Monday, February 12, 2007

Goodbye Anna Nicole Smith!

First of all this morning I would like to publicly announce that I am NOT the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby...unless it's now possible to impregnate a woman by jacking off to her picture in Playboy magazine. I do have to plead guilty to that offense! She was indeed a babe but a rather empty headed and untalented one in my most humble and ancient opinion. She was a gold digger too and anyone who thinks she married that old rich codger for love probably still thinks O.J. is innocent. She apparently wanted to be another Marilyn Monroe but she was missing just one element that Marilyn had...talent! I think the media paid way too much attention to her life and her passing but in this celebrity crazed culture I guess that's the kind of news people like to dwell on day and night. The story off a small town girl from Texas who wanted to be a star definitely had a tragic conclusion and I suppose I'm being a bit hard on her but that story just didn't belong on the front page or on CNN 24/7. Rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith...but frankly you should have stayed in Texas where you probably would have been much happier and lived longer!

Marcella spent the weekend with me again so I have nothing sexually to complain about this morning. Being pussy whipped is a great way to start the new week, at my age or any age! Next weekend Marcy is going to her parents house in the Bay Area so it will be back to jacking off. I wish I could get Marcy to give me a little mid week sexual relief but it's like pulling teeth trying to get laid or even a blow job from her except on weekends. We usually go out for dinner on Wednesday night but she always wants to get right back to her apartment with the excuse that she has to get up for work early Thursday morning. No way I can get her to screw in her apartment either with her roommate Patty in the next room. That would be a big turn on for me but Marcy won't go for it. She says her orgasms make too much noise and she may have a point there. My condo neighbors must sometimes wonder what this old fart is doing when Marcy is over here! A mid week fuck or blow job would still be a treat though, at her place, at my place, in the car...anywhere! Oh always my right hand gets me through the week I have these lovely weekends to look forward to!

Wednesday is of course Valentine's Day. It's been some years since I've been in a relationship so it seems strange having to go out and buy a mushy card, flowers and candy which is what I suppose I better do if I want to get laid even on weekends from now on. Frankly I thought that Valentine's Day shopping was over for good for me. We'll go out to eat at Marcy's favorite Thai restaurant too. After that, maybe I will get lucky...or maybe I won't! I asked Marcy again this weekend if she wanted to move in with me and she told me no again. It was for the same reasons as the last time...her parents wouldn't approve and Patty needs her to share the rent. I think Marcy views our relationship as strictly casual and that's okay with me. I think we're both pretty much on the same page. As much as I like her companionship and the sex, I still value my independence and my solitude too. Once again there was a sigh of relief on my part when she said no to my offer.

That's about all for this morning. I hope you all have a wonderful week and Valentine's Day with your sweeties! If you aren't fortunate enough to have a significant other at this time in your life, free free to make love to yourself! Hey that has worked for me on many a Valentine's day and on many other days and nights throughout the year. Remember the immortal words of that great sage Woody Allen..."Don't knock masturbation! It's sex with someone I love!" Truer words were never spoken my friends! See you later on in the week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that hot pic of Anna Mike. I was wondering if those boobs have been enhanced? I have seen pics of her when she started with Hef and they look about the same back then. It's a shame that alot of our stars lives end this way. Have a great one,,Bi Rob

Jess said...

I agree..I feel sorry for Anna and all, but geez, there is a war going on, children starving, Astronauts going bazerk much media play..But she sure was a looker wasn't she?

Happy Valentines Day Mike! *muwah*

cynthia g. said...

Belated valentine day greeting hun if marcella is not available middle week i am hehe :)

hugs from ur secret valentine gurlfrend

Anonymous said...

You know, I think that Anna did the right thing. She had a great asset, her body (well, two assets, her boobs!) and she put them to use. A stripper and gold digger? Well, so what? I view her as a form of capitalist, who made a profit off what she had. That old boy she married probably got a few good blow jobs out of the relationship, and I think she earned every dollar that she might eventually receive. I wish the high lords of the media would simply recognize that a gal from a non-Ivy League background can fuck for fun and profit.