Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Dirty Old Man!

I went to see the movie "Venus" last night. It's star Peter O'Toole is now in his mid 70's and in appearance is a long, long way from the young and ultra handsome Peter O'Toole of "Lawrence of Arabia". It sort of a shock to see him looking so old and so haggard but age catches up with all of us, as I am well aware of by now! All I have to do is look in the mirror for proof of that! "Lawrence" after all was made about forty five years ago. Anyway O'Toole, still a great actor, and in a great performance here, plays this old fart in his mid 70's, a semi-retired famous British actor, a role I'm sure he can relate to. He becomes platonically involved with the grand niece of his best friend, another elderly British actor. The woman's age is 19 in the movie although I believe the actress playing her, Jodie Whittaker, is just a bit older. She is also quite a babe!

It is quite obvious from the script that the O'Toole character would like the relationship to progress to be much more than platonic. Even though he takes tons of pills every day and becomes impotent from a prostate operation, Old Peter would like to get his old peter (among other things!) into that tight young pussy. It sort of reminds you of the relationship between me and Marcella's roommate Patty doesn't it! This old dude played by O'Toole is definitely a man after my own heart...although I hope that in just a few years I'm not in the miserable physical shape that he is in! My health remains very good. No pills for me except for an occasional Viagra to make "Junior" stand at attention for long periods of time and lately I haven't even needed that. My doc says my prostate gland is still looking good too when he gives it his annual "finger wave". (Ouch! Watch it doc! I'm not gay!) I truly believe that all of my jacking off helps...there is evidence of that you know! Knock on wood, I can only hope that my health will remain good for many years...but with increased age come increased problems for all of us, no doubt about that!

When the old gent in the movie is asked by the young woman what parts of her body he thinks about he says something like "Your eyes, your hair, your legs, your butt, (pause), your CUNT!". You da' man Peter! He gets her a job as a nude model for a group of artists and tries to spy on her while she is posing nude. He falls down and crashes into the art studio in a hilarious scene. Later the young woman teases him by letting him cop a feel of her tits and then puts her fingers into her pussy and lets him take a sniff! Whoa! Not too often do we get to see depictions of "stinkfinger" in a major movie huh? Unfortunately for both Peter and us movie goers things don't go much beyond that. Nope, Peter doesn't get to do the nasty with his young "Venus", so nicknamed by him because she resembles Venus de Milo. Damn the bad luck! You do get to see a couple of brief nude shots of Ms. Whittaker (nice butt!) and I can only wish that there were more of those nude scenes...and more sex scenes between the two main characters! The relationship remains mainly platonic and the movie comes to a poignant end. I really enjoyed it. It's nice to see an old fart portrayed as someone who still wants to knock off a piece of tail even if in reality he is unable to do so! You may have to search for this movie in art theaters now but it should be available on DVD in a few months. Horny Old Guy gives it a big "thumbs up", if not quite a complete "dicks up"! Check it out people!

Speaking of old farts who want to knock off a piece of tail (and unlike Peter O'Toole in this film I'm definitely able to!), it's time for me to start preparing for another exciting weekend at home in Stockton town without Marcella. The cartoon below gives you a pretty good idea of what that weekend will be like. If you are also alone this weekend, feel free to join in the festivities. Remember the immortal words of Woody Allen, "Don't knock masturbation! It's sex with someone I love!" If you have a partner available, that's even better and I envy you! Have a great weekend!


cynthia said...

COME ON DOWN to Florida Mikey! I give you a weekend to remember including the sunday morn u-kno-wat hehe :)


Steff said...

I personally don't see anything wrong with the older man - younger woman thing. ;)

Mike Stewart said...

Oh you are so tempting Cyn darlin'! I do "kno wat" and you know that's what I like if you know what I mean and I think you do. ??? If anyone knows what I just said would you explain it to me? LOL

Steff darlin' I always knew you were my kind of woman! On behalf of all us old guys, thank you!

Wow, comments from two "babes" in a row. Things are looking up!

Elizabeth said...

The very best line from the movie....when they are at the art museum, they have this conversation:

Old man: The most beautiful thing a man will ever see is a woman's body.

Girl: What's the most beautiful thing a woman will ever see?

Old Man: The sight of her first born child.

So true....

Mike Stewart said...

That was a touching line Elizabeth and like you true!

Nice to see you here again darlin'! Hope things are going well in your life! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, great post. I can say at my age, 46 I still luv looking at a firm legal teen with a tight ass, and firm tits. And i still have thoughts on what i wish me and her were doing. My wife is 4 years younger then me, but looks much younger. I have'nt seen this movie but will have to catch it. Ha Mike, this married guy, still luvs masturbating every day, even though i get pussy on the side, and the odd big cock,,lol. Nothing feels better then selflove,,bi Johnny