Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Morning Shorty

Just a short post on this cold Monday morning. My daughter Jennie and her long time boyfriend are my house guests for a few days. They are on their way to San Diego and on rather short notice (Friday night!) Jennie called to ask if they could stop by here on the way down south. Of course I said yes. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and will be staying through Wednesday morning. Jennie is my only child, a dividend from my first marriage way back in my twenties. Jennie's mom Margaret (now deceased) and I got divorced when Jennie was just a toddler and Margaret soon remarried and moved to Oregon so I've seen very little of Jennie since she was that sweet little girl. Except for child support I've not been much of a dad...and I truly regret that. With Margaret moving to Oregon I didn't have that much choice though. Jennie is a nurse, will be 41 in March (Wow!) and still lives in Oregon with her longtime Bill. It's always good to see her on her rare visits down here. I could do without that Bill dude but it's her life and if he makes her happy...well that's fine too! Jennie remains a delight and I'm happy and proud to have her as a daughter. I just wish she lived closer!

Marcella was in the Bay Area with her parents for the weekend so Jennie hasn't met her yet and that may be just as well. Marcy is three years younger than Jennie and I can just hear the "Oh Daddy!" now. I mentioned that I have been dating a nice younger woman and I may just leave it at that for now. If Jennie and Bill were going to be here longer, we would probably get together for dinner with Marcy but I doubt it's going to happen this time. We are going to San Francisco today to play tourist and Jennie is going to visit a friend in Sacramento tomorrow so there really isn't time for an introduction this time...and like I said that may be just as well. Maybe next time!

You know what I find very weird? Waking up in the middle of the night to hear someone fucking in the next room of your own house. It's even weirder when you know that it's your own daughter who is being matter how old she is! It reminds me of the few times when I slept with and fucked my wife in her parents' vacation home while her mom and dad were in the next bedroom. I always felt guilty about it for some strange reason...even if we were married! For that matter I always felt guilty about jacking off when I stayed at my parents' house as an adult. No guilt at all as a teenager but as an adult I felt that I shouldn't be whacking off in mommy and daddy's spare bedroom. I even feel guilty writing about sex right now while Jennie is in the next room. I don't understand any of this shit! Is their a psychiatrist in the house?

While I ponder all of that, it's time to get ready to go over to the big city (San Francisco). I'll be back to my usual completely guilt free Horny Old Guy mode when my company has cleared out. Until then, enjoy the week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, ha thats cool you get to spend a bit of time with her. I quess its my incest mind working, but if my daughter was hot looking and getting fucked in the next room and I hear it, I think I would be jerking off listening in..Ok i'm bad. Its snowing like crazy up here in Eastern Canada, 20 cm and its going to be -29C windchill tommorow. IT SUCKS,,6 weeks until I am sipping a umberalla drink under a palm tree in the DR..YA..Bi for now Rob

Steff said...

Rob: You are terrible!

Mike: Glad you're enjoying the visit with family. :)

Anonymous said...

Steff - Thanks, I think,,lol. Bi Rob