Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jackin' to the Stars!

I received an anonymous comment about my last "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" implying that this feature was demeaning to women. I thought about it but I really don't think that's the case. I suspect the anonymous comment was from a woman who just doesn't understand that jacking off to movie stars and other celebrities is just something that most of us guys (yeah even old farts like me!) do, and have done in fact since the earliest days of movies.
The above article is a spoof from "The Onion" but it's pretty accurate on what was on our GI's minds as they jerked off in barracks and tents and foxholes around the world during World War II. The pin up queen movie stars helped them get through the war without going insane from that dreaded disease called lack-a-nookie. Oh they were jacking off to thoughts of wives and sweethearts too but for lots of them it was Betty Grable and Jane Russell and Lana Turner that they were fucking in their minds as they jerked their dicks off in the little privacy that they could find during wartime. Fifteen years earlier it would have been Mae West and Jean Harlow I can assure you that fifteen years later a young GI named Mike (me!) was jacking off to fantasies about Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak and Brigette Bardot in the frozen Korean winter of 1958-59!

It's not only servicemen that jack off to movie stars of course. It's just something that us guys do! Hey we like The Three Stooges, we like football, we like beer and we like to jack off to movie stars! For me it all started in the 1950's, the decade in which I hit puberty and went through my teen years. The aforementioned Marilyn, Kim and Brigette were my favorite jack off fantasies then too, just as they were for many other horny boys and men of all ages during that era. We had lots of other sexy babes to fantasize about too...Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Jayne Mansfield, Mamie Van Doren, Anita Ekberg, Debra Paget, Terry Moore, etc. Even before puberty he thought or sight of any one of them was enough to make my young pecker stand at attention and make me want to find a a place to jack it off ASAP! Extra points if even a little bit of cleavage was shown! I remember one time just the preview (trailer) for a movie called "Zarak" showed some major league Anita Ekberg cleavage and I had a hard on for a month! I couldn't stop jacking off that brief image of Anita's big titties!

Marilyn Monroe was definitely THE sex queen of the 1950's though and her famous nude calender pretty much shows you why. What a babe! Her movies like "The Seven Year Itch" were sexy but unfortunately the movie standards of the time didn't permit her to show any more than a little cleavage. Not even bare tits or ass shots were allowed in films at that time, damn the bad luck! Just gazing on that face and that figure or a little cleavage was all that we needed though. I've written about how I used to whip my dick out and jack it off in the last row of the stadium balcony of Napa's old Uptown Theater, assuming there was nobody around me of course.

The sight of a low cut dress and some cleavage on Marilyn (or any other sexy babe!) prompted that admittedly vulgar but very enjoyable public sex act more than once. The bare ass shot at right in the picture above was taken on the set of Marilyn's last movie by the way. She still had that sex appeal right up until the tragic end of her young life! Just looking at those buns makes me want to jack off right now!

Kim Novak aroused me even more than Marilyn. I was fucking Kim in my mind and jacking off for months after I saw "Picnic" wishing the "Madge" character in that film was my girlfriend. Again no bare flesh on the screen with Kim but that beautiful face and sexy body drove me and lots of other guys wild with lust. I believe Kim actually posed nude for Playboy later on and you can bet there was even more whacking off to those shots. Even today, thoughts of Kim Novak give me a hard on, and they are doing just that right now!

Towards the end of the 1950's French "sex kitten" Brigette Bardot came onto the scene and that really caused us guys to whip it out and jack it off. Me and a buddy tried to sneak into a drive in movie on foot to see Brigette's first big imported "for adults only" hit "And God Created Woman" to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately the manager caught us, threw us out and called our parents who were not amused. As soon as I was 18 I went to an indoor theater to see that movie and was sort of disappointed that there wasn't more of a naked Brigette on view. From all the hoopla, I expected full frontal nudity and on screen fucking. You saw Brigette in a wet bathing suit and a shot of her laying on the ground nude (above), but as I recall not much more than that. No real tits or ass and I guess even in France pubic hair was still a taboo back then. A sexy movie regardless and just looking at a clothed Brigette was enough to get your dick a-throbbing. I probably jacked off in the theater during that one too!

Yeah that's just what us guys do Ms. (or Mr.) Anonymous! We jack off to fantasies of movie stars and celebrities and that's what we've been doing for the last one hundred years. Before that it was the French postcards I suppose. We need inspiration for our favorite solo sex activity you see and movie stars frequently provide that inspiration. Movie stars aren't the only inspiration you understand...we also jack off to fantasies about girls next door, girls at school, girlfriends and wives, women behind the counter at the supermarket and at McDonald's, nurses, teachers and co-workers, women we see on our computers and on the TV screen and on the street, women we meet on line, women who comment on our blogs...oh the list goes on and on! I've even heard that some dirty old men jack off to fantasies about their girlfriend's roommates as shocking as that may seem. I would suspect that almost all women have had someone jack off over them at one time or another in their lives. If not, I would sort of feel sorry for them. I mean it would probably indicate a total lack of charm and sex appeal, not an attractive or desirable feature for either sex in my most humble opinion!

As I mentioned in my response comment to Anonymous, I would also imagine that women also fantasize about celebrities while masturbating. Are you going to tell me that women don't fantasize about Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or Robert Redford or whoever while using their Hitachi Magic Wands or fingers on their privates and even sometimes when their husband old Joe Sixpack is on top of them or doing some muff diving between their legs? I would strongly suspect there is quite a bit of fantasy combined with sex for both sexes. If not, there should be! As I've said many times before, your fantasies can set you free!

Anyway that is my long winded response to try to explain why I don't think my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" is demeaning to women. To anyone who feels otherwise, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I apologize if it does offend you. This feature will however continue and I'll be back on Friday with my celebrity for December and yeah I know you can hardly wait! See you then!!


Anonymous said...

Mike You hit it right on the head. We can look at one imagine in a day, like you say, on the internet, hot teen grls I see at coffee break, well dressed sexy older lady here at work, tight ass teen here at work with the nice firm 36b tits, etc. And you see Mike, my mind has double images, hot teen guy who looks like he has a big package, the hot guy who stood beside me and whos cock I ehecked out. Or better still the blonde guy who had a big cock and facefucked So Mike we are wired to have these images and use them in our masturbation sessions. Have a great one, hope your getting some,,Bi Rob
BTW-Did you check out my journal yet?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an actress, if someone wants to put some masturbation internet altar up about me that's absolutely fine. I wouldn't find it demeaning in the least. Freaky maybe. I just wouldn't want to find said person outside my house wanking into a flower pot holding an autograph book.

And I have racked my brains and I cannot ever recall ONCE getting off at the thought of a movie star and I have had crushes on Robert Redford and John Cusack for almost 20 years and neither of them have EVER made it into my fantasies. Always real people. Or imaginary ones. Never actors. Funny eh?

What do you say... different strokes.... etc etc

signed...Mystery Actress (no, Mike, you wouldn't fancy me I promise... I'm a bit of bra-burning feminist... definitely NOT your type...)

Mike Stewart said...

Ah yes Bi Rob you have twice as many opportunities for new jack off inspiration than I do you lucky Canuck you! LOL Haven't checked your journal out yet but I will for sure!

Mystery Actress, thanks for your comment too! Wow a real actress visiting my blog! I'm sincerely honored! (Hmmm...wonder if it could be one of my "Celebrities"...oh probably not!) No fantasies about movie stars eh? Maybe that's because that's because you are in the business or maybe it's just is that "different strokes"thingy! Whatever turns you on is peachy keen with the horny old guy!

Glad you wouldn't object to guys jacking off over you though and I would agree about the dude wanking into the flower pot. That is too weird even for me!

Actually I'm a feminist too even if I do lust after almost every woman on the planet and sometimes refer to them as "babes". I believe in full equality in every respect. Hell back in the 1960's I once burned my jockstrap in support of the women's movement (Oh not really!) Thanks again for your comment Mystery Actress!

Rap said...

I'm just a few years behind you in age, Mike, and I can relate completely.

I clearly recall the strange thrill I felt the first time I saw Sandra Dee on the movie screen. At the time I had no idea what the odd urge was.

She was in some silly movie with Bobby somebody or other. I immediately forgot him but not the way she looked in the polka dot dress she was wearing.

Later, I was madly in lust with Diana Rigg as Mrs Emma Peel, Suzanna York, and finally Jo Collins Playboy's Playmate of the year about 1963 or so.

Demeaning to women?


Mike Stewart said...

Ah yes Sandra Dee was another sweetie Rap! How about Tuesday Weld? I distinctly remember jacking off ot both of those babes. Hell I jacked off to almost every movie female but Ma Kettle and Francis the Talking Mule (oops that was a guy wasn't it?)

That guy in the Sandra Dee flick was probably Bobby Darin. They became a couple and then got married as I recall. Some guys have all the luck!!!