Monday, January 01, 2007

Jackin' the Night and the Old Year Away!

Damn the bad luck! My plan for getting laid on New Year's Eve went down the tubes when Marcella came down with a bad cold. She called on Saturday and told me she was coming down with one but would still try to come over on Sunday (New Year's Eve) if she didn't feel too bad. Sunday the cold was much worse and now her roommate Patty had the bug too. She said she just better stay home and not take a chance of giving it to me. Not that we had any great plans but I was looking forward to spending the last few hours of the year between Marcy's warm thighs and also waking up to the first blow job of the new year from her on Monday morning. God knows I've spent enough New Year's Eves by myself! Oh well...I guess one more won't make that much difference!

I popped the cork on a bottle of expensive champagne I'd bought for the occasion and turned on the TV. Before Sunday night football was over the champagne was all gone along with a couple glasses of wine and I had quite a buzz on. It was still only 9:00 pm our time but midnight on the east coast. CNN was showing the festivities in New York's Times Square. I watched that for a few minutes and then switched to a local news program where the female anchor immediately gave me a hard on. Very few of those news babes don't give me boners and I'm constantly fantasizing myself eating and fucking them as they report the news. Am I weird or what? Actually I've been doing that ever since I was a horny teenager and some habits are hard to break you know. They do seem to hire some lovely young creatures to read the news and give the weather, don't they? When I lived in Sacramento, our local weather gal was Kristine Hanson (pictured below) who was formerly a Playboy centerfold. Talk about jackin' off to the weather! Kristine is still around on a Bay Area TV station I believe and still looks mighty fine!

So this news babe and the boner she gave me reminded me that I hadn't jacked off in three days in anticipation of slipping the salami to Marcella. It's also been my policy to always get one more ejaculation in before old Father Time arrives. I called Marcella and wished her and Patty a Happy New Year and just after 10:00 pm took off all of my clothes, jumped into bed, grabbed hold of my ancient but still functioning dong and jacked it off. They don't call me "Mr. New Year's Eve Excitement" for nothing folks! I'm ashamed to say it was Patty rather than Marcy that was in my fantasy along with another sexy young acquaintance of mine who often reads this blog. Yeah it was a threesome fantasy and needless to say it had a very happy ending! Something about champagne really makes my dick blast off! Maybe it's all those bubbles! It would have been much for fun to pump that major league eruption into Marcella's (or Patty's...or that other darlin' in my fantasy's) warm tight pussy but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have you know. Not a big deal with me. I've been here many times before! The tradition of ending the old year and starting the new year with a big BANG! was carried on by the Horny Old Guy! It beats that fucking ball dropping in Times Square any day!

I soon drifted off to sleep and the next thing I knew I was waking up at 6:00 am this morning with a fucking hangover. Not much of a surprise there! I got up and drank some coffee which tasted absolutely awful! I took a couple of aspirin and went back to bed for another hour. The aspirin helped and I decided what I really needed was a hot shower. The hot water really felt good and I soon started feeling like a human being again. I started thinking about Patty and my threesome fantasy and soon had another hard on in the shower. Sexual release has seemed to help headaches in the past for me so I decided to soap up the old dick and whack it off again. When I was a teenager, jacking off in the shower used to be a regular thing for me and I've always liked to have women do it for me when we showered together but it's been quite a while since I've done it by myself. The soap makes a pretty good lube. Just don't get it in the urethra where it can cause an irritation or an infection! I'll have to say it was quite a rush and I had another powerful ejaculation which made me forget what was left of my hangover, at least momentarily. I may do that shower jack off more often from now on! Not a bad way to start the new year either...although I'll admit a blow job from Marcella's warm mouth would have been even better!

And so jacking off in the shower, along with the aspirin and the coffee I'm now drinking (which tastes much better than that first cup!) has helped my hangover considerably. I think I'm going to make it through the day now! In a couple of hours I'll call Marcella and see how she's doing. The cold is probably still with her so I expect that it will be a day of watching football by myself for me. Just as well, Marcella doesn't care for football at all. I suppose before the day is over I'll probably jerk off again too. You know I had sort of made a New Year's resolution to stop talking about jacking off so much in this blog but as you can see, even with Marcella as my regular sexual partner, it's still a big part of my life. Oh well...I've never denied or been ashamed that I jack off. Just don't tell any of my off line friends or family, okay? I do wish YOU (my on line friends) a great week and a sex filled and Happy New Year! I'll be back later in the week with my first "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for 2007. Bye bye for now!


Rap said...

Kristine Hanson is georgous isn't she!

I fell asleep in the chair and missed the New Year countdown.

Why in hell do they have to schedule the arrival of the new year so damn late?

I mean, couldn't we do it just as well at oh, say, seven-thirty? What's this fascination with midnight anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, sorry to hear your lady is sick, but happy to hear you had lots of selflove..I will tease you and let you know me and my lady bring in the new year with a few glasses of wine, then fucked like rabbits after midnight. But being not a big drinker I will admit it was not my best performance. Oh the big guy was up for it, but the cumming part needed some selfhelp too, if you know what I
Ah I am sure you will get your payback when she is feeling better. Have a great week Mike, and damn it sucks being back at work,,Bi for now Johnny

cynthia said...

Yo mikey you should have called me. I woulda give u a new years eve to remember hehe :)

hugs and kisses and happy new year hon

Steff said...

Bi for now...Johnny? Going Mr. Smith there on us? LOL

Okay for your comments:

1. I can't decide if I read for the content or the cartoons! Some of those are

2. Sorry to hear about Marcy and Patty. Being sick sucks.

3. A threesome fantasy...hmmm. Definitely should elaborate ;)

4. I like football. I'm fuzzy on the scoring and stuff but guys in tight pants that emphasize the know I'm all about.

Happy New Year!

Mike Stewart said...

Yup Rap Kristine Hanson is a babe, even with her clothes on. In Sacramento I could rarely keep it zipped when she was reading the weather. I hear you about staying up til midnight...not for me anymore!

Bi Rob/Johnny/the horny Canuck LOL it sounds like you had a much better New Year's Eve than me. I hear you about too much liquor too...a little seems to loosen you up and help things along but too much can make fucking more difficult.

Ah Cyn darlin' if you only didn't live so far away. I KNOW you could have given me a Happy New Year even if Marcella would not approve!

Steff darlin' you should have been there for that threesome fantasy...I think you would have enjoyed it...enuff said! :)

Thanks for the comments folks and Happy New Year to all!