Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now That Was a Nasty Movie!

A friend loaned me a DVD he bought while in Europe. It's actually an American film called "Ken Park" but it hasn't been released here in theaters or on video at all as far as I know. I did a little research and it seems that the sex scenes are considered too hot for American audiences. Extreme violence in movies like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Saw" are just fine you understand but God help us if we show somebody fucking, sucking cock or eating pussy! (Are we a sick society or what?) This film deals with a group of high school students and even though all of the actors, male and female, are on record as being of legal age (18+), that also adds to the controversy. Everybody knows that high school students aren't engaging in sex, right?

How hot is it? Well one of the first scenes shows a dude performing cunnilingus on his girlfriend's mother! I might add this mom is the ultimate MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck!). I don't blame the dude! I'd eat her out too! It's hard to tell if this guy is really "yodeling in the canyon"or it's simulated but he's got his face buried between her legs and it gave me a big boner and I wished I was him. Later on in bed with his girlfriend's mom she puts her hand down his shorts and gives him a "helping hand" by rubbing his dick. Some guys have all the luck!

Later another dude is in bed with his girlfriend, tied up by her (kinky!) and ready to do the nasty with her when the girl's daddy (a religious fanatic) walks in on them. Note the dude's boner in the picture below which will soon be shrinking fast. Daddy is not amused and starts beating him up in fact. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Bummer dude!

Then in another shocking scene a real asshole ties a sash around his neck, for a bigger thrill I guess, and jacks off, which is explicitly shown all the way to ejaculation. How often do you see that in a non-porno film?

The movie concludes with a threesome (two guys and one gal) and the babe (pictured at left) is one that any of us red blooded guys of any age would just LOVE to have a threesome or better yet a twosome with! Oh yeah we would! There is no actual penetration shown but it comes pretty close with boners and some nice oral sex shots. A very sexy sequence which finally brought me some sexual relief too, if you know what I mean and I think you do!

The sex scenes were very erotic BUT they were unfortunately balanced by some extremely brutal scenes that for me were very hard to watch. A kid shoots himself in the head in the first scene of the movie. Later the kid who jacked off brutally kills his grandparents for no apparent reason. Lots more ugliness and violence throughout the film. As much as I enjoyed the sex scenes, it's a movie I'd never want to see again. Every time I would get a stiff dick from the sex, I'd lose it again because of the subsequent brutality. It was difficult to maintain my boner even long enough to jack I guess you can consider it a "thumbs down" from me...but at least I give the director credit for showing some real sex on film for rather than the silly tits and ass, masturbation joke stuff we usually get in American films. The Europeans aren't so hung up on sex as us and you sometimes see the real thing there, although oddly enough the sex there is also frequently combined with violence.

Why can't we just have the sex without the violence? That brings to mind another very sexy Japanese film called "In the Realm of the Senses" (still frames above) from several years ago. Lots of nice hardcore sex...fucking, a complete cum in mouth blow job, etc...and then it ends with the gal cutting the guy's dong off, simulated of course but graphically shown on screen. Ewwwwwwwwww! I don't think I ever lost an erection so fast in my life! It seems like if you do see sex in movies (think Michael Douglas eating out Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" or Sharon displaying her beaver in that chair!) it always has to be combined with extreme violence. I think for most of us sex has nothing to do with's just the total opposite in fact. I just don't get why the movies almost always combine the two. Maybe it's just to discourage old farts like myself from jacking off at the movies!

As I ponder that subject some more, let me go get another cup of coffee. Marcella is going to the Bay Area to see her parents again this weekend (Bummer!) but she's coming over Friday night for another round of bareback fucking (Hallelujah!). I guess my right hand will have to get me through the rest of the weekend but it's done just that on many a weekend throughout my life so no big deal there. Enjoy the weekend y'all. The balcony is now closed!


Anonymous said...

I will agree with you there Mike, porn and violence don't mix in a movie. But the pic of the teen grl is just yummy. Very nice firm pointed tits. They look sooo suckable..and the guy is a hottie too..Oh to be in the middle of those 2, lol. Bi Rob

steff81 said...

A few questions: What is the balcony?

You obviously like young they have to look like they haven't hit puberty when their panties are off? Some guys take the young fantasy to the extreme. And for me...going completely bare is pretty extreme.

Besides the sex and violence, was the movie any good?

Have a nice weekend yourself!

Mike Stewart said...

Control yourself Bi Rob! And stop jacking off at work dude! LOL

A few answers Steff...the balcony is of course the upper seating level of a theater and "the balcony is closed" is a phrase they say on that movie review TV program that's been on a long time (the one with Roger Ebert who has been off for a while due to surgery). Think it's called "Ebert and Roeper".

I don't see anyone in these pics who looks like they haven't hit puberty. As I said all actors (male and female) were of legal age (over 18) when this film was made, the young woman pictured here was the director's girlfriend in fact. Yeah he chose young looking 18+ year olds because it was a film about high schoolers. You don't take chances with underage persons in sex scenes these days (and that's as it should be!) Actually the woman who played the MILF (who was also on some TV soap opera I believe) gave me the most wood but I found both women very appealing. Was the movie any good? Yeah for the sex scenes, a big NO for the violence! Give me sex any day!


steff81 said...

I meant do you prefer your young lovers to be shaved to look like their "young". But hey...all that other information was good

I was reading back on some of your older posts. I cracked myself up when I read about your first time with your girlfriend. You had to go to the bed because your back still cracks me up!

Mike Stewart said...

Oh NOW I get you Steff! Excuse my misinterpretation of your question. No I definitely prefer my lovers to look like women, not girls. I'm no great fan of the shaved look although I readily admit and agree that every woman has the absolute right to do what she wants with her own body. Same goes with those piercings and tattoos which I am not too crazy about. I think pubic hair is lovely and erotic though...I just love a nice hairy bush (and Marcella definitely pleases me in that area!!!)

Glad you got a kick out of that older guys will use ANY excuse to get a little nookie as I'm sure you have found out by now Steff! Thanks for straightening me out on your question.

Priscilla said...

My son is a filmmaker and took me to an exhibition of Larry Clark's photos in New York recently - shots of teenagers shooting up, out of their heads, naked and having group sex in squalid environments. As a mother, I shuddered.

I have no desire to see this film but I saw his film 'Kids' and it made me think a lot about the way our society is going, how the youth of today are so alienated. I would guess that your waxing and waning erection during Ken Park is exactly what the director had in mind when he made the film. It makes me think of what it must be like for our kids today barraged as they are by sex and violence in the media. And, truthfully, how many people are actually turned on by violence? Our politicians certainly seem to be no matter though they may say the contrary.

I don't really know if making movies like this is, in actuality, helping or hindering society. Madonna recently said in an interview that her turning point came when she asked herself "am I part of the solution or part of the problem?" which I thought was a very insightful, responsible and mature viewpoint. I'm not advocating censorship but I wish more artists would ask themselves the same question before they go ahead and send their art out into the world.

You're right, there are very few good, dramatic films which depict erotic, real, live sex. My personal favorite sex scene is the opening shot of the French film "Betty Blue". No words, no music, no introduction but cut straight to a sensual French man eating the pussy of an even more sensual French woman followed by what looks like real passionate, sweaty, energetic fucking. I remember someone in the movie theatre laughed (out of discomfort I imagine). I saw the film almost twenty years ago and it's as vivid in my mind as it was then. I tore my husband's clothes off the moment I got home!

Do you like Russ Meyer films Mike? No violence there. They're silly but sexy too somehow, I find.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for that thoughtful response Priscilla. I was familiar with Clark's photographic and movie work too. This is sort of a supercharged "Kids" with even more graphic sex scenes, disfunctional behavior and violence. Of course all of the adults are portrayed as perv assholes!

I tend to think that today's kids aren't nearly as screwed up as Hollywood portrays them but the constant diet of sex and violence is not good for them (or any of us!) and our whole society is paying the price. I'm much more concerned about the violence than the sex though! Movies, TV, video games and that cultural rot called hip hop are constantly showing extremely violent acts and rationalizing and glamorizing every uncivil and criminal act up to and including murder. It's hardly rocket science to conclude that's not a good message for impressionable minds! A constant diet of carnage and mayhem is not good for any of us!

I am against censorship too. I just wish there was more responsibility from the movie, television, video game and music industries. Violence sells and money talks so we can forget about that though. Other countries seem to put restrictions on violence and yet are more sexually permissive with their media and seem to have more peaceful and orderly societies. Here in the USA the violence is okay but Janet Jackson's titty pops out on live TV and you would think the world was coming to an end! Are we fucked up or what?

I vividly remember "Betty Blue". Actually it started with the fuck scene. No actual penetration shown but VERY erotic! The graphic non simulated pussy eating scene came later on! WOW! That is my kind of movie sex! It's a good thing I saw it on TV and was able to whip it out and jack it off right then and there. My only complaint about that movie is that it became a major downer as Betty became more led to a depressing ending (and no more graphic sex either!). Can't we ever have a joyous sex movie where nobody goes nuts or gets his dong cut off?

I seem to remember quite a bit of violence in Russ Meyer's films, especially the latter ones. Didn't he make things like "Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens". One of his more violent epics was written by film critic Roger Ebert, of all people! No thanks, I'll take "Debbie Does Dallas" instead. No violence there at all...just wall to wall sex and a lot of lovely babes! A big thumbs (and weenie!) UP from this horny old guy!

Thanks again definitely gave us something to think about!

Laura said...

Hello Dirty Old Man! ;)
Thanks for your visit.
I like your blog... wild, intense, dirty...

Anonymous said...

Steff81 - Hi Steff, now unlike Mike, I do love the shaved look. But maybe my reasoning is a bit different. I am a 46 year old bi male, and have shaved my self bald down there, and around my nips for 15 years now. I met my wife 6 years ago, and low and behold she likes to have a bald kitty. So it is with delight and fun that I get to shave her now too every week. I just am not big on having hair in my mouth either sucking a cock, or eating my lady out. Just my view on it. Its not really the idea of either of us being young hairless virgins. Thanks Bi..Rob

steff81 said...

Bi...Rob: I agree with you on the hair in the mouth thing...I don't enjoy that either. I keep myself trimmed nice and neat to reduce that problem, but I like how my dark hair contrasts with my pale skin. I think it's hot!

But to each his or her own. It's great that your wife clicked with you on that too!

Mike Stewart said...

"I like how my dark hair contrasts with my pale skin"...Ah just the thought of that lovely sight gives me a hard on Steff! Thank you! Trimmed is mighty fine too. There can be such a thing as too much pubic hair. I've seen a few pictures of particularly hairy women and said "Whoa!" You don't want to go through too much jungle before you reach the "Sacred Valley of Delight" if you know what I mean and I think you do.

"To each his own" is so right! Different strokes for different folks...and all that stuff! Cheers!

Him and Her said...

Hello Dirty Old Man!

been reading your blog.. I liked it!! lol

steff81 said...

Mike: Glad I could be of some inspiration. And glad you liked the story. Monday might be another good day to check out the storytime blog...hint hint.

I couldn't ever put something like that on my own blog because A) my mom has my blog address and B) most people who know me don't know that side of me.

I'm a complicated girl!

priscilla said...

For me, context is everything. Erotic art or photographs and films about sex should be fabulous, weird, wild, taboo-breaking (think Andy Warhol's films from the Factory as one example) and we need more of it out there but photographs of kids on heroin having sex in a squat is something else! And really, I'm talking about people/artists with a social conscience and political agenda which Larry Clark seems to have. What does he want or hope to achieve in making this? Is he just documenting reality?

I guess I can't say too much as I've not seen it (nothing irritates me more than people talking about something they actually have no experience of) but people do get turned on by the darndest things... And we do have a real problem with violence today. My son used to love listening to Jane's Addictions (they are a rock group Mike! I can't remember if you have kids?) and there was one song that he always played and the refrain was Sex Is Violent.. over and over. I had to have a talk with him about that as I was worried what kind of images were going through his mind.

My daughter was just telling me about a radio play she's working on (all my kids are in the arts one way or another) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. As a sound effect they wanted to have in the background the sound of a man ferociously fucking another man to demonstrate one of Dr Jekyll's most depraved moments! My daughter was very concerned (to put it mildly) about sending out a message that sex between men is dark and depraved and asked them to change it to something else... and they did!!! I think she pricked a few consciences and I'm extremely proud of her.

Betty Blue. It was twenty years ago and my memory is not what it was. Yes, she did poke her eye out and end up in a mental hospital now that I think about it. Not so uplifting.

I confess, I've only seen one Russ Meyer film (Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill) and my memory of it was it was just plain silly but it turned me into an extremely horny gal and a fair old romp ensued in the bedroom afterwards so I have fond memories! I think Meyer was a Stockton resident too? Quite a sexy place! There must be something in the water...

Keep it up my friend... and I think you will...

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks to all for those comments. I believe this is the most comments I ever had to a single post...and I appreciate them all!

Rap said...

The comments are all very well said, thought provoking, intelligent,and topical.

Now I'll add my comment.

I know why there are young people in this movie. Could you imagine a somewhat more mature individual in the masturbation scene?

"Okay, let's take this one from the top...grab your willie...take one!"

"Shit! Something went wrong. Let's do her again...take two!"

"Okay, one more time and for Pete sake lets get this done right, people. Right, grab your willie...take seventeen!"

Talk about an exhausting day on the set.

Mike Stewart said...

LOL Rap you might be describing ME there if that woman would have accepted me for her masturbation documentary. I was worried about being overly directed. "Okay jack off Mike!" is all the coaching I would have needed..and yeah I'm still pissed off that she turned me down though. Grrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know the website.. but you should check out xtube.. its actually like youtube with porn in it.. its free for now.. so check it out :)

Anonymous said...

Hey just checked out the xtube site! I didn't get very far with it as THUG BEATING PUSSY and TEEN FUCKED WITH MONEY IN HOTEL ROOM were real turn offs!

Anon #2