Monday, January 22, 2007

Can I Go Back and Start Over?

Ah it's so nice to start out the week pussy whipped instead of sexually frustrated like I did last week! Marcella was here all weekend and we took care of each other's sexual needs very nicely I think. As usual the high point for me was my Sunday morning blow job and I suppose Marcella would say for her it was my professional jaw tiring muff diving exhibition on Saturday night prior to our long, juicy fucking session. Life is good!

I was telling Marcy about my early sexual experiences this weekend. She was a bit shocked when I told her that I got seduced by an older woman, a customer on my paper route, when I was barely through puberty. I figured that I better just skip the part about my sister Karen jacking me off in a motel room even before that. That sexual experimentation, as innocent as it was, is one thing that I don't think I've ever mentioned to any of my partners, even to my two wives. I am just uncomfortable talking about it...and we all need to have a few secrets I suppose. It actually did feel good to get it off my chest when I wrote about all this stuff early on in this blog though. I did tell Marcella about the time Karen caught me sitting naked on the toilet jacking off even before our motel escapade and Marcy thought that was pretty funny. Not back then it wasn't!

Wouldn't it be nice to go back and start over in life? I had a pretty good childhood and teen years...not perfect but pretty damn good! I would love to re-live those days, knowing what I do now! WOW! I would be the horniest little bastard on the face of the earth, not that I wasn't close to that anyway! To begin with I would start jacking off as soon as I was born! Why waste about twelve years of having fun with your dick? To hell with waiting until almost puberty until I found out that my little weenie was good for something more than peeing! "I don't need no rattle mama, I got this thing to play with!"

I would be checking out the little girls bodies even more than I did as a child. There would be a lot of "You show me yours and I'll show you mine!" in my neighborhood! I would probably get a lot more spankings from my mom too...but it would be worth it! It's funny how we are interested in the other sex's private parts from the beginning...but most of us really don't realize why at first. It would be nice to know from the start how and why these bodies are going to fit together in the future and how much fun that is going to be! Maybe you could even have a bit of practice. "Okay let's get into bed and play mommy and daddy!" Ah with what I know now, that game would be REALLY fun! If the little girls didn't want to play mommy and daddy maybe I could teach them how to milk a cow...LOL

I'd also like to re-live that wonderful night when I discovered the great sport of jacking off. That momentous occasion was shortly before puberty for me. An older kid named Dwight had given me a demonstration outdoors one afternoon but I was too nervous to get a hard on let alone try it with him. That very same night in the privacy of my bedroom I sat on my bed and tried it again and...praise Jesus it worked! Rubbing my little pecker up and feeling better and better and then...WOW!!! Needless to say it was the greatest discovery of my young life...and I've been jacking off ever if you people didn't know that! Yeah it would be fun to re-live that wonderful experience which you can read more about RIGHT HERE.

I think that it would even be fun to go through PUBERTY again. This time I would even more enjoy seeing how my little weenie turned into a big man sized hairy dong, seemingly almost overnight although in reality I'm sure it happened over a number of months. I was a bit freaked out by all of the changes at the time. I didn't want anyone else in the family or even my friends to see what was happening "down there". I seriously thought that all my jacking off might have something to do with it. Finally in the junior high school shower room, I noticed that I wasn't a freak after all. All of the guys (well almost all of the guys) my age had big weenies too! The whole puberty experience would be much easier and more enjoyable if knowing what I do now I could go through it least I think it would!

As far as Barbara, my older woman (mid thirties) paper route customer who introduced me to the wonderful world of pussy and blow jobs at the young age of 13, I would still fuck her but this time without all the guilt and worry about my friends or parents finding out that I felt the first time around. I would enjoy it purely as fun and a basic sex education. Knowing that she was going to move away in a few months, I would  really fuck her brains out and request a few more juicy blow jobs! I would probably experiment with a few different positions with her (we only fucked missionary style) and maybe even let her teach me how to become proficient in the fine art of eating pussy. As it was I was well into my twenties until I developed that skill.

As for the early teen sexual experimentation with my sister Karen...I'm really not sure! We only did some mutual masturbation two nights in a motel room on a family vacation. We just sort of carried the game of "You show me yours, I'll show you mine!" one step further. We got caught on the third morning by our parents who were a separate motel room. We weren't doing anything at the time but we were both naked (we'd slept together that way) and my mom saw my morning hard on. Needless to say the shit hit the fan! Looking back it's probably a good thing we got caught. I'm reasonably sure that the sex games would have continued and there is no doubt that I would have fucked Karen if she would have let me. I could have easily gotten her pregnant, NOT a good thing in those prudish 1950's when abortions were still illegal. It would probably have been best to completely my leave my sis alone sexually...or be very, very careful! Those two hand jobs were fun though! The sexual desire for Karen continued into my early twenties although nothing else sexual ever happened between us.

The part that I would really change is the long "dry spell" between Barbara and my first real girlfriend Vicki. Several years of jacking off (not that that wasn't lots of fun!) was my only sexual activity after Barbara moved until I met Vicki as a junior in high school and then it took quite a while to get Vicki's panties down and my face and my cock buried in that lovely blond haired virgin muff! I'd be much more aggressive in hunting for poontang in those intervening years. Hell yes I would! It would be "Any port in a storm!" for Mikey the Horny Young Guy! Fat girls, ugly girls, old girls, young girls, virgins or sluts...I'd fuck 'em all...if they would let me of course! Come to think of it that also could have gotten me into some BIG trouble! Aside from no legal abortion, condoms were hard to come by for minors in those days and I was NOT ready to be a daddy or a hubby way back then!

Hmmmm...the more I think and write about it maybe I was better off just jacking off through those horny teen years after all! Several of my friends got trapped into bad marriages because they knocked up their sweetie pie girlfriend. For me I had several good years of "sowing my wild oats" after Vicki and I broke up and after that I got married because I really wanted to. It's fun to fantasize about how you might have done things differently any period in your life! In reality, maybe it's just as well that you can't go back and start over! I guess my only real regret is I didn't learn to jack off earlier although I've since more than made up for that! Forget what I said at the beginning...I don't want to go back in time and please excuse this rambling Monday morning mental masturbation! Hey have a good week y'all!


Anonymous said...

Great post Mike. Yes I too wish I had started to jack off earlier. I think i was around 15. I also wish me and my sister who is 2 years younger then me had played show and tell and masturbated each other. I now luv to look at hot teen grls, legal that is. Stories with them in it, and teen pics. I fantasize about fucking a hot teen virgin, but wish I had done the deed years ago. Oh too be young again and with our sex knowledge now Mike. wouldn't we have Bi Rob

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks Rob! It's a real bummer that you don't fully appreciate how wonderful teen poontang is until it becomes illegal for you to get it. Damn the bad luck! That's one of the reasons I fantasize about going back to those teen years when jailbait was in season and legal. I didn't get my share the first time around! LOL