Monday, November 13, 2006

What Made Grandpa Hard!

While surfing through flickr ( looking for some visual inspiration for jacking off last night I came across a large set of "French Postcards" that someone had recently scanned and posted. Pictures similar to these go back to the beginnings of photography in the mid to latter part of the nineteenth century. As soon as cameras were invented, people apparently started taking off their clothes and taking pictures of each other in the nude and having sex. Good for them! This particular set is circa 1920 and I found most of the pictures very erotic and interesting, many of them even extremely artistic in nature. I thought I would post a few of them here. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I really like the look of the women in the photographs. I don't know if they are amateurs or professional models or even prostitutes but they all look natural...and happy...and NICE! I much prefer their look to that of the harsh looking, overly made up, pierced, tattooed and shaved bimbos you see in so much of modern day porn. It makes me want to step back in time to their era and fuck them all! I'm probably in a minority of course and few young modern day jerkers would even give these pictures a second glance...but I like them and yeah I'll admit it...I jacked off while looking at them! I finally feel that me and my old grandfather, long deceased, had something in common!

I actually wish we would have had pictures like this when I was growing up. All the magazines I ever came in contact with as a young lad showed only tits and ass damn it! That's all that was legally allowed back in those dark ages of course. Here you usually get to see those lovely hairy bushes (some even trimmed!) in addition to the boobs and butts. These would have made some great jacking off material for us horny young bastards in the 1950's! I'd heard of French postcards but just never saw any while growing up. Actually I imagined back then that they showed more than nudity, some actual fucking and sucking for example, and some of them did just that. I'll dig up some of those early XXX erotic masterpieces and post them later in the week but for now let me get back to flickr and check out some more of these babes that my grandpa (or maybe even your GREAT grandpa!) was whacking off to. Have a good week everyone!


steff81 said...

While I'm not turned on by these, I agree that they are nice pieces of art. I also like how the women look like women. They have curves and aren't stick thin.

Anonymous said...

Those pix are hot Mike! You have good taste.

just another old guy

Priscilla said...

No, they don't really do a lot for me either but a gorgeous bottom like that is a joy to behold at any time.

Btw, HOG, I hope you didn't take my comments the other day as some kind of censure/censor (I get touchy about kids). I like it as dirty, smutty and raunchy as the next person. God knows, we need more than viagra and crossed fingers at our age!!


Mike Stewart said...

I appreciated your thoughtful comments Priscilla. No offense taken at all! I figured those film frames would be as controversial as the film itself. It's a fact that teens are engaging in sex though and as long as the actors are over 18, I see no problem in frankly and explicitly dealing with that in movies. The extreme violence and mean spiritness in all media is much more troubling to me and I think that's going to do long term damage to our society. Still I don't favor censorship, just wish there was more restraint and less of a public appetite for this ugly, violent trash!

I agree on georgeous bottoms...and the pleasures of smut!

Anonymous said...

Although they do not do it for me, I enjoyed the last pic. Very sexy lady, with a nice set of tits. Thanks Mike. I looked forward to your daily post. Leaves are all off the trees up North here, and I feel a Nip in the air, and starting to see them appear under sweaters and Bi Rob

priscilla said...

Thanks Mike. I appreciate your points.

I have come back to these photos a few times today... they are really quite lovely... thank you for posting them - you really are a gentleman aren't you? ;-)

Rap said...

I agree with you, Mike, that these old photographs are very erotic.

In fact, I find them much more so than many of the modern photos where nothing is left to the imagination.

Sometimes less is more.

And, it reinforces my theory that sex was invented BEFORE Woodstock in 1969!


misterniceguy1960 said...

They remind me of the "amateur" photos which were always my favorite part of men's magazines.

Real women with normal bodies! Only naked! Way cool.

mist1 said...

I just can't work with that much hair. Which reminds me, I've got to make a waxing appointment.

Alfred Kuchinski said...

These women are real. They are not anorexic plus they have real breasts. (NO SILICON)
They have a thicker waist and pubic hair.
It is my firm belief that the ladies of today shave/wax their pubic area because the young lads are used to seeing it shaved in pornograohic material.
These ladies are not malnourished and far from emaciated.
My high school sweetheart was "FAT" by today's standards.
Every era has new and often very different standards. It just goes to show that I am getting old.
Alfred Kuchinski

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments people! Nice to know that I have some company in finding these things erotic although I can understand why others don't get much out of them. As always it's "different strokes for different folks" (and there is nobody that knows more about stroking than yours truly!) Cheers!

Mandy said...

Nice pics, although I am more a fan of a shaved beaver, I must say, there is a certain 'softness' about these ladies that makes them very appealing.