Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jacking Off to Anne Hathaway!

There are times when pictures just say it all so I think it's quite obvious why I've chosen Anne Hathaway, star of such films as "The Princess Diaries", "Brokeback Mountain" and the recent "The Devil Wears Prada" as my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for November. As always, you fellow horndogs can click on any photo to enlarge the photo as well as your penis! LOL

As well as giving us some lovely views and inspiration for jacking off with the apparel she chooses to wear, Ms. Hathaway is not afraid of nudity in her movies either, God bless her heart! The three frames below illustrate that pretty well. Check out that erect nipple in the lower frame! Yummy! We're looking forward to see some more of sweet Anne! We can only hope and pray for full frontal!

By the way, I've started to put labels on my posts. If you click on the word "celebrity" at the bottom right side of this post, you can check out the previous recipients of this great honor. I'll soon have labels on all of my posts. Can you imagine the number of them labeled "jacking off"? The mind boggles! Hey how do you like that cool new heading (at very top of this post)? Yeah that is actually my dong used as the "bookends". At my age I truly have no shame left anymore!


Anonymous said...

Damn you old guy, here I am at work and hard. Wow does Anne ever have one great set of girls. Love the big nips, they look so so suckable. The Bi guy is making a mental note of those pics and heading the the washroom,,thanks the Bi guy,,Bi

steff81 said...

I'm not sure why I came back...maybe because I'm a horny young girl, but my oh my. You gentlemen are well entertaining.

Hopefully it all comes off well!

Rap said...

The thing is, Mike, your blog is not only entertaining it is educational.

When I saw the name Hathaway I thought you were talking about Jane Hathaway, the long suffering, bird watching secretary in the old Beverly Hillbillies TV program.

This sure ain't the same Jane.

,,,and that certainly is an erect nipple in the lower frame. I believe I could hang my hat from it.

Most satisfactory.

Mike Stewart said...

Jerking off while you are getting paid eh Bi guy? It doesn't get much better than that (and yeah I've had lots of experience doing the same thing!)

Glad you came back steff81. Most of my female readers seem to drift away after a short time. I can't understand because I love them all! I suppose there are a few female lurkers out there though. I hope so! It always "comes off well" honey and hopefully it does for you too! Cheers!

Education is the name of my game Rap! Hey I remember that Jane Hathaway! I used to jack off to her too which shows I desperate was in those days...still am in fact! LOL

Rap said...

RE Jane Hathaway...

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day...Fort Apache...and I noticed what nice tits Mildred Natwick had.

She never got the recognition she deserved.

Mike Stewart said...

Hmmmm...Mildred Natwick eh Rap? You really are weird dude! Just kidding, as a teen I fantasized about every female in the movies, possibly excepting Ma Kettle (Marjorie Main). At my present age, even she doesn't look so bad. On second thought...I'll STILL take Anne Hathaway!

P.S. I think you are thinking of Mildred in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" (the one in color) rather than "Fort Apache".

Anonymous said...

November 6

Hi, Mike:
I found your site through pure accident, and I am glad that I did, because it is refreshingly honest.

How did I happen across it? Several weeks ago, my husband and I saw The Devil Wears Prada, and I immediately developed a crush on on the lucious Ms. Hathaway. I "Googled" her and there she was, on your site, in her bare-boobed glory! Thanks thanks and thanks some more.

She is an exact doppelganger for the first woman with whom I had FF sex, a fellow prep school student, when we were both 16 and in the first stages of "inventing" sex. Sleep-over masturbation in front of one another eventually led to "let's do one another" jilling off, and finally, with a big boost from Demon Rum (Bacardi and Coke, with a twist of lemon, please), one of us ventured the thought, "How about this thing in Sex Ed class last week about cunnilingus? I wonder how that would feel?"

In a word, splendid! And I have been bi-sexual since, even thought I am happily married to a great guy who fucks me silly, and often. We are into sexual sharing with other couples, and a good number of the wives we meet are game for a some good torrid girl/girl fun.

Seeing Hathaway half-nude prompted me to call my school friend over the weekend for the first time in about three years. She is also married, but, alas, she and her husband keep their sex to themselves. Nonetheless, she is coming out for a visit in two weeks, and we intend to pick up where we left off at graduation. I doubt that she is going to be willing to fuck my husband, bu I look foward to feasting at delicious length on her pussy.

I think I am going to cut-and-paste this note for your comment section as well.

Thanks again, and keep a tight grip on your beloved pecker! I smile at your thoughts about fucking your friend's girl. Why not just ask your friend about a three? She might surprise you!


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those kind words Judith! Glad those pics of Anne may result some more action for you with your school friend. Have fun!

I have to say if I was a woman I am pretty sure I would at least be bi-sexual. After looking at Anne Hathaway again, I KNOW I would be bi-sexual, maybe even a Lesbian. Of course woman-woman lovemaking is very erotic to most of us guys too. Just thinking of it has given me a stiff cock as I write...

I'll keep that tight grip on my pecker Judith! LOL Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and your sense of humor Mike but don't you think this celebrity masturbation feature is a little demeaning to these women? No offense intended but just wondering.

Mike Stewart said...

No offense taken anonymous. I thought about your question and I really don't think this feature is demeaning to anyone. I would guess that you are female and don't understand that jacking off to celebrities (or the girl next door or your girlfriend's roommate) is just what us guys do. You need some inspiration for jacking off so why not choose a sexy babe you would just love to fuck? Movie stars definitely fit in that category for most of us. Are you telling me no woman has ever masturbated to thoughts of Robert Redford or Brad Pitt? Thanks for your comment though, I appreciate them all!