Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to Weekend Jackin'!

Ah how times have changed my friends! How the mighty have fallen! Two Sunday mornings ago I was enjoying one of Marcella's ritual Sunday morning blow jobs (our last sexual act together in fact) and this past Sunday morning I was jacking off to the Target Stores lingerie ad (above!) in the Sunday paper. Damn the bad luck! Of course Marcy wasn't here every Sunday morning during our relationship. She sometimes spent the weekend in the Bay Area visiting her parents, especially when her dad was in not very good shape. Those weekends I indeed did resort to jacking off to get me through but I always knew that Marcy would be here the next weekend to satisfy my senior citizen lust. In particular I looked forward to those juicy Sunday morning blow jobs...right before she left me to go to Sunday morning mass. I sure hope the Pope never found out about those blow jobs! I've heard that old dude doesn't even approve of jacking off let alone sucking cock!

Those Sunday morning blow jobs are apparently gone for a while, at least from Marcy. This second weekend without her wasn't nearly as bad as the first one though. To tell the truth last weekend I had trouble even springing a boner in order to jack off. The jacking off didn't seem all that satisfying either. You know that this was some serious depression folks! This weekend I was back to my usual horny 24/7 self which is a good sign that I'm pretty much over our breakup. One look at those lingerie ads and "Junior" immediately snapped to attention and requested that I take him out and give him some exercise! Hallelujah! Horny Old Guy is back in action! Checking out some porn on the web last night led to a repeat performance of the morning's activity. Say have I ever told you people that I like to jack off? Well I do!

There's not much else to report here. I've figured out a way to contact Marcy's lovely roommate Patty. Marcy's going to church on Sunday morning is the key. Marcy usually answers the phone at their apartment but since Marcy is at church I should be able to get Patty to answer on Sunday mornings since as far as I know she doesn't go to church. Then again she may be gone somewhere else and I might get their answering machine. It's worth a try, just as suggesting that Patty and I go to lunch sometime is worth a try. I frankly expect that she will say no but there is nothing to lose by asking. I'm going to wait until at least next Sunday to make that phone call though. I don't want Patty to think I'm in too much of a hurry to fuck..I mean date her after her roommate and I broke up. As for Kathy, my redhead neighbor and fellow condo board member, we have a board meeting next week and we'll see what happens there. If she is as friendly as she was at our previous private condo business meeting, I'll be giving her a call too.

For now I'll think I'll take another look at that Target lingerie ad this morning. WOW! What three lovely young women! Which one should I choose as my next fantasy fuck? A difficult choice but the blond on the left is definitely putting the "lead in my pencil" as I gaze at the ad. Even better, how about a foursome? "Junior" just went "BOING!" if you know what I mean and I think you do! With the exception of a sweet blow job or a nice fuck, there is just nothing like a good jack off session to start the morning and the week! Yup I'm back to normal folks! As usual thanks for reading this nonsense and have a great week! Oh by the way did you know that I just love to...oh you know! Bye bye for now!


Steff said...

LOL...good luck with Patty. If they are friends at all she'll turn you down. ;)

By the way...was the THAT fantasy you were referring to in the last comment?

Mike Stewart said...

Me thinks you are absolutely right about Patty Steff! Nothing ventured, nothing gained though! I've heard "No!" more times than I can remember! Once in a while I get lucky though!

About THAT fantasy...all I can tell you is that it involved a darlin' Texas gal! Ah it was a good one too!

Anonymous said...

Mike, as a married guy, i still enjoy my selflove. Usually every day or 2, and i can still happily have sex with my lady that eve and cum again.. I am sure Mike it won,t be too long that you will be burying your cock into a warm wet pussy..Bi Johnny

Steff said...

A Texas darlin' huh? Maybe you should expand on :)

Mike Stewart said...

LOL If I expanded, it would probably be an ORAL report cute teacher Steff. Just thinking about that is making something "expand" right now if you know what I mean and I think you do...darlin'!

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Hot diggety! And I thought I was the only guy still looking lustfully at those gals in the Sunday circulars. Way to go, Mike!


Mike Stewart said...

Welcome to the club Joe! Ah those Sears catalogs helped me get through my horny teen years! They made a lot of trips into the bathrooom with me and I still can remember some of the page numbers for the girls in the bras and panties. That was almost as good as it got back in those innocent 1950's you know!

Today a favorite activity while going through the Sunday papers is finding those ads (in color now!) and picking one of the two or three babes in each picture that I would most like to fuck! Of course sometimes it's a two or three way tie. I want to fuck them all! Sometimes less skin is more!