Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Made Grandpa Even Harder!

As I mentioned in my last post, as soon as the camera was invented (somewhere around the mid 1800's as I recall) people started taking pictures of each other in the nude and engaged in sex. No surprise there since nudity and sex have been part of art, in painting and sculpture and even cave drawings, since the beginning of time. I've sprung many a boner in art museums and have even jacked off in a restroom at the Louvre in Paris but that's a whole different story and one I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear about! People just like to look at naked people and people doing the nasty! It's as simple as that!

These hardcore photographs are from roughly 1900 to 1920. I'm sure that they were sold on the underground market only as they were strictly illegal in most of the world as was all pornography until the late 1960's. I never saw any of them while growing up, not until some books on erotic art and photography were published in the 1970's in fact.

You see cock sucking and pussy eating and fucking in these photographs, all of the things that make life worth living for most of us. Frankly I find most of these pictures more interesting than erotic. The pictures of the naked babes in my last post did more for me and my dick than these things do. I would imagine our grandfathers and great grandfathers who were lucky enough to have access to these things found them extremely hot though and spent as much time jacking off to them as us modern dudes do to computer or video porn. They certainly have some value today as artifacts in the history of photography, pornography and sexual mores from an era long, long ago. If nothing else, it's positive proof that the blow job wasn't invented along with television and rock and roll in the mid twentieth century!

Enough nostalgia for one week! I have been horny as hell all week ("What else is new?" you ask!) Three jack off sessions since Sunday afternoon haven't dampened my senior citizen lust! Marcella was out of town last weekend but she'll be with me this weekend. Her dad who is recovering from a serious operation is doing much better so hopefully there will be fewer weekend trips to the Bay Area and more weekend nookie for Mikey. It's a bummer when you are finally cleared to do bareback fucking after a vasectomy and haven't got anyone to do it with! Oh well, the weekend is approaching...and I hope you all have as good and sex filled one as I expect to! As always, thanks for reading this trash!

P.S. Will somebody 100 years from now stumble on this lame blog and find the incoherent rambling and sometimes blatant exhibitionism of yours truly the Horny Old Guy (seen below doing what he does best!) having any any redeeming value or interest at all? I hope so but frankly I sort of doubt it! See ya' next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow great pics Mike. I am sure that not alot of people seen them back then. I am amazed that the bj was done then. As a Bi guy I would think that it was done maybe man to man then too, would be interesting to see if those pics were done. Or even lesbian pics. I am sure you can find that out..God I was damn horny too all week. Must be the Fall nip in the air. I masturbated every day, and still had some great sex 2 nights ago with my lady.
Have a great one Mike, enjoy your fun with your lady. I am happy for you that it has been going on this long. Think she is a keeper? Bi Rob

priscilla said...

S E X Y!

Yes, WOW, indeed Rob. Now, they have turned me on! The first two of the set in particular (not so much the bj pictures but v. interesting all the same! I dare say there are drawings on a cave wall somewhere of Mrs Ug fellating Mr Ug...).

I love the way the couple in the first photo still have on their socks/stockings. I've always liked leaving an article of clothing (or two) on... heels are really horny making I find...

Thanks for the inspiration HOG and for spreading your horny vibes to a world too busy making money to make love...(or bareback fuck!!)

Anonymous said...

Mike, the first pictorial porn I remember seeing was some stuff that the Marine Corps brother of another kid (we were 11) brought back from the Pacfic theater in late 1945. These were Japanese propaganda shots showing "war profiteers" fucking the wives of GIs who were off fighting the war, and getting their cocks sucked in turn. Good quality color stuff, both photographic and drawings.

David must have had 50 of these things, which his brother gave to him as a birthday present (!). Our gang viewed them one cold autumn day in the garage that served as our club house. We glanced at one another, and someone grinned and said, "Oh, what the hell, let's all do it!" He unzipped, letting loose a very hard cock, and soon all six of us were wanking away as we passed around the pictures.

This was the first time I had jacked off with other guys, and I must admit that I got a kick out of doong so. Memory says that we all shot off in due course. David let each of us take a single picture to use for future jerking. I finally lost it when I went away to college.

I agree with you that those long-ago models are more erotica than the present slack-jawed bunch. French artists such as Toulouse Latrec (not spelled right) used prostitutes as models for nude paintings,so I wager that some of these ladies primary offering was pussy. Now I am going to scroll through the posting again, because I am hard and I intend to give myself a vigorous jack off. Thanks, pal.

Anonymous said...

Shockingly sexy!!!Hey Jarring Joe, hope you weren't toooo vigorous down there!!! Go easy old man! Circle jerks crack me up! My mate used to tell me about her brother and his. They called it "Soggy Biscuit". They'd each have there own porn mag and a biscuit would be placed in the middle of the circle and everyone had to wank off and aim for it... the last person to come had to eat it (puke!!)!! Apparently it was always the same poor sod!! You'd think he'd have stopped going?

Mike Stewart said...

Glad somebody else enjoyed these things too! As for that "Soggy Biscuit" thing Cherry, I have just one word: "Ewwwwwww!!!" but thanks for your comment anyway!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I have been enjoying your blog. Here's what I believe will be your new favorite blog address: