Monday, February 26, 2007

Those Nasty Cartoon Characters!

It was a rather cold and rainy weekend in Stockton town, perfect weather for staying home, staying naked and fucking! That's just what Marcella and I did for most of the weekend. We didn't go out for dinner on Saturday night, just called out for pizza instead. Fucking and sucking sessions on Saturday afternoon and evening, then my now ritual blow job on Sunday morning (Marcella even skipped church afterwards which is rare!) and a final fuck-a-thon Sunday afternoon. I feel so sexually satisfied that I might not jack off for at least 24 hours...well maybe that's going a little too far...but life continues to be very good for the Horny Old Guy! I hope it is for all of you gluttons for punishment (for repeatedly coming back to this silly blog) too!

The picture I used of the Walt Disney character "Goofy" in my last post reminded me about all of the fantasies I used to have as a young lad about cartoon characters having sex. I know it will come as quite a surprise to you that such a fine clean cut elderly Christian gentleman as myself (what are you laughing at?) was such a nasty little boy but I have to admit that was indeed the case. Starting at age 5 or 6, long before puberty, I was trying to get all the little girls (including my sister) to take off their panties and show me their butt and that mysterious crack between their legs. In return I would be glad to show them my stiff little weenie. At the time I had no idea that my weenie and their cracks would fit together so well in just a few short years. When an older kid told me what the word "fuck" meant I was both shocked and aroused. I couldn't believe you had to do that nasty thing to have a baby and that my parents actually engaged in that thing, that they had done so to produce me in fact! At the same time I couldn't wait to try it myself...but that would have to wait until after puberty. The wonderful discovery of jacking off a year or so before I began the process of puberty sort of brought everything together and I wanted to do that nasty thing called fucking even more! Unfortunately none of the local girls had the same desire!

Between thinking nasty thoughts about fucking all those girls in the neighborhood and at school and occasionally watching dogs fuck and envying them, my young but dirty mind soon started having nasty fantasies about all the famous cartoon characters. I loved comic books and the comics in the daily and Sunday newspaper and in my fantasies those characters were always fucking or sucking or engaged in other sex acts, sometimes sex acts with ME!

I pictured Donald Duck getting sucked off by Daisy Duck and Popeye getting a blow job from Olive Oyl. When I went to a Disney movie I could imagine all of the seven dwarfs as well as myself fucking Snow White (she was a babe!) and getting our weenies sucked by her. I fantasized about Peter Pan fucking Wendy and the Mad Hatter fucking Alice. Cinderella got fucked by the Prince (me!) and his big dick fit in her tight pussy just as well as the glass slipper did on her foot. You name the comic character and I had nasty fantasies about them! I even imagined Blondie fucking Dagwood and their kids Alexander and Cookie also doing the nasty with each other! I pictured Dennis the Menace catching his mom and dad fucking and making a smart ass comment. Yup I really had a dirty mind back then...and yeah I know...nothing much has changed!

Remember that there was no pornography of any kind (at least none available to most of us kids), no internet, no cable TV, no sexy videos, not even any nudity of any kind in mainstream movies at the theater way back then. We had to take our cheap thrills where we could find them. We would find a picture of a topless African or Balinese maiden in National Geographic magazine or a topless model in US Camera magazine and we thought we had struck it rich! We could use that as jack off material for months or even years. If you were even more lucky you could find your dad's stash of adult pin up magazines but all you saw there was tits and ass, not that that wasn't enough to put some lead in your pencil. Of course pubic hair and genitals were strictly taboo even in the nudist magazines. The airbrushed out pussies and cocks on the nudists looked mighty strange! It was really the dark ages in finding visual inspiration for jacking off, not that we really needed THAT much inspiration!

I didn't find out until my high school years that there were crude little black and white comic books called "Tijuana Bibles", illegal but available under the counter if you knew where to find them, that indeed showed all of our favorite comic characters fucking and sucking! I sure wish I had them from the beginning of my jerk off years! My fantasies about nasty cartoon characters continued all through my teens and into my twenties. I still get sort of turned on when I find such material on the web in fact.

It's interesting to note that cartoon character sex still seems to be extremely popular on the web. There are tons of nasty toons on line! You can find all of the characters from the old days as well as the recent Disney features ("Beauty and the Beast", "Pocahontas", etc.) slipping the salami to each other. The entire casts of the TV cartoons Flintstones, Jetsons, Simpsons and the Family Guy are engaged in every kind of sexual act known to man or beast. Incest, underage sex and bestiality are definitely not off limits with these cartoon families...actually those taboo subjects were also common in the Tijuana bibles too. If it moved, it got fucked!

That's enough nasty nostalgia for today. I hope you got a chuckle out of some of these XXX rated toons. Am I the only one who used to be and still is goofy and horny enough to fantasize about cartoon character fucking? Maybe you better not answer that! I'll see you later in the week with my Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy for March. I promise it won't be Minnie Mouse!'s all folks!


Don said...

Love your blog Mike as do the rest of the guys and gals at our shop. Your pictures rock too. Keep it up and it sounds like thats what you are doing!
Don your neighbor in Sacto

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Pssssssssst! Got any of Betty and Veronica doing Archie and the gang? I always wanted a crack at them!


MrManicDepressive said...

No Mike, you're definitely NOT the only one. I enjoy the cartoons myself. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments fellow art lovers! Ah yes Joe...Betty and Veronica! Many jack off fantasies about those too babes in my horny youth! I pictured myself as Jughead fucking them both!