Monday, February 05, 2007

A Stiff Dick Has No Conscience!

No I'm not talking about my own dick here! Believe it or not my dick actually does have a conscience...sort of! Oh it's got me in some trouble more than once over the years but with age comes a little wisdom and now with the help of my aged brain the little fellow knows where he is supposed to go and what he is supposed to do...well most of the time anyway! I do however remember the first time I heard that old saying "A stiff dick has no conscience!". My dad was chatting with his neighbor out in the back yard and used it while whispering about a guy at his workplace, a married man who had apparently knocked up the family babysitter. Both my dad and our neighbor seemed to think that old saying as it applied to the situation was was hilariously funny. I was only about ten years old but having experienced many a pre-puberty boner, I somewhat figured out what that they were talking about. After I went through puberty a couple of years later I began to realize that truer words were never spoken!

What brought this old saying to mind was the scandal of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom getting caught with his pants down...fucking his best friend's wife in fact! We are about 80 miles from San Francisco (Sin City) here in Stockton but it was on the front page of our local paper and probably on the front page of papers around the country. It seems that his honor's best friend Alex Tourk was working for him (now there's a big surprise is politics!) and Alex's sexy young wife Ruby Rippey-Tourk was also working for him as his appointments secretary. The mayor and the friend's wifey couldn't resist each other and Gavin was soon slipping the mayoral salami to his buddy's wife! Ruby confessed to hubby and a major league scandal was the result. Gavin has admitted it's all true and his political ambitions may have just been flushed down the toilet. He was one of the young up and comers in Democratic politics, handsome, bright and charismatic, possibly a future governor, senator or even president...up until now! Now the pundits seem to think that he will be probably still get re-elected in ultra liberal and sexually permissive San Francisco but that's most likely the end of the political trail. Only time will tell if that's true or not but I think it is.

Looking at Ruby I can sort of understand what made old Gavin do it. Hell I would love to fuck her too! She's a babe! And yet...and yet...she was his best friend's freaking wife!!! Sometimes it's best just to leave things in the fantasy stage...just go home and jack off while you imagine yourself eating and fucking and being sucked off by that most tempting object of your desire. That works for me with Marcella luscious roommate Patty. I would just love to bury my face and my cock in that sweet, tight young muff...but it just ain't gonna happen, even if I get the chance (highly unlikely!) as long as Marcella and myself are a couple. I sure do have some nice jack off fantasies about Patty though! Gavin should have done the same thing with Ruby baby and he wouldn't be in such deep shit now!

Of course Gavin wasn't the first politician to get caught with his pants down and his weenie in the wrong hole. Ted Kennedy was most likely out for some stray poontang on that fateful night which ended his presidential hopes for good. It's well known that his brother John F. Kennedy (and maybe Bobby too!) was boning Marilyn Monroe. (Hey how about those horny Kennedys!) Everybody's favorite horndog Bill Clinton couldn't resist Monica when she was on her knees, ready and willing to suck on "the first pecker". It's hard to blame Bubba too much for that either. How would you like to be married to Hillary? Besides it's hard to pass up a free blow job...but I think even Bubba would agree that he should have done just that! Not to pick strictly on the Democrats (I'm one of them!), even old Ike was getting some stray pussy while overseas during World War II. Nixon? Nah, I doubt he even jacked off! Same goes for that junior Bush dude in the White House now! There have been numerous other scandals, straight and gay, involving members of both parties in American politics, more than ever recently but now it's just harder to stop them from becoming public knowledge.

This Gavin Newsom scandal just seems a bit worse because it was in fact Gavin's best friend's wife. I read that women are actually more forgiving in this case (maybe because Gavin is a hunk!) but men generally think that it's a major violation of "the guy code". You just don't fuck your best friend's wife...period! I tend to agree with this train of thought myself. Gavin you silly son-of-a-bitch you made a BIG mistake and you deserve to pay for it! Next time just go home and jack off! I mean with your good looks, power and money (he's rich!) it's not like you can't get any non friend poontang on the side! I suspect that even being straight in San Francisco is an added advantage! Shame on you, you horny young whippersnapper! (End of editorial!)

Oh by the way, Gavin was previously married to the lovely Kimberly Guilfoyle (right), an ex San Francisco prosecuting attorney who became a legal analyst for the Fox News network. Talk about a babe! I've seriously considered giving Kimberly one of my coveted "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" awards. Don't you just love those big beautiful lips and don't you just know where I would love to have them placed right now? Gavin was going through the divorce when he started boning Ruby. I guess he was suffering from a bad case of "lack-a-nookie disease" which I've had many times in my life myself...but it's still no excuse for what he did...and I expect he would agree right about now. That was one expensive price Gavin will pay for some stray pussy! Yeah I know...a stiff dick has no conscience!

An added thought...wouldn't it have been better for all concerned if Ruby just kept her mouth shut about the affair? If you fuck or suck someone you shouldn't do you really have to tell the whole fucking world about it? I mean her marriage is probably as ruined now as much as Gavin's political aspirations. God knows I haven't told Marcella every crazy sexual thing I've done in my life, including writing about our sex life in this crazy blog! Some very personal things are just better left unsaid in my most humble and ancient opinion!

I got considerable use of my own stiff dick this weekend thanks to my sweetie Marcella who spent the entire weekend here, except for a brief break to go to church on Sunday morning after my ritual Sunday morning blow job. Now you can bet Marcy didn't tell her priest about that...not that I would care if she did! All that weekend poontang should insure that my dong will behave itself with a clear conscience until next weekend. If I have to (and I probably will!) I can take the old pecker out and give it a little private exercise but it won't be going any place it shouldn't, unless possibly one of my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" babes or one of my groupies (LOL) or Patty (sigh) comes to my door. Hey have a good week y'all and you guys all remember that old saying! That goes for you Bi Rob up there in the frozen north too! Bye bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, your right its real bitter up here today, -34C with the windchill. Not sure for you US folks on what that is in F, we dropped that when I was a young lad. Yep your right he should have went home, got some porn and jerked off,,or printed her hot pic out, and came all over it.
Yes a good rule, don't fuck your best friends wife,, We have our share of political sex stories up north here. Even our foreign minister(Peter MacKay) and your sweet looking Ms Rice made the news big time as being quite friendly. She is not a bad looker,and I could see myself pumping into her sweet american pussy as she is bent over the Bush Ok I won't bash my US friends, even though I think your president is a idiot. You have a great one Mike, Bi for now Rob

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks Rob! The rumors are that Ms Rice is not too interested in us guys and may prefer women and the sport of muff diving. Maybe they can fix her up with Dick Cheney's daughter!

I don't get political much here but I have to agree with you on Bush, in particular about him getting us and our allies into this fucking Iraq war. We got attacked on 9/11 by the scum of the earth and had every right to go after those "turds with legs" Muslim fanatics that did it...which meant going into Afghanistan. I supported Bush there.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and is a whole different issue. It's a totally unncessary war, has wasted tens of thousands of innocent lives as well as hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, alienated the rest of the world which after 9/11 gave us full support, and made it an increasingly dangerous and terrorist filled world for all of us. Biggest blunder in the last 30 years! The American public is finally coming to that conclusion (Bush has little public support now) but it's a little too late. How Americans could elect this clown twice is truly mind boggling!

Now let's get back to jacking off! LOL

Jess said...

Hey mike! I've been trying to leave a comment for months and it wouldn't let me! Just wanted you to know that I still dropped in every now and then to check up on you! Glad to see you still got that spunk about ya! *kisses* <3

Mike Stewart said...

Jess darlin' so nice to see you here again! I don't know why blogger wouldn't let you leave your comment! Yeah if I've got nothing else, I've got plenty of "spunk"...all those years of jacking off didn't use it all up I guess! Thanks and cheers to you!