Monday, January 08, 2007

Fantasy Vs. Reality in the Hot Tub

It was a very good but not quite a great weekend for the Horny Old Guy. The good news is that I got to fuck Marcella and get a blow job from her for the first time in two weeks. The bad news is that I was also expecting to see Marcy's lovely roommate Patty in her birthday suit...stark naked!..but that delicious plan fizzled out. Damn the bad luck!

Marcella's cold was still hanging on Friday night so I suggested we go to a local hot tub and sauna place for a Saturday night "date". Soaking in a hot tub, followed by a sauna has helped me shake colds fairly quickly in the past. Marcella had never heard of that remedy but agreed to give it a try. Saturday morning she called back and asked if Patty who was also struggling with a cold could join us. The thought of a naked Patty of course brought an immediate rising in my pants! "Sure she can come!" I said calmly, trying to conceal how overjoyed I was.

WOW! A naked Patty...something I had been wanting to see ever since Marcella introduced me to her cutie pie roommate. I was actually dancing around the room after that phone call, my boner in my hand! I knew there would be no sex involved but just seeing Patty in the nude...WOW! I knew it would be a dick expanding experience for sure and I wondered if I should jack off right before the big event to reduce the chance of springing a big woody in front of her. All sorts of imaginary mages of a naked Patty and nasty fantasies about her were running through my dirty mind and I finally decided to not jack off beforehand and just let "Junior" stand at attention if he wanted to. Maybe Patty would be impressed but more likely both women would be giggling like school girls at the sight of my ancient woody! It sounded like fun!

I was starting to picture in my dirty mind the whole wonderful erotic experience. I could even see the headline in the Monday morning Stockton paper. Click on the image below to read all about it!

Alas our three way hot tub party was not to be! Both women were a bit "unclear on the concept" and had their bathing suits ready when I got to their apartment on Saturday night. When I explained that these were private rooms, each with with a shower, hot tub and sauna (I didn't mention the mattress!) and that bathing suits were not required Patty immediately chickened out. Damn! Damn! Damn! Marcy was okay with the idea and tried to talk Patty into it. I told her that it was as natural as going to a nude beach but Patty said she wouldn't go to a nude beach either (more bad news!) Patty wouldn't change her mind so Marcy and I finally left for the hot tub place by ourselves and Patty stayed in the apartment to nurse her cold. Damn! Damn! Damn!

I'll have to say that the hot tub was very nice even without Patty. No problems in springing or not springing a boner in front of Marcella after seeing her nude so much in the last six months. She's seen my boner so many times it wouldn't have been a big deal to her anyway. I kept thinking that Patty could be here but wasn't! Damn! Damn! Damn! The hot water in the tub actually shrunk my pecker instead of making it spring to life as it would have done with Patty. Marcy and I did the hot tub, then the sauna and finally sat on the mattress and drank the fruit juice we bought at the concession stand on the way in. I'm sure that horny young couples sometimes use the mattress to fuck (cheaper than a motel room!) but with the heat neither of us had the desire to do the nasty right then and there. I just kept imagining a naked Patty sitting between us. Fantasies of a threesome on that mattress were waking up my sleeping dong even though I know Marcella well enough to be reasonably sure that a threesome between us would NEVER happen. And yet...just the thought of a naked Patty in the hot tub room with the time I was putting on my shorts I had a hard on and Marcy was indeed giggling!

My disposition improved considerably when Marcy and I got back to my place. The hot tube/sauna did seem to help Marcy's cold and I felt years younger as I always do after an hour in one of those places. After two weeks of only jacking off I was ready to fuck...and so was Marcella! It was one of our better fucking sessions although I confess Patty was still on my mind and in my fantasies as I buried my face and cock in Marcy's warm pussy. It was some great sex though and just what I needed after my disappointment earlier in the evening. Marcy felt even better on Sunday morning. Her cold seemed to be completely gone and she was kind enough to give me her ritual Sunday morning blow job with gusto before getting up and going to church. I told Marcy to tell Patty how nice the hot tub was and how it helped her cold and she said she would do that. Marcy really liked it and told me she would like to go again, with or without Patty. There is still a glimmer hope but I doubt I'll get another chance to see sweet young Patty in the nude. A golden opportunity flushed down the toilet! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Of course I'm exaggerating...a little bit...about my disappointment of not seeing Patty naked. Well actually no I'm not! It was however a very nice weekend for me and I hope it was for you too. Have a nice week with or without your clothes on. I'll continue to hope and pray for a naked Patty and I'll see you back here later in the week. Bye bye for now!


Steff said...

"Patty really liked it and told me she would like to go again, with or without Patty."

You've got Patty on the brain and other various parts of your

Mike Stewart said...

Hehe! You've got that right darlin'! Thanks for that correction! It's hard to type with one hand you know!

cynthia said...

yo mikey i will go to the hot tubs with u anytime u want and we can use the mattresss too hehe :)


Mike Stewart said...

Ah Cyn darlin' you sure know how to make my weenie go BOING! Hey ever think about moving to Stockton CA? On second thought, Marcy would not approve..but thanks for that offer anyway! It made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike bummer it didn't happen as you thought. I had a 3some one time with 2 Bi ladies. Well there is an experience I will never forget. But who knows you may see Patty naked yet someday, or if not in your mind alot. Mike I had my first all male 3some this week, and damn what a hot time. You can read about it in my livejournal...Take care and stay hard,,Bi for now, Rob