Thursday, December 07, 2006

Britney Bares Bald Beaver!

Well I probably ought to save these pictures and make Britney Spears a future "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" but since I have nothing else to babble about this morning I thought I'd post them now for your viewing pleasure if you haven't seen them. They are all over the web of course. A couple of weeks ago Britney got out of a car in a rather skimpy dress. Of course all of the photographers were waiting and she gave them a special treat by conveniently forgetting to wear her panties that night. Yup a full view of Britney's Bald Beaver! If that wasn't enough, when she turned her back they got a look and a shot of Britney's Bum (well at least half of it!) For those celebrity chasing photographers it just doesn't get much better than that! Their cameras were clicking and their dicks were throbbing!

These pictures will be around forever! Long after people have forgotten Britney and what little talent she has these pictures will be floating around in cyberspace and horny guys of all ages will be discovering them, ogling them and jacking off to them. It's sort of like Marilyn Monroe (who had lots of talent!) and the nude calendar picture which she posed for at the beginning of her career. Over forty years after her death, it's still one of most famous and most viewed images of her. It's sort of hard to feel too sorry for Britney. Those photographers admittedly are a royal pain in the ass but when you go to a public event wearing no panties and almost no dress and flashing your beaver...well what do you expect?

Here's a bit of good news for horndogs of all ages! SCARLETT JOHANSSON, one of the real babes in Hollywood (a very talented actress too!) and probably my favorite "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" has said that she has decided that she will do a nude scene in a future movie, although what movie that will be has not been decided. Hallelujah! Life is good! Up until now Scarlett has declined to do any nudity. She now says she that is proud of her body, especially her breasts (I don't blame her there!) and actually wants to do some nudity. Ah just thinking of sweet Scarlett in the nude gives me a hard on! Definitely something to look forward to for this horny old guy and I suspect I have lots of company!

It looks like a rainy and windy weekend in store for us here in Stockton town. Marcella will be here again so that's okay. Rainy days are just made for fucking you know! Wherever you are, whatever the weather, whatever you are doing...enjoy the weekend! And now to get back to daydreams and sexual fantasies of a nude Scarlett! You know I think I've already forgotten about Britney's Bald Beaver! Bye bye!


Anonymous said...

Mike yes little Brit does have a nice smooth beaver, but your right it don't hold a candle to Scarletts tits. Damn thats a fine firm set. Oh I could jerk all over those,,mmm. Oh damn I just finished a fine 24 hours, shaved, ate and had sex with my lady(A much hotter pussy then Brit), was facefucked with a fine thick cock,,mmm and a bonus I got a fantastic bj from a gay buddy. As a Bi guy it just don't get better then that,,,lol Have a great weekend Mike,, Rob the Bi guy

Anonymous said...

Britney Spears gets way too much air time....

"M.A." said...

No way.. I can't get enough of Britney!! What a girl... do you think that was her idea or her publicist? Not bad...

As for Scarlett.. if I'd paid that much money for my tits.. I'd want to show them off too??


Mike Stewart said...

Well it sounds like you're keeping nice and warm up there in the frozen north Bi Rob! We do agree on Scarlett! What a pair...and the rest of her is mighty fine too!!! I can't wait for that nude scene! My pecker is already standing at attention!

It's different strokes for different folks anonymous #2 and "m.a.". You take the Britney and we'll take the Scarlett...and everybody will have fun! Thanks for your comments dudes!

Rap said...

Very entertaining post as ususl, Mike.

After viewing Britney's bearded clam...oops...I guess she ain't bearded, I can't get the Camel Toe song out of my mind.

Also, so true what you said about Marilyn's calendar picture.

I remember seeing that picture hanging in the barber shop my dad took me to when I was just a sprout. This is in the days when barber shops were barber shops and not hair stylists. Nude calendars were a standard within the industry.

Marilyn must have made one hell of an impression on me because after all these years I remember it very clearly.

Brittney possesses nice snapper and a cute rounded little bum but I doubt very much that she will endure as Marilyn has.

Tony Curtis described Marilyn's bod in 'Some Like It Hot' as being like "jello on springs."

He was so right!

Rap said...

Jack Lemon made the comment about "jello on springs" not Tony.

It's been a long day.