentist gave me the shots. Ordinarily that would have been enough to give me wood but not in that fucking dentist chair! OUCH!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike - Oh god that post sounded like I wrote it. I am a real tit/cleavage lover. I work at a front door desk. And get to see some real nice views of tits and cleavage when the ladies, teen grls cum and lean on the desk and talk to me. And like you say some of them end up as the daily jerk off fantasy. I went with an older lady once with big tits. I loved tit fucking her as she sucked me and then would cum in her mouth. I also love to see big nips sticking out, but thats another subject Mike..Bi for now John