Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jacking Off to Kate Winslet!

Another new month and it's once again time for the Horny Old Guy to name his "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month". I am proud to announce that during the month of February I will be jacking off to the lovely and talented Ms. Kate Winslet who I have been in lust with every since I saw "Titanic". That three hour flick was pretty boring for me until the ship started sinking except when sweet Katie took off her clothes (below) to be painted in the nude by that lucky Leonardo De Caprio dude, both me and my dick sprung immediately to life! What a babe! Hey she's got red hair too! What more could yours truly, the Horny Old Guy who is still suffering from "redhead fever" (see my two previous posts), want as his jack off inspiration for the month? Life is good when you are jerkin' off to Kate!

Ever since she began her career Kate has been ready and willing to take off her clothes if the role calls for it...and happily for us horny guys, young and old, the role seems to frequently call for it! She has no reservations about full frontal nudity either or letting her leading man suck on one of her lovely big titties (some guys have all the luck!) Yeah Kate is my kind of woman and instead of talking about her I think I'll just let these pictures below speak for themselves. I have no idea what movies these frames came from but I want to see them all!

Doesn't Kate have a nice butt? Now to get back to my real world...Marcella is coming over for the weekend. Her period is over and hopefully she is as ready for some fuckin' and suckin' as I am. No nookie last weekend, that case of "redhead fever" and just looking at these pictures of Kate has made me as horny as Bill Clinton was when Monica Lewinsky was on her knees with her mouth open. At my age extreme horniness is not a bad thing. I don't think I'll be needing any Viagra this weekend! I hope you all have as good a weekend as I hope to! See you back here on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Mmm Mike, Kate is a red headed hottie. And those tits are to die for. Nice size and look sooo suckable. Thanks for that on a TGIF day. Had a visit to my gay friend Tim last night. Damn can he suck a cock,,lol. Ya you have a great weekend, and I hope you get your share of makeup sex,,Bi Rob

M.A. said...

Hello it's Mystery Actress checking in....

Ohhh have I got stories about Kate and Nicole.... fortunately I am discreet and will keep them to myself. Neither of them do it for me in any way shape or form but happy to know they do it for the HOG!

Hey bi rob, you're quite a guy!! I had a super sexy bisexual bf once who said gay men did NOTHING for him. If they weren't into women the vibe just wasn't right he said! Well, we're all different and that's something to be thankful for! btw, I'm sure gay men give the best head in town so hope you had fun!

Have a great weekend all! Mike, go for it!! ;-)

or should that be :6 (that's supposed to look like a tongue....)

I'm going to the seaside this weekend to breathe in some fresh salty sea air!!! Byeeeeeee!

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments Bi Rob and Mystery Actress! Hey Bi Rob aren't you as impressed as I am that we have a real live actress in our midst? She may even be associating with some of the people we are jacking off to!!! Isn't the internet wonderful? Hope you both have a great (and sexy) weekend!