Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jacking Off to Drew Barrymore!

Marcella and I went to see the movie "Music and Lyrics" a couple of weeks ago. Marcy has a thing for that Hugh Grant dude and while she was probably fantasizing about playing "Hide the Salami" with him, my ancient dong was throbbing with my own fantasy of slipping the sausage to or being sucked off by the lovely and talented Drew Barrymore who was up there on the big screen with Hugh. As I fucked Marcella later that night I was fantasizing that it was Drew that I had my cock buried deep inside. Marcella was probably fantasizing that it was Hugh on top of her too but that's okay with me. Fantasies while fucking are fun for both partners I think! Anyway I knew that very night that I had a perfect candidate for my March "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month"! Ms. Drew Barrymore you da babe!

Who ever thought that the adorable little girl in Steven Spielberg's "E.T", part of a legendary theatrical family, would grow up to be such a wild and crazy babe? She's had her share of problems with drugs and alcohol, has several tattoos on her lovely body, been nude in at least five movies, taken off her clothes for Playboy magazine and flashed her big boobs to David Letterman on live TV. Definitely my kind of woman! Oh I could do without those tattoos but at my age I can't be too picky! I'll be jerkin' off to Drew for the entire month of March when Marcy ain't around!

I bet this made Dave Letterman's day! Do you think she was asking him if he wanted a blow job after the show? I certainly hope so for his sake! The only bummer was that she had her back to the studio and TV audience! Damn the bad luck!

There's nothing much else to say about Drew baby. I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves. As soon as I get this thing posted, I think I'll get the festivities started if you know what I mean and I think you do! I woke up with some morning wood this morning and at my age you don't let boners or pictures of naked babes go to waste! Have a good weekend y'all! Bye for now!


Shay said...

Oh I love that last one!
But then maybe that's because I wish I were in that pic with her!
everything is sexier in warmer weather ^_~

Henrietta Sugar said...

I love them too! I'd have a butterfly tatoo in a heartbeat but.... tattoos and freckles don't go together! What a body Ms Barrymore has...! Thank you Mr Horny Old Geezer. Sadly, you probably won't be too partial to my blog as I have two women on it today with tatoos... ;-)
Ta ta...

Mike Stewart said...

Shay darlin' my favorite sexy sex columnist, thanks for stopping by! You and me both wish we were in the pool with Ms. Barrymore! I might remind her of her grandfather, the great actor and fellow geezer John Barrymore!

Henrietta darlin' I LOVE blogs with two women (with or without tattoos!) in them...and yours is indeed a cool blog! I'm not crazy about tattoos but readily admit women (just like men) have the absolute right to do want they want with their bodies! Ta ta!

MrManicDepressive said...

Excellent choice for the March Jackoff Subject of the Month. She is a sexy little minx ain't she?

Anonymous said...

You know, one reason I check out your site twice a week or so is because you are a guy who is OK talking about masturbation, and how much you enjoy it. I've known any number of men who, even after I've fucked them, freak out when I ask them how often they jack off.

Thanks be that I married a guy who shares my opinion that masturbation is a natural human function, and one that can be shared with the one you love.

So jacking/jilling off together is now part of our sex play. And our rule is firm: on JO Nights, we must keep our hands to ourselves and just watch one another. To be sure, we "talk dirty" and speculate what it would be like to have sex with various people we know. Given that I am multi-orgasmic (and cum rather rapidly) I get off many times before Hal gushes cum. Then, and only then, can we get around to fucking and sucking.

I had not known that Drew Barrymore was such a wild spirit. Bravo, girl, show'em off, for you sho' have them!


Mike Stewart said...

Drew is indeed a babe mr m/d! She apparently made a statement just a couple of days ago about how much she enjoys sex and being naked...definitely my kind of woman!!!

Thanks for your comment and being a regular reader of this nonsense Kath darlin'! I am definitely OK with masturbation (both the male and female variety!) I jack off and I don't care who knows it! Masturbation is truly one of the joys of life and I feel sorry for those who can't accept that concept for any reason! You and your hubby's JO Nights sound like fun!