Monday, January 29, 2007

Love Those Redheads!

Ever since I met Kathy, a lovely 40 something redheaded neighbor in my condo complex who is serving on the condo association Board of Directors with me, I've had a bad case of "redhead fever". Kathy was over to my place for some official business last week and I got the immediate urge to jump her bones. Of course being a true gentleman (really!) I resisted the temptation to even attempt to do that and most likely would have been properly rebuffed anyway! However I've since had several jack off sessions with Kathy as my fantasy fuck. She has been taking the place of Marcella's hot roommate Patty in my fantasies so you know this is some serious shit folks!

Marcy was on her period this weekend with her usual non interest in sex during that time so I've had more than my usual need for fantasies and relief from my right hand to get me through the weekend. Marcy didn't even stay over Saturday night and the best I could talk her into on Saturday was a hand Kathy has had to take up the slack! The silly part is that I don't even know if Kathy is married or has a boyfriend or has any interest in me...not that that's really important when you are jacking off! I sure would like to fuck her though!

I've had a number of lovely redheads in my life. Barbara the older woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of sex when I was only 13 had red hair as did Julia my second wife and Pat, a sweet Irish gal I lived with for a long time in my 50's, maybe the love of my life. It's not that I don't love blonds or brunettes you understand. Marcella has dark black hair like most Filipinos and she is very attractive to me. It's just that redheads have always had an extra special appeal for me. Red pubic hair in particular drives me fucking wild! I love freckles too!

As I looked at Kathy's red hair and red eyebrows last week, I couldn't help visualizing that lovely mound of red hair between her legs and the luscious place I'd so love to put my mouth and cock beneath that hair. It didn't take long for her to make me spring a boner even as we were doing our boring work of updating our homeowner data files into the computer. When she left, I couldn't wait to get in bed, whip my dick out and jack it off to a fantasy of fucking her. That alone  is a sure sign that I'm coming down with a serious case of "redhead fever".

A few pictures can say a thousand words and these that I've posted here may help you understand why redheads drive me and many other guys wild with lust! Just looking at these pics has made "Junior" spring to life again and I may have to jack off again this morning to relieve the fact I know I will! I will be back later in the week after my fever has subsided...maybe! Until then, have a great week y'all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Redhead Temptation

I just got elected President of the Homeowners Association for our condo complex, a thankless and payless job that I will probably regret taking. Tuesday night the new secretary/treasurer Kathy and I got together at my place to update the files (phone numbers, parking permits, etc.) of all of our individual homeowners. Kathy is a redhead, in her early to mid forties I believe, and quite an attractive, shapely woman. She apparently has been here in our complex for a couple of years but I can't recall ever seeing her here until the recent homeowners meeting which was the big annual one where everyone is encouraged to attend and where we elect the board members for the coming year.

Kathy seems like a nice gal. I'm really not sure if she is married (no wedding ring) or living with someone or has a boyfriend. I didn't want to pry into her personal affairs on our first meeting which really was for business purposes anyway. About the only thing that I came away with at the end of the evening was a stiff dick and a strong urge to fuck her! We got along pretty well and after we finished our file updating I invited her to stay for a glass of wine, an offer she accepted. We talked for a while but it was mostly about the condo complex and her job in a law office. She did mention that she had a grown son and two cats but that's all the personal info I got out of her.

Kathy seemed friendly and and I sort of got the impression that MAYBE things could go further between us...but we'll see what happens there. Being a gentleman (what are you laughing at?) I didn't make any attempt to jump her bones, as much as I would have liked to do just that! After she left I did immediately relieve that boner she gave me by jacking off in bed as I fantasized what it would be like to feel and suck on those (rather large!) tits and eat and fuck that lovely red haired pussy though. At my age you can't afford to waste a boner like the one Kathy gave me!

Of course since I'm now seriously involved with Marcella I wouldn't have fucked Kathy even if she would have let me. Oh how it hurts to say that but it's true! As I've said several times before right here, I really do believe in being faithful in a serious relationship. I expect that of my partner and I surely owe them the same fidelity. I definitely do get tempted though! Oh yeah I do! I slobber over Marcella's sexy roommate Patty and have jack off fantasies about almost every woman I see but I still remain faithful. Nowadays that is more important than ever and I have no intention on changing my policy regardless of any redhead (or blond or brunette!) temptations. Nothing wrong with fantasizing about and jacking off to them though!

Kathy and I did nothing more than shake hands at the end of the evening. I was hoping for a hug but no such luck. The next homeowners meeting, which is usually just the board members although everyone is invited, is in a month. It's probably just as well that the other board members will be there as well as Kathy. The less temptation the better for the Horny Old Guy! Maybe Kathy and I can just become good friends and I can keep my lustful, horny feelings for her in check. Maybe pigs can fly!

I do have a thing for redheads (and red pubic hair!) which I intended to get into but I think I'll save that for the next post since I've been babbling long enough this morning and I have some things that I need to get done today and no I'm not talking about jacking off! Marcella called last night to tell me that she's starting her period which probably means not much sex this weekend. Marcy is one of those women who just doesn't care for sex at all during that time. Fucking is out of the question and it's even hard to coax a blow job or hand job out of her. Bummer! Oh well...there are always jack off fantasies about curvy redhead neighbors to get me through! Have a nice weekend y'all!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Can I Go Back and Start Over?

Ah it's so nice to start out the week pussy whipped instead of sexually frustrated like I did last week! Marcella was here all weekend and we took care of each other's sexual needs very nicely I think. As usual the high point for me was my Sunday morning blow job and I suppose Marcella would say for her it was my professional jaw tiring muff diving exhibition on Saturday night prior to our long, juicy fucking session. Life is good!

I was telling Marcy about my early sexual experiences this weekend. She was a bit shocked when I told her that I got seduced by an older woman, a customer on my paper route, when I was barely through puberty. I figured that I better just skip the part about my sister Karen jacking me off in a motel room even before that. That sexual experimentation, as innocent as it was, is one thing that I don't think I've ever mentioned to any of my partners, even to my two wives. I am just uncomfortable talking about it...and we all need to have a few secrets I suppose. It actually did feel good to get it off my chest when I wrote about all this stuff early on in this blog though. I did tell Marcella about the time Karen caught me sitting naked on the toilet jacking off even before our motel escapade and Marcy thought that was pretty funny. Not back then it wasn't!

Wouldn't it be nice to go back and start over in life? I had a pretty good childhood and teen years...not perfect but pretty damn good! I would love to re-live those days, knowing what I do now! WOW! I would be the horniest little bastard on the face of the earth, not that I wasn't close to that anyway! To begin with I would start jacking off as soon as I was born! Why waste about twelve years of having fun with your dick? To hell with waiting until almost puberty until I found out that my little weenie was good for something more than peeing! "I don't need no rattle mama, I got this thing to play with!"

I would be checking out the little girls bodies even more than I did as a child. There would be a lot of "You show me yours and I'll show you mine!" in my neighborhood! I would probably get a lot more spankings from my mom too...but it would be worth it! It's funny how we are interested in the other sex's private parts from the beginning...but most of us really don't realize why at first. It would be nice to know from the start how and why these bodies are going to fit together in the future and how much fun that is going to be! Maybe you could even have a bit of practice. "Okay let's get into bed and play mommy and daddy!" Ah with what I know now, that game would be REALLY fun! If the little girls didn't want to play mommy and daddy maybe I could teach them how to milk a cow...LOL

I'd also like to re-live that wonderful night when I discovered the great sport of jacking off. That momentous occasion was shortly before puberty for me. An older kid named Dwight had given me a demonstration outdoors one afternoon but I was too nervous to get a hard on let alone try it with him. That very same night in the privacy of my bedroom I sat on my bed and tried it again and...praise Jesus it worked! Rubbing my little pecker up and feeling better and better and then...WOW!!! Needless to say it was the greatest discovery of my young life...and I've been jacking off ever if you people didn't know that! Yeah it would be fun to re-live that wonderful experience which you can read more about RIGHT HERE.

I think that it would even be fun to go through PUBERTY again. This time I would even more enjoy seeing how my little weenie turned into a big man sized hairy dong, seemingly almost overnight although in reality I'm sure it happened over a number of months. I was a bit freaked out by all of the changes at the time. I didn't want anyone else in the family or even my friends to see what was happening "down there". I seriously thought that all my jacking off might have something to do with it. Finally in the junior high school shower room, I noticed that I wasn't a freak after all. All of the guys (well almost all of the guys) my age had big weenies too! The whole puberty experience would be much easier and more enjoyable if knowing what I do now I could go through it least I think it would!

As far as Barbara, my older woman (mid thirties) paper route customer who introduced me to the wonderful world of pussy and blow jobs at the young age of 13, I would still fuck her but this time without all the guilt and worry about my friends or parents finding out that I felt the first time around. I would enjoy it purely as fun and a basic sex education. Knowing that she was going to move away in a few months, I would  really fuck her brains out and request a few more juicy blow jobs! I would probably experiment with a few different positions with her (we only fucked missionary style) and maybe even let her teach me how to become proficient in the fine art of eating pussy. As it was I was well into my twenties until I developed that skill.

As for the early teen sexual experimentation with my sister Karen...I'm really not sure! We only did some mutual masturbation two nights in a motel room on a family vacation. We just sort of carried the game of "You show me yours, I'll show you mine!" one step further. We got caught on the third morning by our parents who were a separate motel room. We weren't doing anything at the time but we were both naked (we'd slept together that way) and my mom saw my morning hard on. Needless to say the shit hit the fan! Looking back it's probably a good thing we got caught. I'm reasonably sure that the sex games would have continued and there is no doubt that I would have fucked Karen if she would have let me. I could have easily gotten her pregnant, NOT a good thing in those prudish 1950's when abortions were still illegal. It would probably have been best to completely my leave my sis alone sexually...or be very, very careful! Those two hand jobs were fun though! The sexual desire for Karen continued into my early twenties although nothing else sexual ever happened between us.

The part that I would really change is the long "dry spell" between Barbara and my first real girlfriend Vicki. Several years of jacking off (not that that wasn't lots of fun!) was my only sexual activity after Barbara moved until I met Vicki as a junior in high school and then it took quite a while to get Vicki's panties down and my face and my cock buried in that lovely blond haired virgin muff! I'd be much more aggressive in hunting for poontang in those intervening years. Hell yes I would! It would be "Any port in a storm!" for Mikey the Horny Young Guy! Fat girls, ugly girls, old girls, young girls, virgins or sluts...I'd fuck 'em all...if they would let me of course! Come to think of it that also could have gotten me into some BIG trouble! Aside from no legal abortion, condoms were hard to come by for minors in those days and I was NOT ready to be a daddy or a hubby way back then!

Hmmmm...the more I think and write about it maybe I was better off just jacking off through those horny teen years after all! Several of my friends got trapped into bad marriages because they knocked up their sweetie pie girlfriend. For me I had several good years of "sowing my wild oats" after Vicki and I broke up and after that I got married because I really wanted to. It's fun to fantasize about how you might have done things differently any period in your life! In reality, maybe it's just as well that you can't go back and start over! I guess my only real regret is I didn't learn to jack off earlier although I've since more than made up for that! Forget what I said at the beginning...I don't want to go back in time and please excuse this rambling Monday morning mental masturbation! Hey have a good week y'all!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Those Wacky Weenie Wavers!

Well my daughter Jennie and her boyfriend have left to continue their trip to Southern California so it's back to normal for the Horny Old Guy. I can walk around in the nude, fart, look at porno on the TV and my computer and jack off to my heart's content without guilt or fear of being caught in the act. It was great to see Jennie but it's also great to have my solitude again. I am really just not into entertaining house guests although I might make an exception if Marcella's roommate Patty wants to stay for a while (fat fucking chance!) My "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy" babes of the month are also always welcome at my door!

Jennie and her boyfriend Bill and I took a trip to San Francisco on Tuesday where the low point came when some perv waved his weenie at our tour boat while we were coming back from Alcatraz. He was standing behind a building on the wharf, his dong exposed and standing at attention and as the boat approached the dock he started jacking it off. Lots of shock and laughter and catcalls from people on the deck of the boat. As we got really close to the dock he zipped it up and made a hasty departure from the scene, probably a good move because I noticed several unamused tourists on their cell phones. At least those tourists from Iowa will have something to shock their friends about! San Francisco living up to it's scandalous reputation! A few kids on deck probably got more of a sex education that their parents desired too...although in this age of the internet was this really something they hadn't already seen on line?

I doubt that this was the first time this dude waved his weenie at boats (or anything else) in the city and I suspect he got away with it this time and many times before. San Francisco is a very tolerant and somewhat wacky city. It's just a couple of hours away from Stockton and yet a world away. I've seen just about everything else on the streets (including fucking!) there so it really didn't shock me. A few months ago I posted the picture below so you can see what the police apparently look the other way at. Note that hardly anyone around this nut case seems to be paying any attention to his public nudity and wanking. Only in San Francisco! The gay culture and liberal city politics have a lot to do with it I suppose.

Not that we don't have any weenie wavers at all in Stockton you understand. Some misguided fellow was regularly exposing the family jewels in the parking lot at a K Mart near me a few months ago. Daren the manager of the store who is a friend of mine was telling me all about it. The weenie waver was in his car, had his pants down and was exposing his erect pecker to all the ladies, young and old, who wandered by. Apparently he got away with it for several months without some outraged spectator calling the police or at least turning him into store security. A boyfriend or husband of a woman who witnessed his X rated performance eventually scared him straight by threatening to beat the shit out of him and took down his car license number which he turned into Darren. Darren turned the license number into the cops and as far as I know that was the end of the notorious K Mart Weenie Waver of Stockton. There are indeed regular reports about male exhibitionists in the local paper, many of them near schools, and they seem to be on the increase. There seems to be an epidemic of weenie waving nowadays in cities big and small!

I really don't understand those weenie wavers. Oh yeah I let it all hang out here from time to time but this site is clearly marked "For Adults Only" and no one has to be here if they don't want to. I would never dream of whipping my dong out in public and shocking and/or offending anyone. It's partly because weenie waving is such a crude and rude and uncivil act and partly because I really don't want to end up in jail with my name in the papers and a big black dick up my pooper! Nah there is a time to whip and out and a time to keep it zipped and in public is the time for the least in my most humble and ancient opinion! You want to expose your privates? Get a webcam or a blog dude! Women however are invited to flash me at any time in any place...please!!!

I do have to confess that as an early teen me and my buddy did a bit of weenie waving which I wrote about HERE a while back. We found a spot down by the Napa River where a highway ran overhead. Just peeing while the cars zipped by seemed like a cheap thrill and that led to some showing our boners and then jacking off while we watched the shocked reaction from the faces (usually women) on the passenger sides of the cars overhead. We got scared straight when we looked up to see a Highway Patrol car cruising slowly by with a Highway Patrolman peering out. You never saw two guys lose their boners, jump on their bikes and ride so fast in your life! That was over fifty years ago and that was the end of my weenie waving days forever. Yeah it was wrong but when you are young you do some stupid things! I guess it was better than burning down

Jennie and Bill were amused at the whole incident with the weenie waver. I told them "I bet you don't see things like that in Oregon!" and Jennie said "Oh I'm a nurse and I've seen stranger things than that dad!" I thought about some of the boners I've sprung in front of nurses and fantasies that I've had about them and decided I just better not pursue the matter any further. I sort of suspect there are some patient boners and jacking off involved though, hopefully no blow jobs from nurses like you see in the cartoons! There are some of your children's activities (at any age!) that you just don't even want to think about! Jennie is a smart gal anyway and I'm sure that she can handle any situation involving horny patients with humor and firmness and ease.'s back to uncensored blogging and jerking off! Jennie didn't get a chance to meet Marcella which as I said in my last post is probably just as well. Maybe next time! For now I'm eagerly awaiting the weekend when I will see Marcy again. No nookie for Mikey for two weeks is not a good thing! I need some pussy!! Hopefully I will make up for lost time this weekend! For a chuckle to finish off this post...if I ever decide to wave my weenie at anybody in public (which I won't!) I would certainly hope that I wouldn't get the reaction below! LOL Keep it zipped folks (in public anyway!) and have a good weekend!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Morning Shorty

Just a short post on this cold Monday morning. My daughter Jennie and her long time boyfriend are my house guests for a few days. They are on their way to San Diego and on rather short notice (Friday night!) Jennie called to ask if they could stop by here on the way down south. Of course I said yes. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and will be staying through Wednesday morning. Jennie is my only child, a dividend from my first marriage way back in my twenties. Jennie's mom Margaret (now deceased) and I got divorced when Jennie was just a toddler and Margaret soon remarried and moved to Oregon so I've seen very little of Jennie since she was that sweet little girl. Except for child support I've not been much of a dad...and I truly regret that. With Margaret moving to Oregon I didn't have that much choice though. Jennie is a nurse, will be 41 in March (Wow!) and still lives in Oregon with her longtime Bill. It's always good to see her on her rare visits down here. I could do without that Bill dude but it's her life and if he makes her happy...well that's fine too! Jennie remains a delight and I'm happy and proud to have her as a daughter. I just wish she lived closer!

Marcella was in the Bay Area with her parents for the weekend so Jennie hasn't met her yet and that may be just as well. Marcy is three years younger than Jennie and I can just hear the "Oh Daddy!" now. I mentioned that I have been dating a nice younger woman and I may just leave it at that for now. If Jennie and Bill were going to be here longer, we would probably get together for dinner with Marcy but I doubt it's going to happen this time. We are going to San Francisco today to play tourist and Jennie is going to visit a friend in Sacramento tomorrow so there really isn't time for an introduction this time...and like I said that may be just as well. Maybe next time!

You know what I find very weird? Waking up in the middle of the night to hear someone fucking in the next room of your own house. It's even weirder when you know that it's your own daughter who is being matter how old she is! It reminds me of the few times when I slept with and fucked my wife in her parents' vacation home while her mom and dad were in the next bedroom. I always felt guilty about it for some strange reason...even if we were married! For that matter I always felt guilty about jacking off when I stayed at my parents' house as an adult. No guilt at all as a teenager but as an adult I felt that I shouldn't be whacking off in mommy and daddy's spare bedroom. I even feel guilty writing about sex right now while Jennie is in the next room. I don't understand any of this shit! Is their a psychiatrist in the house?

While I ponder all of that, it's time to get ready to go over to the big city (San Francisco). I'll be back to my usual completely guilt free Horny Old Guy mode when my company has cleared out. Until then, enjoy the week!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cocksucking in the Movies!

No I'm not talking about that blow job I got in the back row of the old Pussycat Theater in Sacramento back in 1970's. Today I'd like to talk about blow job scenes from the movies for no particular reason except that I love blow jobs and I love erotica and explicit sexuality in movies. These are not XXX rated porno films we are talking about but legitimate movies, mostly foreign, with explicit cock sucking scenes in them. There are only a handful of these flicks that I know of, in fact I can recall only six in the last thirty years. As we all know it is perfectly fine to show beheadings, disembowelments and every other kind of savage and sadistic act on the screen but it's still generally taboo to show hard ons, cock sucking, pussy eating and explicit fucking. Janet Jackson's boob comes out on TV and the blue noses act like the world is coming to an end! Are we a sick society or what? Anyway here are a few films that turned me on with their explicit cock sucking/blow job scenes.

"In the Realm of the Senses" (above) was a controversial 1976 Japanese film which featured some nice hardcore sex including several fucking scenes with penetration and one great blow job scene where this lucky dude gets sucked all the way to ejaculation, with cum dripping down the gal's chin to show you that it was for real. The only problem with this flick is that our hero gets castrated at the end of the movie, simulated of course but pretty damn ugly on the big screen! That scene quickly shrunk down my boner which had been throbbing all the way through the film. I should have jacked off during the blow job scene when I had the chance!

Then there was "Devil in the Flesh" a 1986 Italian-French production which featured a young college student being blown by his luscious babe of a girlfriend. He seems to be more interested in some Socialist reading material than enjoying her copping his joint which either indicates he's gay or he's a fucking nut case! No cum shot but a pretty good cock sucking scene. Alas most of the rest of the movie is extremely dull except when the babe periodically takes her clothes off.

The British film "Intimacy" from 2001 had several nice simulated sex scenes and a few seconds of lovely Kerry Fox sucking the dick of her lover. Some guys have all the luck! This shows up on cable TV but the hardcore stuff is snipped out, damn it! I believe it's available on DVD in both the uncensored and cable TV versions.

Another British import "9 Songs" from 2004 had some pretty nice hardcore fucking as well as a couple of oral scenes. The blow job scene ends with the gal finishing the guy off with her hand and a cum shot. That's not quite as good as cum in the mouth for a real life blow job but I guess they wanted to get that "money" shot in...or maybe the leading lady doing the cocksucking just didn't want a mouthful of jism (like both of my wives and several of my ex-girlfriends!) It was a pretty hot scene though! Unfortunately you have to listen to some godawful fucking loud rock music between the sex scenes but at least somebody had the "balls" to show some real non-simulated sex (and quite a bit of it!) for a change! I actually jacked off when I watched this one in a multiplex. You can read about that disgusting act right HERE and yes I am ashamed of myself (sort of!)

Believe it or not an AMERICAN film called "Brown Bunny" released by Columbia Pictures in 2003 had an actual cock sucking scene in it! Vincent Gallo was the writer, director and star of this thing. He wrote the most boring script of all time (he travels across the country and nothing happens!) but in the climax (no pun intended!) his script calls for this babe to suck him off. Hey that Gallo dude ain't no dummy! Not a bad blow job scene if you are still awake at the end of the movie! Hard to tell if she actually "finishes" the job though since there is no "money" shot. Some have even suggested Gallo used an artificial (king sized!) dick but Gallo insists that indeed is his Italian salami. Whatever!

Finally a 2006 flick called "Shortbus" (still frame above) which I haven't seen yet reportedly has LOTS of hardcore sex in it...fucking and sucking and pussy eating and even a guy sucking himself off (some guys have all the luck!) It features a popular female Chinese TV and radio performer from Vancouver BC Canada who almost lost her job when her bosses discovered she had done the nasty in this movie I believe. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes out on DVD soon.

I had really intended to title this post"Pussy Eating in the Movies". I find explicit muff diving scenes in the movies even more erotic and enjoyable than cock sucking scenes but I'm really having problems finding some still frames, possibly because there are so few non-porn films that explicitly show this wonderful sport, long one of my favorite real life activities as well as one of my top voyeuristic pleasures. There are only a few of these films that I can think of offhand. The French film "Betty Blue" had a great pussy eating scene in it as did another more obscure French film in black and white that I can't even think of the name of.

The uncut version of "Basic Instinct" (above) plainly shows Michael Douglas's face buried in Sharon Stone's lovely muff and if he ain't eating some pussy, he's doing a pretty damn good imitation of it! I really think old Mikey is actually "yodeling in the canyon" if you know what I mean and I think you do! Get me close to Sharon's muff and I'd do the same thing! Then there is the uncut version of "Body of Evidence" which shows Willem Dafoe apparently eating out Madonna (left). I don't many places as that pussy has been I'm not sure I would have volunteered for that assignment even if they paid me big bucks. On second thought, yes I would! LOL

"Shortbus" also apparently has at least one explicit pussy eating scene (above) but as I said I haven't seen that one yet. Then there is the controversial "Ken Park" which I talked about some time ago (HERE) which features a prolonged scene of a young stud eating out his girlfriend's mother (!). Whoa dude! Talk about kinky! Even I never thought about that although none of my girlfriend's mamas that looked like this (below). Talk about a MILF!!! Come to think about it my first real girlfriend Vicki's mama was sort of a babe but I guess I was too clean cut then (what are you laughing at?) to think about "yodeling in her canyon"! Fucking her? Yeah to tell the truth that did enter my horny young mind!

Anybody know of any other good pussy eating scenes in mainstream movies? Please let me know because I'd sure like to see them and hopefully talk about them and show some still frames in a future post.

Meanwhile that's about it for today. I'm getting a hard on just thinking about all that oral sex. Marcella is unfortunately going to the Bay Area to visit her family so I won't be doing any muff diving or getting my weenie sucked on this weekend, damn the bad luck! It's back to jacking off for the Horny Old Guy. No big deal, I've been here many, many times before! Hmmmm...I wonder if Patty wants to go to that hot tub place...with just me??? (Just kidding Marcy darlin'!) I hope you people have lots of good sex, oral and otherwise though. Enjoy your weekend, thanks for reading, see you on Monday!