Thursday, October 05, 2006

McLust Strikes Again!

Over a year ago I wrote THIS POST about my lustful infatuation with a young Hispanic woman who worked behind the counter at our local McDonald's. She unfortunately soon moved on to bigger and better things (Taco Bell?) and I had to eat my quarter pound cheeseburgers with fries only rather than boners and sexual fantasies on the side. Lunch at McDonald's just hasn't been the same since! This week I fell in lust again at McDonald's though. Another lovely young Hispanic woman behind the counter, even more beautiful than my last burger joint queen! A lovely face, perfect skin and a figure to die for. When she turned around and I gazed upon that perfectly shaped young butt, I knew I was in love! Yup I sprung a McBoner! Last night instead of jacking off to Molly Ringwald as I originally planned, I jacked off to my new found Latina McPrincess. Forgive me Molly, it will never happen least not in "your" month! Even more than that, forgive me Marcella if you ever stumble upon these words! I'm only kidding darling! You're the only one for me! Put down that knife baby!

Oh my God if Marcella ever finds this blog I am totally FUCKED...or more likely NOT FUCKED from that day on! I truly don't see that much wrong with my sexual fantasies though. I've been faithful to Marcella since we met, haven't been out with anyone else and have no intention of going out with (or fucking) any other woman as long as Marcella and I are together. Even if her lovely, sexy, younger roommate Patty took off all of her clothes (sigh) and offered herself to me (fat fucking chance!) I would reluctantly say "No thank you!" to her. Believe me that would be extremely hard to do but I am confident that I would do just that!

Sure I look at other women, fantasize about them and jack off to them. I've been doing that all of my life, in and out of relationships. I think it's what has kept my interest in sex at an extremely high level (as if you didn't know that by now!) all of these years. I really believe there is lots of truth in that old saying "Use it or lose it!". As far as my pecker goes, I have definitely used it...and plan on continuing to use it! I would hope Marcella would understand that. I suspect that she has her own fantasies. I ain't no Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp you know! I would actually encourage her to fantasize about other guys in and out of bed just as I do about other women. I really believe that fantasies are healthy for both partners in a relationship and can make the real life sex more enjoyable for both. Of course Marcella doesn't have to tell me about Brad or Johnny and I won't tell her about Molly or my McDonald's McPrincess. Some things are better just kept to yourself!

Now getting back to McDonald's...does anybody know where the McDonald's pictured below is located? It definitely looks like my kind of gourmet dining establishment! Nothing like an order of super sized McTits to add some spice to your McLunch!

Hey have a nice McWeekend y'all! I hope you all have lots of McSex, even if you are by yourself! After no nookie last weekend, I'm definitely looking forward to Marcella's weekend visit! As far as today goes...well I think I'll go have lunch at McDonald's again. As it was with my last object of lust and fantasy there, what I really would like to EAT, if you know what I mean and I think you do, is not on on the menu but working behind the counter. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with another McBoner and some more nasty McFantasies. At my age, both of those things are always welcome! Bye bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi HOG, I love getting my daily dose of your blog. You are right on with the use or loose it. I have jerked off almost daily in and out of relantionships, and firmly believe it helps. Keeps one healthy and stress free. I think our lady friends rub the beaver lots too. Oh those McTits are hot. Think I will have to head over there at lunch and feast my eyes on those hot tight teens..Oh budding tits, tight asses that are squeezed into tight jeans, thongs showing, oh the thought, time to go soon and do my daily fun. Loving ones self is the best way to go...Bi Rob

Rap said...

I haven't been in a McD's in a long time but maybe I should rethink my choice of restaurants.

Here in the Land of the Big Maple Leaf everyone goes to Tim Horton's for coffee and a donut. Canadians consume more donuts than anyone else on the planet.

At the Tim's nearest me there was a young lady working behind the counter who was as cute as a speckled puppy and blessed with such a formidable figure that the buttons on her uniform blouse threatened to pop open.

I was smitten...unfortunately my belt buckle is prob'ly older than she is, so like you Mike, I retreated to my fantasies where all things are possible.

We are truly a band of brothers.


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments, my Canadian friends and fellow horndogs!