Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well there have been lots of changes in my life since last Thanksgiving folks! Last year at this time I was looking forward to another long holiday weekend of being bored and playing with my dick. Now Marcella has entered my life of course and so I'm looking forward to...another long holiday weekend of being bored and playing with my dick! thinks something is wrong here but I'm not sure what!

It's the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving as I write this and Marcella just left for the Bay Area to spend the holiday and the weekend with her parents. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with families so I certainly don't resent that. My only close relatives left are my sister Karen who lives in Colorado with her family and my daughter Jennie who lives in Oregon with her boyfriend. So it's no family gathering for old Mikey...and that's okay too. Those family gatherings can get pretty hectic at times, especially after Grandpa Louie has polished off that bottle of Jack Daniels and starts fucking the turkey! No thanks to family gatherings, I think I'll just go down to McDonald's and get me a Double McTurkey Burger and a supersized order of fries!

Actually I'm going to a good friend's house in Sacramento for Thanksgiving dinner. We worked together for many years on an Air Force base and he's quite a character. Another good friend and former co-worker of us both will also be there so there should be plenty of bullshit to go around. Both of these guys are married so their wives and maybe some grown kids and younger grandkids will be there. My host says he expects a dozen people at the most...and I can handle that! I just have to tone down my "horny old guy" persona and keep it G or PG ogling the babes for a day that part may be a little more difficult, but I can handle that too...I think!

Then it's back to good old Stockton town for the rest of the weekend. No big plans. No way I that would venture out in that shopping insanity called "Black Friday". Maybe I'll just rent some porn and have a three day masturbation marathon. Nah that is too much like ALL of my weekends before I met Marcella. I wonder what Marcella's cutie pie roommate Patty will be doing? Her family is right here in Stockton so I'm sure she will be spending Thanksgiving day with them but what about the rest of the weekend? Patty is something I would really like to "stuff" for Thanksgiving or any other day of the year if you know what I mean and I think you do! Oh behave yourself Mike! In truth Patty will be only in my jack off fantasies this weekend and every weekend because I really am a one woman man and a gentleman, believe it or not! No trying to "slip the salami" to any other babes, especially to Marcella's lovely roommate Patty (sigh)...but oh for just one taste of her sweet young...MIKE! BEHAVE!

You know I wondered if I might be able to get through just one post without getting nasty and I think I've just answered that question with a big fat NO! I've already sprung a boner thinking about Patty so I better just stop now before I get too XXX rated. Let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and nice weekend. Hopefully you'll be having lots more sex with a partner than I will but if not feel free to join me in the solo sex festivities! Coupled with masturbation, your fantasies can truly set you free! See you next week!


Cynthia said...

Happy holiday hon! Hey if you get to lonely this weekend give me a call. i aint pattie but i got what she does! just kidding hon no i am not hehe :) e mail me mike okay?


steff81 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mike! Like Cyn, I'm not Patti, but this Texas darlin' is hoping your solo fest is all you want it to be. :)

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks to both of you darlin's Cyn and Steff! You'll both be in my fantasies this weekend and I couldn't ask for more lovely inspiration! You may even make me forget Patty! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Ha Mike hope you had a great one, and didnt stuff someones turkey, or you know what I meant,,lol. We did the bird holiday up here last month. I would luv to see a pic of Patty,mmm, ok be good Bi guy. Take care Mike,,Bi Rob