Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Well the day I was waiting for finally arrived! No more fucking condoms which of course means no more fucking with condoms! My urologist personally called on Friday to give me the green light for bareback fucking. My third semen check after my vasectomy was negative for sperm presence so the doc says "Ride 'em Cowboy!" (as long as I'm in a monogamous relationship with Marcy!) from now on. Whoopee-ti-yi yo! Get a-long Old Mikey! I jokingly told the doc if I ever become a daddy I am going to sue him for everything he owns, a comment he didn't find all that amusing for some reason. Those damn doctors have no sense of humor! Thank God I don't have to go back to him for the old finger up the pooper thing I get from my regular doctor during my annual physical. After my comment to him, this doc could make that procedure mighty unpleasant I bet! Just kidding did a good job...I hope!

Well that good news arrived just in time for my scheduled weekend sexual activities. Marcella came over on Saturday and was just as ready for sex as I was. We had a nice bareback fuck-a-thon on Saturday night and a repeat performance on Sunday afternoon. All of that fucking (thank God for Viagra!) combined with Marcella's now ritual Sunday morning blow job left me feeling totally pussy whipped last night after she finally went back to her apartment. That's not a bad feeling for an old fart like me you understand! I'm definitely not complaining! It sure beats playing with my weenie which I'm sure you know by now that I've had lots of experience at on more solitary weekends than I can even remember!

I can't say that it's a major difference fucking without those condoms but it's just more fun and more convenient without them. We both just like it better, especially when I don't have to pull my cock out right away after I ejaculate. I started to throw my partially used up box of Trojans away but then started never know what the future holds...I better keep them at least until that expiration date I guess! You never know when one of your "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasies of the Month" will pay you a visit! Uh huh!

If that wasn't enough excitement for the weekend, last night I had a dream about getting sucked off by Marcella's sweetie pie roommate Patty. No it wasn't a wet dream. After all of those ejaculations into Marcella I don't think I had enough jism left to trigger a wet dream and besides I've never had even one wet dream in my life. Too much jackin' off and too much fuckin' to make them necessary I suppose! Anyway in this dream me and Marcella and Patty were on a cruise ship sharing a cabin together. Marcella and Patty were having some sort of an argument and Marcella got mad and walked out and that's when Patty asked me if I wanted a blow job. You can guess my answer to that one! The dream went all the way through cumming in Patty's mouth and then I woke up with a hard on. I guess that's what a wet dream is without the ejaculation but like I say I've never had a real wet dream. Even erotic dreams like this are fairly rare for me. Ah if real life could only be more like (some of) our dreams! Hmmm...I wonder if Marcella and Patty would be interested in taking a cruise with me?

I couldn't get back to sleep for quite a while, kept thinking about that dream and Patty, imagining scenarios where I got the chance to slip the big salami to her or she did to me in real life what she did to me in the dream...sucked me off! Fat fucking chance you old fart! Besides this old fart is too much of a gentleman (what are you laughing at?) to even try to put the make on my girlfriend's roommate (or anyone else) as long as I am in a relationship with her. Patty will remain in my jack off fantasies and hopefully some more nasty dreams and that's going to be the extent of our sexual relationship (sigh). Of course if in real life Patty ever offered me a blow job...again fat fucking chance...but oh my God it would be hard to pass up! It would be like Bubba Clinton with Monica Lewinsky on her knees with her mouth open. A stiff prick truly has no conscience my friends!

I finally had to jack off (big surprise there eh?) before I could get back to sleep after that dream about Patty. You can guess who and what my jack off fantasy was all about. I woke up again a couple hours later feeling groggy and even more pussy whipped than I did last night. It was almost time to get up anyway so I decided to get up, take a pee and make some coffee...and here I am. I feel so sexually satisfied right now that I probably won't think about pussy for a long time...maybe not until almost noon today. Of course I may get some more inspiration for jacking off on my morning walk too. Between bareback fucking of Marcella and erotic dreams about Patty and ogling all the babes I is good...and I hope it is for you too. Have a good week y'all!


steff81 said...

Hey do you guys ever get negative comments about the age gap in your relationship? I have a friend that is 32 and she's just become engaged to a 64 year old man. They've taken a lot of flack. I like older men but never bring them home to daddy. Of doesn't seem that's not like your friend is say...25.

Enjoy the heck out of bareback. I enjoy it too, but not unless I'm in a really commited relationship.

Mike Stewart said...

I haven't had any negative comments yet Steff but I guarantee I will have a response if I get any to my face. We do get quite a few stares and disapproving looks when we are in public, mostly from older women. Young people rarely give us a second glance.

Ah a bareback 25 year old there is a pleasant thought! You are so right about only doing bareback in a committed relationship though. I hope we are all aware that this is no time to play "russian roulette" with sex.

cynthia said...

hey mikey if paty wont let u f her i will hehe :)


Mike Stewart said...

Cyn if you mean what I think you do, thank you darlin'! Remind me to give you a call if Marcella ever dumps me or finds this blog because believe me it will be all over between us then. Until then I have to behave myself though (damn it!) No hanky panky with Patty or the lovely Cyn (damn it again!)

Anonymous said...

Ya ride im cowboy Ha congrats on going bareback from now on. I have for many years now and enjoy the worry free rides,,Bi Rob