Thursday, March 29, 2007

Those Good Old Dirty Movies (Part 2)

Continuing my personal recollection of the good old days when you went to your local sleazy adult movie theater to get your cheap sexual thrills instead of slipping a DVD into the player or doing a Google search for "Big Titted Hungarian Midgets Who Take It Up the Pooper"...or whatever turns you on...and NO that is NOT what turns me on!

The only hardcore films available up until almost 1970 were strictly illegal and known as "stag films". Stag films have been around since the beginning of the movies. I believe the earliest one that exists today was made around 1915. Stag films were crudely made black and white silent shorts, usually running 10 to 12 minutes each. As you might suspect there was nothing much to them but 10 or 12 minutes of fucking and sucking. Prostitutes were usually the female stars, along with their johns and other volunteer male studs, some of whom wore "Lone Ranger" type face masks to hide their true identity. Fucking with black socks on seemed to be fairly common in the stag films too. I'm not sure what that was all about unless those dudes wanted to be able to jump into their shoes if the cops showed up!

Among the more famous hardcore stag films was one called "Smart Alec", made in 1951 in a hotel room in Texas and  which starred the future well known stripper Candy Barr (right). It's probably the only one of these explicit flicks that featured a known celebrity although Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand and even Chuck Conners (in a gay stag flick!) have been rumored to have made stag films in their pre-famous days. From all that I've read it really was people who just looked like these stars in these films...but I'm no expert on the subject and this is all from memory. The point is that it was almost all unknowns who starred in these flicks. Another of the more notorious stag films was "Nun's Story" which featured a woman dressed as a nun who is visited by a horny priest who slips his Holy Salami to her. Hmmmm...a horny priest? Where have I heard that before? A definite precursor of things to come!

Stag films were almost always shown to all male audiences, in private clubs, fraternity houses, whorehouses and other places that men gather without women. These showings were generally known as "smokers", I suspect because most men being smokers back then it rapidly became a smoke filled room. Lots of drinking would probably add to the fun! There were men who would work specific geographic areas or even travel the whole country with their 16mm projectors and a stash of stag film reels and for a fee would put on a show for their horny male clientele. Remember this was the only way you could view pornographic movies prior to the late sixties, unless you were rich enough to have your own 16mm movie projector and private library of illegal smut.

The films themselves were duplicated time after time and floated around the stag film circuit for decades. Duping, repeat showings combined with normal projector wear and tear caused most prints to eventually be extremely splicy and scratchy, some almost unwatchable. The first stag film (and first porno film) that I ever saw in my life was in a bar/whorehouse in Juarez Mexico when I was in the Army and stationed across the border at El Paso's Fort Bliss. The year was 1961. You paid fifty cents to go upstairs and watch one of these one reel wonders. Hopefully it would get you in the mood to fuck one of the senoritas downstairs. Hey it worked for me although I was usually in the mood for that activity the minute I walked in the door of the bar! Ah yes those were the days! A few years later a friend who owned an adult book store showed me some more stag films from his own private collection. They were all pretty lame then and they look even more lame today. Just like the softcore adult films before the censorship barriers tumbled down, they seem dated and mostly extremely boring. Several collections are available on DVD if you are interested though. They do have some historical value and some are even good for a few laughs which is more than you can say for the more mainstream (legal) softcore features that you saw in theaters in the pre-porno era. I'm glad somebody saved them!

Denmark legalized pornography in 1968 and short films made in that country started being exported around the world though they were still technically illegal in most other countries including the USA. They were in color and with younger, more attractive models and modern settings made the old black and white stag films look like real antiques. They were also available in 8mm and playable on the 8mm home movie projectors that many people had in their own homes. Soon American producers were starting to produce their own porno shorts and market them in the bigger, more liberal cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and also via mail order.

There were some attempts to seize and ban the hardcore films and prosecute their producers but movie pornography for the masses had finally got it's foot in the door and there was no turning back to the softcore era. President Nixon, the religious fanatics and other blue noses didn't like it but pornographic films were widely available in America and here to stay! "Thank you Jesus!" said Mike, the 28 year old Horny Young Guy whose first marriage had just broken up and who was back to searching for material to help him enjoy his favorite solitary activity, jacking off. Jesus that sounds like me right now doesn't it? Deja vu all over again! Since you still couldn't see real porno in adult theaters I bought a few of those nasty 8mm movie films to run on my home movie projector. They did provide some mighty fine inspiration for jacking off too! I may just dig out that old projector and films this weekend!

Oh by the way, these domestic 8mm color porn flicks introduced American and world wide audiences to the guy pictured at right, who was to become the BIGGEST (in every sense of the word!) male star in porno for the next 15 years...John C. Holmes, also known as Johnny Wadd in his early flicks. He's said to have fucked thousands of women with that humongous dongus. Some guys have all the luck! "Big John" got hung up on drugs and died of AIDS after being a suspect in a bloody murder spree though. On second thought I think I'd rather be me, even with my average sized tally whacker! In his time he was "da man" in adult films though and he got his start in those short, silent porno "loops". They were known as "loops" because in addition to being sold for the home market they were put into coin operated vending machines and placed in peep show arcades. The ends of the films were spliced together and they ran in a continuous "loop". Put in another quarter and you'll see a few more minutes of fucking and sucking. No jacking off in here guys! Yeah right! A handful of quarters in one hand and your dick in the other! Watch out for those sticky floors! I speak from experience folks!

Shit! I didn't intend to dwell on this segment of dirty movies since these things weren't really shown in movie theaters. Oh well, since this is a blog I guess I can ramble off topic as much as I want, huh? I have rambled way too much for today though! I'll get to the golden age of the adult movies sometime next week. As always, thanks for reading this nonsense and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The stags were my introduction to porn too Mike. I found my dad's collection hidden in the garage. Me and my friends had stag parties that only ended when the projector bulb burned out. Fun while it lasted also quite an education for us guys in our early teens. Thanks for the memories!


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks mr. anonymous! Too bad about that projector bulb burning out! I think I would have gone out and begged, borrowed or stolen another bulb to get the show going again...only my dad didn't have a projector nor any porn. Damn the bad luck!

Anonymous said...


anonymous redhead said...

Me too! I have to say that after leaving a pornless (my ex wouldn't watch them with me despite my pleas - can you believe that!?) nine year marriage last summer any of the movies look good to me.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks anonymous and Redhead! You are easily amused but I appreciate your comments!

Whoa! Bummer about your ex Redhead! It's usually the other way guys want to put on the dirty flix and the women would rather watch Ophra or Dr. Phil!