Monday, January 29, 2007

Love Those Redheads!

Ever since I met Kathy, a lovely 40 something redheaded neighbor in my condo complex who is serving on the condo association Board of Directors with me, I've had a bad case of "redhead fever". Kathy was over to my place for some official business last week and I got the immediate urge to jump her bones. Of course being a true gentleman (really!) I resisted the temptation to even attempt to do that and most likely would have been properly rebuffed anyway! However I've since had several jack off sessions with Kathy as my fantasy fuck. She has been taking the place of Marcella's hot roommate Patty in my fantasies so you know this is some serious shit folks!

Marcy was on her period this weekend with her usual non interest in sex during that time so I've had more than my usual need for fantasies and relief from my right hand to get me through the weekend. Marcy didn't even stay over Saturday night and the best I could talk her into on Saturday was a hand Kathy has had to take up the slack! The silly part is that I don't even know if Kathy is married or has a boyfriend or has any interest in me...not that that's really important when you are jacking off! I sure would like to fuck her though!

I've had a number of lovely redheads in my life. Barbara the older woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of sex when I was only 13 had red hair as did Julia my second wife and Pat, a sweet Irish gal I lived with for a long time in my 50's, maybe the love of my life. It's not that I don't love blonds or brunettes you understand. Marcella has dark black hair like most Filipinos and she is very attractive to me. It's just that redheads have always had an extra special appeal for me. Red pubic hair in particular drives me fucking wild! I love freckles too!

As I looked at Kathy's red hair and red eyebrows last week, I couldn't help visualizing that lovely mound of red hair between her legs and the luscious place I'd so love to put my mouth and cock beneath that hair. It didn't take long for her to make me spring a boner even as we were doing our boring work of updating our homeowner data files into the computer. When she left, I couldn't wait to get in bed, whip my dick out and jack it off to a fantasy of fucking her. That alone  is a sure sign that I'm coming down with a serious case of "redhead fever".

A few pictures can say a thousand words and these that I've posted here may help you understand why redheads drive me and many other guys wild with lust! Just looking at these pics has made "Junior" spring to life again and I may have to jack off again this morning to relieve the fact I know I will! I will be back later in the week after my fever has subsided...maybe! Until then, have a great week y'all!


Marc W said...

Thanks for those photos you posted.

They were enough to get me jacking off...

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike, those photos are hot. I luv the last one, and would sit on that ladder and lick that sweet read pussy, oh and those tits,,mmm. Almost make a Bi guy want to go straight,,,thinking - NO-lol. I envy the way you were taught by the older lady at 13. I only wish that had of been me.
I think we all have our favorite jack off pics in our head, Most of the time mine are off hot legal teen grls with firm tits, and smooth pussies, or a hot blonde teen boy with a nice big cock and my mouth over it...mmmm, Have a great one Mike. Its damn cold up north here today, -28C with the windchill. cold enough to do serious shrinkage if one is outside too long..Bi Rob

cynthia said...

mikey hon if u remember i got red hair :)


Anonymous said...

Tried posting on the "Cock Sucking Pussy Eating In the Movies" Topic, but it cut off the links. Let's see if it goofs up this time. I "returned" the long addresses to fit in the blogger box. Hope it works! (I Googled Shortbus)
OK. Either i've posted this about 6 times and I can't see it, Blogger hates me or it does not like URLs in comments... So trying this without URLs.

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Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments marc w and Bi Rob, my fellow redhead lovers! Oooh that is COLD up there Bi Rob...think I'll stay down here in Stockton where it's in the 60's F, although down to the low 30's F at night...still mild compard to the Frozen North!

Cyn darlin' I do remember you are a natural redhead (!) from the pics you sent me! Got any more pics???

Guess they don't allow links in comments anonymous #2. I guess you are trying to let us know that the sexy "Shortbus" is coming out on DVD on March 13. Thanks for that info!

Anonymous said...

Cyn - This sexy horny bi guy would also luv to see your pics,,mmmmm red. please send to thanks Cyn the Bi Guy