Monday, December 04, 2006

Am I a Sex Addict?

So Marcella came over on the weekend as planned. We fucked on Saturday afternoon and again on Saturday night. Sunday morning she gave me her now ritual Sunday morning blow job (the high point of my week by the way!) before getting up to go to church. After she left for church I was laying in bed drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper. I soon found myself ogling the babes in bras and panties in the K Mart and Target lingerie ads. At the same time hand was rubbing my dick and I was fantasizing that I was fucking all three of the babes (pictured above) in the Target ad. After all that sex with Marcy I was already jacking off again! It's at times like this that I truly wonder if I am indeed a sex addict!

Actually the lingerie ad thing may just be force of habit. I've been checking those things out since before puberty I think. I mean babes in bras and panties...what's not to like about that? I think I had that concept all figured out about the age of 10! When puberty hit, those ads became even more exciting...and necessary! I've mentioned before that back in the dark ages of the 1950's there was very little visual inspiration for jacking off available to us horny young bastards, not that we really needed THAT much inspiration you understand! When I couldn't find a picture of a topless Balinese or African maiden in National Geographic magazine, the best next thing to take with me into the bathroom was the family Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward catalog. Those dog eared lingerie pages got lots of views and probably more than a few cum stains on them in our household. I noticed my dad paid quite a bit of attention to them too!

Ever since those horny teen years I can't pass up lingerie ads in newspapers or magazines without taking a good look and playing a little game I've played since puberty. The models are usually in pairs or groups of three or four. I look at each pair of scantily clad babes and decide which one is more attractive to me and then I fantasize what it would be like to be fucking that one. Hey at my age I have to take my thrills where I can find them folks...but like I say this is nothing new for me. I've been doing this same goofy thing since puberty. Of course my fantasies are frequently accompanied by jacking off. I wonder if other guys do this or if it's just nut cases like myself.

I distinctly remember one ad my friend Brian found when we were both teenagers. In the ad the model's panties showed just a little "camel toe". He kept that wrinkled up page in his back pocket for months...or maybe even years! You could actually see the outline of that mysterious crack where we all wanted to stick our weenies! Wow! It just didn't get much better than that in those days! Camel toes were almost as unknown in lingerie ads back then as they are now. I'm sure Photoshop takes care of any unwanted see through nipples or camel toes nowadays but I'm always on the lookout for them nonetheless!

So much for lingerie ads! Getting back to the question as to whether I'm a sex addict or just a normal red blooded American horny old guy. As much as I talk about sex in this silly ass blog, it's really not the only aspect of my life. I'm involved in lots of other worthwhile and enjoyable things every day that I never mention here. Yeah I fantasize about sex every day. I check out the babes on line and everywhere I go when I'm off line. I'm in a good sexual relationship now, the first in a quite a while for me, and yeah I still do have the hots for Marcella's sweetie pie roommate Patty

I also have a quite healthy passion for jacking off that's been with me since I first discovered that wonderful sport at about the age of 12. All those things I mentioned are all pretty typical for males I think, although I'm not so sure they are typical for a 66 year old fart like myself. None of my friends near my age seems to be as horny as I am although they may be just keeping it to themselves. One buddy has admitted to me that he would rather watch a good football game than fuck. I sincerely hope I never reach that stage!

I am truly faithful in my relationship with Marcella though and I've always been faithful in my relationships. One woman at a time is more than enough for me! I expect my partners to be faithful to me (especially nowadays!) and I certainly owe them the same fidelity. Even if I had the chance to slip the salami to sweet young Patty (fat fucking chance!) I would reluctantly turn her down (sigh!) I don't go to whores or massage parlors either, not while I'm in or out of relationships. Oh I've gone to whores  in my distant past but some years ago, about the time that AIDS raised it's ugly head, I decided those days were over for good. I don't run up big bills for internet porn (there is more than enough free stuff to get me off!) nor engage in paid phone sex. In fact the only phone sex I ever had is when one gal got the wrong number in the middle of the night and started talking dirty to me. I'll admit I've cybered in chat rooms a very few times but it didn't do that much for me. It's sort of hard to type with one hand and it seems like to takes fucking forever before you finally get to blast off! I do surf for porn and visit other sex sites on the web and of course spend some time on this blog but I don't spend over a couple hours a day total on all those activities.

Nah I guess I'm not a sex addict after all. Having an addiction to anything, be it cigarettes or booze or drugs or whores or phone sex is not a good thing so I guess I should be pleased. In fact I am pleased! I suppose some would say that I have an addiction to jacking off but since that act is completely normal and healthy with no side effects and is also the safest form of sex you can have that is one addiction I can live with. I guess I'm just a normal, healthy, horny old fart! Hell Bill Clinton is much more of a sex addict than I am although when Monica got on her knees with her mouth open who can blame old "Bubba" for whipping out the "first pecker"? Hmmmm...I wonder if that other guy now in the White House ever gets tempted in the oval office? Actually a little nookie or a BJ on the side might do him some good. Sexually satisfied presidents seem to make more intelligent decisions...oops, sorry...I try to keep politics out of this blog! You da man, Dubya!

Well now that I've psychoanalyzed myself and figured out that I'm really NOT a sex addict I'm so happy that I think I'll just...jack off! I've already read a sexy story on another blog this morning by a "mystery woman" who has given me some "morning wood" and put me in the mood to do just that. Have a great addiction free week my horny friends in cyberspace!


Anonymous said...

Mike - NO its not only you. I have and still do jack off to the hot sexy ladies in the Sears cataloque. And I also go from one to the other thinking of who has the best tits, ass, and who I think would be the better fuck. I will see a hot teen with firm tits and the thought of fucking her little pussy will set me off. I have been jerking off since I was 13 Mike. I remember still when I first came. I slept on the couch, and was watching some hot ladies on tv, while mom and Dad slept. I got hard and rubbed my cock and wham out it And now I am 46, and do it almost every day. I find if I miss a day, I get really horny and need to cum. I can jerk off in the afternoon, and still get hard to fuck my lady that night. Not sure if that will last forever. I know I have a high sex drive. I get pussy and cock cravings all the time. Oh damn this bi side,,lol. No I love it and would not want to only have one choice. Bi for now Bi Rob

cynthia said...

Hey even if u are not a sex addict Mike i still wanna f*** u hehe :)


Steff said...

Well...I didn't want to tempt you, but since she did it first...I wouldn't mind trying my hand (and other parts of my body) at you too!

Just what you need...temptation. LOL :)

A bi guy.
A chick whose name sounds like sin.
A young thing in Texas.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for that comment and confirmation than I'm not the lingerie ad jerker in North America Bi Rob. I beat you (no pun intended!) on getting started on jacking off though. I was 12 and pre puberty. Of course no cum came out but it was the greatest discovery of my young life! Been doin' it every since! Hey I found your blog (live journal) and it's great! You are actually more of a horndog than me I think...and that's saying quite a bit! Cheers!

I can't believe it! At my age, I've got groupies! Cyn and Steff you two sweet young things, where were you when I needed you, when my only date for Saturday night was my right hand? Better late than never though and you two sweeties made my day (and gave me some wood too)!!! Thanks to you both!

Shay said...

I think it's neat how, once you start playing with your stuff, even if no one has told you what it's for, you still just know what is supposed to go where!
(Did that make sense?)

Also, you totally are an orgasm addict! But there's nothing wrong with that. ^_~

Shay said...

Stupid Beta - that last comment was me:
Shay of The S Spot

Mike Stewart said...

I'm glad you understand Shay darlin'...and thanks for stopping by! Shay is a lovely young Canadian sex columnist who runs one of the hottest and most read sex blogs in cyberspace. It's called "The S Spot" I believe. Check it out if you haven't already done so...there is a link on my list of links or just cut and paste her URL above!

Anonymous said...

Before the internet in my younger days, I admit i've also done the Sears catalog. And the fashion mag, fitness mag, aerobics tv shows... you get the picture!