Thursday, December 14, 2006

In Praise of Charlotte!

I was flipping through the cable movie channels a couple of weeks ago and came across a foreign movie called "The Swimming Pool" with Charlotte Rampling. Now I've had a hard on for Sweet Charlotte for the last forty years, ever since I saw her in a British movie called "The Knack" which was her first film I believe. Most Americans probably aren't too familiar with Charlotte since she hasn't done that many films in this country but she is very well known and regarded as one of the finest actresses in the world in Britain and Europe. The scene at left is from "Zardoz" which she did with Sean Connery. Lucky baby! Can I be next?

From the beginning of her career, Charlotte has been willing to take her clothes off and do sex scenes in movies and of course that has REALLY endeared her to me. Yup she's been in many a jack off fantasy for yours truly, the Horny Old Guy! Looking at these pictures I think you can understand why! What a babe!

I found it interesting that even in "The Swimming Pool" (above) which was made in 2003 when I believe Charlotte was 57 she was still willing to shed those clothes, do full frontal nudity and do sex scenes. As you can see she's still a babe, still very fuckable! Yeah I admit it...I jacked off while I watched the flick. There is a much younger woman in it, very sexy and naked much of the movie, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Charlotte with or without her clothes on. Who says I only go ga-ga over younger women? If they all looked like Charlotte, you might find me hanging around senior centers instead of high schools!  Just kidding about the high schools of course...sort of! Actually it's just look but don't touch there and your fantasies will set you free...but I digress from my subject and my object of desire for today... the lovely and talented Ms. Rampling!

So Charlotte will be 61 in February, probably the first sex symbol of that age and I say "Good for her!" One of Ms. Rampling's most recent movies (which I haven't seen) is "Heading South" (left) where she plays a tourist on vacation in Haiti in search of some young black cock and willing to pay for it! I strongly suspect there is some nudity and sex in this one too and I'll be looking forward to seeing it on DVD or cable TV soon. My dick will be standing at attention just hoping and praying for some more bare skin from Charlotte! You can have your Bald Beaver Britney but I'll take Sweet Charlotte with her natural bush at any age! She still looks good enough to eat!

Ten more shopping days to Christmas! I better stop jacking off to elderly movie stars and get out and get my shopping done! I'm thinking about an iPod for Marcella and a Hitachi Magic Wand (the Mercedes of women's vibrators so I'm told!) for Patty. Actually I'd rather give Patty a big meat stick for Christmas and I ain't talkin' about no Hickory Farms if you know what I mean and I think you do! Oh behave yourself Mike you horny old bastard! Now you folks all behave  too and have a great weekend! As always, thanks for reading this crap! What better way to close than with a shot of Charlotte Rampling's much younger and very fine butt from one of her sexiest movies "The Night Porter". Bye bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, no never heard of her, but she does look soooo suckable and fuckable. I would like to do an older lady in her shape,,Mommy,,lol. A vib for xmas sounds like a great stocking(pussy) stuffer. We have several, and yes we use them together. Her all time fav is the normal $25.00 pocket rocket. Takes one AA, and I will place it on her clit, and then insert a soft 6" vib with 2 AA, and still have room to lick between the 2. Try these on your lady, she won't last long before she is screaming and cumming. I got her the 150.00 dolphin but it don't do it for her. So its not all about price. You have a great weekend Mike. No I don't find your writing boring, I actually look forward to it, and your pics make for some great masturbation session, Bi for now,,Rob

Don said...

Mike we have the same taste in women!

Jess said...

Mike! You rule! I love reading your blog! I've missed it while I was gone..but I'm back, so now I can catch up on your fun! :)

Mike Stewart said...

Rob I'd like to try my own private "pocket rocket" on Patty if you know what I mean and I think you do...don't think that's gonna happen though!

Rob and Don I am glad that I'm not the only one turned on by Sweet Charlotte! Intelligence, beauty, sex appeal and maturity go together just perfectly with her!

Welcome back Jess darlin' and thanks for those kind words!