Friday, December 01, 2006

Jacking Off to Katie Holmes!

December is here! A new month and a new "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for the Horny Old Guy! Well since the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding is what everyone (except me!) seemed to be talking about recently I thought I would give the new Mrs. Cruise the great honor of being my jerk off fantasy for December. I have no idea who Katie is but judging from the pictures I found on the web she appears to be a babe which is really all it takes to get invited into my jack off fantasies. Personally I would prefer to slip the salami to Scientologist nut case Tom's former wife Nicole Kidman but I'll save her for a future award. For this month it will be jacking off to Katie! You fellow horndogs feel free to join in the festivities!

I only found a couple of topless shots of Katie. She apparently did this nude scene for a movie called "The Gift". Ah that's the kind of "gift" this dude would like to find under his Christmas tree this or any other year! Some guys have all the luck!

Now getting back to reality...Marcella is coming over this weekend, thank God! Two weeks without the sexual services that only she can currently provide is about all I can take! I went over to her place for dinner on Monday night and was hoping to get a little something extra for dessert (like a nice juicy blow job!) but no such luck. The only good thing was that I got to look at and lust after Marcella's sweet roommate Patty for a couple of hours. Marcella doesn't want to fuck in her apartment while Patty is home even though they have separate bedrooms. I tried to get her to come out to the parking lot for a little BJ action or at least a hand job but she said it was too cold (sigh) and told me she would make up for what I missed this coming weekend. Oh my age you have to take what you can get...when you can get it!

So it was back home and and to bed and jacking off to fantasies of Patty sucking me off! Well...Marcella turned me down you know. What's wrong with a nice juicy blow job jack off fantasy about Patty? It's not like I really tried to slip the salami to her you know. Around Patty I'm a perfect gentleman, when I'm alone and jacking off I'm fucking her brains out as well as getting sucked off by her! I don't see anything wrong with that at all! Your fantasies can set you free!

The weekend is here now and it should be a good one for me! I hope it is for you too! I'll see you next week if I'm not too pussy whipped to figure out something to write about! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the weekend!


Steff said...

I'm sure you're getting off in or on your lady friend, but I thought I'd let you know another story was posted.

You know where and by whom.

Mike Stewart said...

Thank you Steff darlin'!!! I will definitely check that out! I'm sure that it will get a "rise" out of me as usual and will give me some inspiration to engage in my favorite hobby if you know what I mean and I think you do! Thanks again!