Monday, December 18, 2006

Patty Lust!

Well the high point of my weekend was a kiss on the lips (resulting in a big fat hard on!) from Marcella's sweetie pie roommate Patty. If you've been reading this blog regularly you know that I've had the hots for Patty ever since Marcella introduced me to her. That's not Patty's picture at the left but it reminds me of her and gives you an idea what a babe she is. Unfortunately I've never seen Patty wearing that T shirt e Patty is a Filipina like Marcella but 8 1/2 years younger than Marcy with a trimmer figure with smaller boobs and butt. Actually the two women look almost like sisters. Patty hasn't got a boyfriend and Marcella says she hasn't had one (or even a date!) since they have been living together, about six years I believe. Marcella thinks Patty may even be a virgin but at age 30 (as of yesterday) I find that hard to believe. She's only mentioned one guy she dated in high school to Marcella and apparently they didn't fuck. Oh well...that's none of my business anyway!

From the beginning I've had lots of nasty thoughts and jack off fantasies about Patty although I'm reasonably sure that's as far as things will ever go between us (sigh). I have too much respect for Marcella to try to put the make on her roommate or anyone else for that matter. Besides let's face it, an old fart like me would most likely be properly rebuffed by Patty anyway! As I've said before I really am quite faithful in my relationships. I expect fidelity from my partners and I think I owe them the same fidelity. That's obviously more important than ever nowadays. I don't think there is too much wrong with looking and fantasizing and masturbating though. I'll admit that sometimes when I am in reality fucking Marcella I am fucking Patty (or Scarlett Johannson!) in my mind. If Marcy is fucking Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp in her mind, that's okay with me too! Whether you are by yourself or with a partner, fantasies can really spice up your sex life in my most humble and most ancient opinion!

So yesterday was Patty's birthday. She turned 30 years old although she still looks more like 18. She had no party but to celebrate I took her and Marcella out to a movie and a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant (Patty's choice on both). Cocktails and several glasses of wine had us all pretty loosened up (and me hardened up!) by the time we got back to their apartment. Actually this would have been a good time to look at the  "Debbie Does Dallas" porno movie Marcella had been wanting to see but unfortunately I didn't bring that nasty DVD with me. We popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and sat around and talked for a while. The alcohol seemed to have made Marcella much more talkative than I've seen her so far but Patty was her usual shy and quiet self. As usual nasty thoughts of a threesome or at least a Patty fuck were running through my dirty mind as I gazed on the lovely Patty across the room!

At about 11 o'clock the women decided it was time for them to go to bed so I prepared to go home myself. Marcy was in the bathroom while Patty was thanking me for the dinner and movie. She gave me a big hug (my first one from her!) and and then we spontaneously kissed on the lips. Wow! The kiss combined with the feel of her warm, soft breasts against my chest did the usual magic on throbbing boner! All of a sudden we heard Marcella who had just come out of the bathroom jokingly say "Okay! That's enough of that stuff!" and we pulled apart. I kissed Marcella (which is old stuff by now!) and stumbled out of their apartment, my knees still shaking from the warm kiss from Patty and my cock still throbbing so hard it felt like it was about to burst out of my pants!

My boner was throbbing all the way home! I went right to my bedroom, threw off all of my clothes, jumped into bed and started jacking off while fantasizing about the things I'd really like to do to Patty. Fantasies of sucking her tits, licking her pussy, letting her suck me and finally sticking my cock into that tight young (possibly virgin?) pussy and fucking...fucking...fucking her! My ejaculation came quickly and even though Marcy and I had fucked on Saturday night and she gave me my ritual Sunday morning blow job this was the best and most powerful eruption of the weekend. Of course when it was all over I suddenly felt a bit guilty. "You dirty old man!" I thought to myself! That's probably as good as it will ever get with Patty but as I've said many times before, at my age you have to take your thrills where you can find them! Again there just ain't nothing wrong with fantasy...or jacking off either. Combine them and you really can have some fun! Life is good for the Horny Old Guy!

Back to reality this morning, even though I've sprung another boner just thinking and writing about that kiss and what it did to me! Only one week left until Christmas so I guess I better get my lazy ass out and do the rest of my shopping. Enjoy the week y'all and thanks for reading about my lust for Patty! Yeah I know...I should be ashamed of myself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, well Dec 18th,and no snow on the ground here in the great white eastern Canada. I love it. Well if Patty looks close to your pic, mmmm yummy. I can see why kissing her would give you a hard one. The firm snall tits, that asian look would make me pop one too. And then go home and do the same as you. Don't get too much into the Xmas frenzy Mike. Have a great week and thanks for the post. Bi for now Rob

cynthia said...

now i am really jealous mikey :)

yur groupie gurl

MrManicDepressive said...

Hi Mike,

30 and a virgin? HA! My SIL has that beat by a mile and a half. She's 42 and still a virgin. Like you, I lust after her mightily. I'm still trying to convince her to at least let me see the girls. Nothing so far. Of course, I have a rival. She's deep into Jeebus. Poor girl, missing out on all the fun!

If Patty looks even remotely close to the photo, me likey, likey, Mikey.

Steff said...

You're bad!

Mike Stewart said...

Patty has been making me pop boners and jack off from the beginning Rob...but the lust factor is increasing! Got to keep it in the realm of fantasy though...for now anyway!

Cyn darlin' you have nothing to be jealous about...I jack off over you too (really!)

Oooh a 42 year old virgin eh Mr md? She has missed out on LOTS of fun, hope she's got a good vibe...oops, guess that's a sin too! "Poor girl" is right!!! My condolences!

Steff darlin' I thought you had that figured out by now! I'm so "bad" that I'm good...whatever the fuck that means! LOL