Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jacking Off to Nicole Kidman!

A new year, a new month and a new "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" for the Horny Old Guy! This month it's the lovely and talented Nicole Kidman! If you remember last month (and who could forget?) my pick was the lovely and talented Katie Holmes. What these two babes have in common of course is Scientology nut case Tom Cruise. Katie is married to Tommy boy now and Nicole used to be. What do women see in that dude anyway? I mean just because he's young and good looking and rich and a movie star and probably has a big dong and knows how to eat pussy...I mean I just don't get it! Anyway I will be jackin' to sweet Nicole all this month! I know that she will be pleased and honored to know that!

Ms. Kidman first came to my attention in a 1989 thriller "Dead Calm" (above) when it showed up on late night cable TV. There was only one nude scene as I recall and shot from the back but just one look at that red hair and that absolutely gorgeous young butt and I knew that I was in love...or at least in lust. I whipped my dick out and jacked it off then and there.

Nicole has been giving me boners and regular inspiration to beat my meat ever since. 1991's "Billy Bathgate" (two stills above) gave us more brief but lovely views of Nicole's shapely naked body both rear and full frontal and more reasons for us horny dudes of all ages to whip it out and jack it off and fantasize that our name was Tom Cruise, Nicole's hubby at the time. Some guys have all the luck!

The movie that Nicole displayed the most skin in is of course "Eyes Wide Shut", which she made in 1999 with Tom Cruise.The rest of these still frames are from that sexy flick. Oh how I still love that luscious butt! It has to be one of the finest butts in movies...or maybe even on the planet! I may even re-think my general disdain for analingus! I'd bury my face between those buns any day! And that lovely trimmed red pubic hair that you can see in the mirror! Talk about looking good enough to eat! What a sweet looking pussy! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! I won't be needing any Viagra today! I may not even make it through writing this post without whipping it out and jacking it off! (Oh control yourself Mike, you horny old bastard!)

Getting back down to earth (sort of)...Marcella is still down with a cold. I'm going to suggest we go to a hot tub and sauna place this weekend. That usually helps me shake off a cold pretty quickly. Maybe we can even fuck on the mattress they have in those private rooms, not the first time that would be happening in there! I speak from experience my friends! I definitely need some nookie after almost two weeks of taking things in hand. As much as I love to jack off, once you get used to regular nookie you just need that regular nookie to say nothing of those regular blow jobs!

Hey today I reach 50,000 on my hit counter! That would still be small potatoes to major league bloggers but to me it's big numbers! Of course every click on this blog or going to a different page in my archive counts as a hit but still I'm impressed and pleased. Since I get very few comments I do wonder who all of these gluttons for punishment are. Whoever you are out there in cyberspace, I do appreciate it especially if you come back again and again. To those of you who do comment or send me e mail, a special thanks! To the two women who have sent me nude pics of themselves you have my eternal gratitude! To those of you who stumble on this site just once and say "This old fucker is nuts! I'm out of here!"...I understand your pain! To ALL of you I say have a wonderful first weekend of the New Year! Now let me whip out my dick and get back to those pictures of Nicole! Jesus that is one lovely young butt!!!


MrManicDepressive said...

Congrats on hitting 50K!

I have a thing for redheads myself, so you KNOW Nicole is on my list as well. Have a great month jerking off to the little redhead that could!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the hits Mike. I was one who looked, and said wow a man of my own heart, and stuck Ah I just knew you needed the Bi comment now and then. Although I am sure there are alot of closet Bi's on here. Yes Nicole is a Hottie and has a wicked ass. I luv the red hair and if I was at home right now I would jerk off with you. Bi for now Rob

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! I've been lurking for a few months now but never posted. Not sure why though. I love your frankness about fantansies and jerking off. I LOVE Kidman. I love her massive curly hair. I've thought about eating her pussy while my bf fucking me doggy style. I can cum so fast thinking things like that. I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and keep on jerking off and posting about it. LOL! M

Steff said...

I remember watching Eyes Wide Shut one weekend while my parents were away on vacation. I felt so adult I guess renting it from the video store and watching it. I didn't spread my wings (at least sexually) until I got to college so at the time it was very daring of me. Just one of those crazy little memories!

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for the comments folks! A special thanks to the ex lurker M (Anonymous #2) for her first comment and for reading this silly blog.

Hey Steff darlin'! Too bad you didn't rent "Debbie Does Dallas" when mom and dad were gone! In fact too bad I didn't watch it with you! Now that was a sexy movie!

Steff said...

I don't mind watching porn with a guy as long as I get as much attention as the tv does ;)

Rap said...

Human nature is an odd thing.

People will often go miles out of their way to bitch about something but at the same time shy away from saying anything complimentary.

So, it maybe a left handed compliment if you don't see any comments.

The silent applause could deafen a guy.

I like Nicole too...wasn't she married to another actor type at one time...can never remember the guys name, guess he didn't make much of an impression on me.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Fotos da Britney Spears Nua

Mike Stewart said...

I don't worry about not getting many comments Rap. It's always nice to know that someone is out there though...and yours and the other regular readers comments are always appreciated. My hit numbers show that I have lots of lurkers and I like that too. Surprisingly with flaming being so popular on the web I have had only a couple of negative comments...but I don't even mind them!

I couldn't find any mention of a hubby for Nicole prior to Tom Cruise. She apparently has been linked sexually to others though (even while married to Tommy Boy!). The Hollywood studs are waiting in line for some of that red haired poontang...and who can blame them?

Mike Stewart said...

Hot off the press...rumors are that Nicole's short marriage to current hubby Keith Urban (whoever the fuck he singer?) are on the rocks because she found out that Keith was playing "Hide the Salami" with a lingerie model even while he and Nicole were engaged. I may have a chance with Nicole yet! (Yeah right!) LOL

Byron said...

Dear horny old guy: I just stumbled onto your site here and it was really interesting reading, I can tell you. But please be honest with me: Aren't alot of these stories about your life actually-how can I put it- adventures in creative fiction? Come on now, you can tell me the truth.

If I had had as much much action as you seem to have had during your life, I would have died of exhaustion by your age.

Mike Stewart said...

Dear Byron: No as a matter of fact these stories are not "creative fiction" even though I suppose some of them sound like it at times. By the time you get to my age (66) I would hope most of us have a wealth of sexual memories and exploits to relate. I actually feel like I've had less than my share! I go out of my way to to truthfully include the good, the bad and the ugly...and I've had more than my share of the latter! Only a very few first names were changed to protect the innocent.

You haven't read much of my blog (and I don't blame you there!) if you think I've had THAT much action, unless you consider the many years at a time of jacking off as my only sexual release as "action". As far as I know you can't die of exhaustion from excessive jacking off.

Most of my relationships including my two marriages have been relatively short lived. My lonely days and nights of jacking off way exceed my years of getting laid! No complaints...that's just how it worked out...but once in a while you do get lucky (like right now with Marcella in my life!). Other times whores and one night stands get you through, although those days are now long over for me.

There are some things here which I am not too proud of...and some just plain embarrassing...but I felt I had to include them just because they actually did happen. Whether people choose to believe them or anything else in this blog is of course their choice. Thanks for your comment and that legitimate question though...and thanks for reading this silly but true blog!


Byron said...

Mike, i think your site is actually very good. And I agree with a lot of what you write. Most porn is unwatchable rubbish. And I also prefer viewing fashion and lingerie catalogs. Have you seen the women in Chadwicks, La Redoute or even JC Penny? Unbelievable!! Usually 20 times lovelier than Playboy. Landsend? Fredericks of Hollywood? Newport? I order them all regularly. I think I can identify a fellow hypersexual when I see(read?) him.

I just thought it was strange that could recall so many minute details from events that occurred back in the '60s and '70s but I guess I would remember those things too.

Mike Stewart said...

I agree about those catalogs Byron! As I mentioned before, I've been jerking off to lingerie ads/catalogs since I was a teen. Sometimes less skin is definitely better. Beaver shots have never done that much for me. I do vividly remember most sexual things in my life as if they happened yesterday. First fucks with various women for instance...except for the one night stands and whores of course. They are all a big blur! Age will probably soon be taking care of that which is one reason I started this blog. Write it down while I can still remember it, fondly or otherwise!