Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Meet the Folkers...I Mean Filipinos!

Ah Christmas is over and it was a good one for me but as usual on the day after I'm glad it's over, more so than ever this year because meeting my much younger girlfriend Marcella's parents is also over and I survived the experience. More about that shortly. I hope it was a good Christmas for you.

Marcella came over as planned on Saturday afternoon and we went straight to bed for a lovely pre-holiday afternoon fuck. Life is good! It got even better when she sucked me off later in the evening. She had to get up extra early on Sunday morning for a Christmas Eve morning mass so she gave me my ritual Sunday morning blow job the night before. That works for me! I didn't even hear her get out of bed to go to church on Sunday morning but went over to her and Patty's apartment later on. We all went out to a champagne brunch and then came back to their place to open presents in the afternoon. I got another warm kiss (my second!) from Patty when she opened the iPod I got her, a last minute replacement for the Hitachi Magic Wand vibe that I really wanted to give her...in addition to the "big salami" I'd REALLY like to give her of course! Marcella nixed the Hitachi vibe idea so I picked up an extra iPod for Patty, the same model I bought for Marcella. Both women were very happy with their gifts. I got some nice things from Marcella (mostly clothing) and even a sweater from Patty, although I liked the kiss from her even more. Oh how I would like to....oh you know!

Saturday night we sent out for pizza and then I pulled out the evening's entertainment..."Debbie Does Dallas" on DVD. Marcella had been wanting to see a porn flick since she'd never seen one. It turns out Patty hadn't seen one either. Some people watch "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street" on Christmas Eve. We watched "Debbie Does Dallas"! Well, what do you expect from the Horny Old Guy? It was a hoot watching it with the two women! You never heard so many "OH MY GOD!"'s or so much giggling or so many gasps in your life! Of course I developed a throbbing hard on as soon as the shower room scene came on ten minutes into the movie but this was no time to whip my dong out and jack it off which is what I felt like doing. Marcella sitting next to me on the couch noticed my bulge and whispered something to Patty and they both giggled. They really enjoyed their first XXX rated movie. So did I, even with my throbbing boner and no place to put it! Compared to most modern day porn, "Debbie Does Dallas" is FUN and holds up very well. It sure held my dick up very well anyway!

I wish I could say the evening ended with a threesome or at least another nice juicy fuck or blow job from Marcella but it didn't. Marcella really doesn't want to fuck even in her own bedroom when Patty is in the apartment. I'm not sure why. Marcy is pretty noisy while having orgasms when I go down on her...that may be it... or maybe she's just uncomfortable fucking with someone in the next room. Anyway that restrictive policy of hers meant of course no nookie for Mikey on Christmas Eve. After getting good night and "Thanks for the gifts!" kisses from both women I left their apartment high and dry and still with a semi-stiffy about 10:00 pm.

I went home, went right to bed and jacked off. Fantasies of Debbie from the movie (she's a babe!) turned into fantasies of Patty doing all those same nasty things from the movie to me. I shot my wad as I fantasized Patty giving me a blow job and then cumming in her mouth in the school library, another great scene from the movie. A few minutes after I blasted off I came back to reality when I remembered that the next day (Christmas) I had to meet Marcella's parents. "Holy shit!" said the Horny Old Guy...and then he drifted off to sleep. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!

The Christmas dinner and meeting Marcy's parents went about as well as I expected it to...which was not very good! Dinner was at Patty's house here in Stockton. Marcella's parents came in from the Bay Area. So I had to meet two sets of Filipino parents instead of one. There were also a bunch of other relatives, young and old. About twenty Filipinos and one horny old white guy! Uh huh! Of course I was on my best gentlemanly behavior and trying to make a good impression. They were all nice to me but I definitely felt like an outsider. Marcy and Patty were in the kitchen helping Patty's mom prepare dinner so I spent most of the time with the other people in the living room up until dinner time. Some of them were speaking that Filipino language which didn't help communication. I really didn't know what to say to them. Thank God there was a football game on the TV to divert us all.

When I was introduced to Marcella's parents, I could tell by the look on their faces that they were not at all thrilled about Marcy's choice of a male companion and the probable fucker of their precious daughter. I'm pretty sure the age difference rather than the race difference was the biggest factor in their displeasure. Marcy's mom actually looked a bit in shock when she first saw me! I can't say that I blame them that much. As I mentioned in my last post if my daughter Jennie (now 40) brought home an old fart my age, I would not be overjoyed. I would however recognize her right to date or even marry whoever she chooses and treat whoever she brings home with courtesy. Marcy's parents pretty much did the same to me so I have no complaints. The dinner was fine and conversation with Marcella and Patty helped me make it through the meal. After dessert and coffee I excused myself with the explanation that I had to get home and call my daughter to wish her a Merry Christmas. We all shook hands and said "Nice to have met you!" and I left without even kissing Marcella goodbye. It seemed like the best thing to do under the circumstances. I breathed a BIG sigh of relief as I left that house!

Thank God it's over! I talked to Marcy on the phone last night and she said that mommy and daddy indeed did think I was too old for her but she really didn't care. That's all I wanted to hear! Today the whole situation seems a bit more humorous than it did yesterday...the whole house full of Filipinos with me, the lone honky, feeling like a fish out of water...the look on Marcy's mom's face when she saw me...LOL! When crazy, embarrassing things happen to you, it helps if you can laugh about them...even if it takes a bit of time passing in order to do so. I survived my "Meet the Filipinos" experience...now to move on! I'll ponder all that later on! Enough for now, have a good post Christmas week folks and as always thanks for reading about the lame misadventures of the Horny Old Dude! Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Well hello Mike, All the best in 2007 to you and yours, and I look forward to more fantastic posts and masturbation pics from you in 2007. I can feel for you in the meeting the parents. In my case I was in a house full of black people, and me the lone white guy. But they are fantastic folks, and it was one of the mose memorable Christmas's I had. We have about 5 cm of that horrible white stuff on the ground up here in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Thank God the Christmas stuff is over, and I am looking forward to the new year. More hot ladies to look at, more pussy, abit of cock..lol(I got to suck a hard one for my Christmas present).lol. I will have to write about that one.
So as soldiers Mike, we both want to see wars stop and peace cum upon us all. Take care Mike, Bi for now Rob

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks Rob and the same to you and your family in 2007! We did go through the same "Meet the Parents" episode, didn't we? I'm just glad mine is over!

I'm with you about Christmas being over and am planning on a horny 2007 too...just no cock sucking in line for me LOL. If that's your thing go for it though Rob. I'm all for "different strokes" you know and we both are experts at "stroking".

Amen on that peace thing too...before we all blow ourselves up! Happy (and peaceful!) New Year!

MarcW said...

Yup! Debbie Does Dallas is a really fun movie. I especially love where Debbie's boss is begging her to let him see (then touch, then lick) her tits for $10. And she keeps objecting. "Mr. Greenfeld! I think this is going a little too far!" What a great lousy actress.

Also, notice that the shy Asian girl, who gets a job at the record store never actually fucks.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for the comment markw! We do agree on "Debbie". That film has it's detractors but it's been one of my favorites ever since I first saw it. FUN is the key word...and it has some hot babes you don't see in porn too much. I've jacked off to it many times over the years...even though I had to keep it zipped this time!