Thursday, October 12, 2006

Isn't Modern Technology Wonderful?

Today is really a wonderful time to be both a horny young guy or like me a horny old guy! I don't know if today's young lads realize how good they have it. Let me now go into my "old fogey" mode for a few minutes to tell you what I mean. When I was growing up back in the "dark ages" of the 1950's all we had for visual inspiration for the grand sport of jacking off was pictures like this:

Hmmm...this babe actually doesn't look so bad does she? That picture would have sent me on a continuous six month jerk off orgy when I was a horny teenager. In fact it makes me want to whip the old dick out and jack it off right now! Just tits and ass though. Depictions of pubic hair and genitalia were strictly taboo in those bad old days. Hard core pornography? Forget it unless you could come across a TIJUANA BIBLE (a crudely drawn X rated comic book) or find some black and white fuck pictures or an 8mm stag film hidden in your dad's closet. For most of us this material was just impossible to come by. We just didn't see it and didn't know where to get it! It was all strictly illegal and only available "under the counter" (wherever that was!) Hell we thought we had died and gone to heaven if we scored a tattered and scum stained copy of a three year Playboy!

We just had to make do with tits and ass pics from men's magazines (if we were lucky enough to even find them!) or find a picture of a topless maiden from Bali in National Geographic or HOLIDAY magazine to take into the bathroom for our nightly jack off sessions. Of course as horny teenagers you really don't need THAT much inspiration to jack off and most of us almost wore out our dicks jacking off even if we didn't have any visual inspiration in printed form. I would suspect that the boys of my generation jacked off at just about the same frequency as those of today, even without all the internet porno, XXX rated DVDs, R rated movies,soft core cable smut, etc. Still, a bit more of that visual inspiration would have made a pleasurable activity even more enjoyable back way back when.

Modern times would of course be an even better time to be a teenage horndog. I mean besides all the porno available (especially on the computer), today's teenage boys are actually getting laid regularly. That is something most of my generation could only dream about! Oh I was VERY lucky and briefly got introduced to the wonderful world of fucking early on by an older woman, a customer on my paper route, but then I went through a long dry spell with no pussy until I got my first real girlfriend Vicki as a junior in high school, and it took quite a while to get her panties off! There was a lot of bragging and bullshit going on but in reality most of us guys were NOT getting laid back in the 1950's. It may be just as well as condoms were hard to come by and abortions illegal back in those days and there would have been lots of unwanted pregnancies and births if we all had been fucking like rabbits, which believe me we all wanted to do!

If all that readily available porno and readily available poontang wasn't enough to make me envious, there is even more! I mean when I hear that today's young women give blow jobs as casually as the young women of my era gave goodnight kisses, I just know that I was born fifty fucking years too soon! I hear the young gals don't even regard blow jobs as actual sex! WOW! Who says Bill Clinton didn't leave us a worthwhile legacy? And yet...and yet I suspect that I wouldn't REALLY want to trade places with the young dudes of today. As puritanical as it was, the 1950's really wasn't such a bad time to grow up in. At least nobody was getting shot in or out of school. Very little conflict, very little violence...and we didn't have to listen to that fucking hip hop crap either! I'll take Elvis and Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry any day! If only those girls next door and cheerleaders would just have been willing to suck on our weenies once in a while we would have been really happy campers!

I am extremely glad to have lived long enough to see how the technological revolution developed over the years. I remember listening to radio before anyone even had their first small screen black and white television. I saw movies go from being boring, sexless small screen affairs to "anything goes" hardcore porn extravaganzas in glorious color on giant wide screens! Same with the adult magazines...from tits and ass to fuck and suck!

Home video made it possible to view porno while jacking off or fucking in the privacy of our own homes. We could even make your own homemade porn! Computers opened up a whole new world of free sexual stimulation to even old farts like myself. Instant messaging, webcams, cyber sex, any kind of porn your heart and dick desires! Whoopee! Us old codgers have been able to take advantage of all of this technology as it developed and we aged. I think it has helped keep us young and horny in spirit and body too. I continue to be amazed and aroused by all of these modern gizmos, the computer in particular. Now if they would just hurry up and develop that VFM (Virtual Fucking Machine) before I kick the bucket, I will die one happy and sexually satisfied old bastard! Horny Old Guy says "Thumbs (and dicks) Up!" for modern technology! Now excuse me while I do another Google search for "Molly Ringwald nude"!


Rap said...

I still recall the thrill I felt when I first saw the Playboy spread featuring Playmate of the Year Jo Collins. I think that would have been about 1963.

One of my nasty little friends either lifted the magazine from the newsstand or from his dad's bedside table, I can no longer remember, but in any event I kept that particular copy hidden under my mattress all through my formative years.

Jo Collins was then and still is my ideal of feminine beauty. She had such a gorgeous ass I literaly saw it in my dreams.

I think the magazines we had way back then were better than some of the more graphic images we have today, not that I am opposed to a shot of a bearded clam, not at all, it's just that to me the old pics were much more erotic.

It is a case of less is sometimes more.

Great post, Mike!

Cynthia said...

Hey Mikey I'll be your VFM hehe :)


Mistress said...

Hehehehe.. So good, glad to see people can safely post damn near whatever on here and it floats. I hope to read up a bit and check out your links.

The pics are great! McD's, just so dang funny!

Mike Stewart said...

I agree about the older magazines being better Rap. I always preferred Playboy to Penthouse and either of them to Hustler. As much as I love that place down there, those gynecological shots never did much for me. Sick humor is not my idea of fun either.

Ah Cyn you always know how to give me a hardon! If only you could be my VFM...

Hey Mistress, thanks for stopping by and your nice comments!