Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where Do I Go From Here?

Well I'm pretty much over my breakup with Marcella already. It's been a week now and I still think about her quite a bit. I'm sure that come the weekend I'll greatly miss her companionship in general as well as those Saturday night fucking sessions and lovely Sunday morning blow jobs but I'm not one to sit around and mope over relationships gone sour. Life long experience has taught me that when a door closes behind you, in a matter of time a few more usually open up for you. I'm truly an optimist at heart! It really feels sort of good to be independent and open to new relationships again! As always my other interests and my frequent masturbation will get me through those lonely nights in the immediate future. One more thing...I felt more than a bit guilty about blogging about Marcy while we were together, also worried that she might stumble onto this thing. There were a few close calls when I was careless about clearing my history on my computer. No more worries about that now and that is a relief.

The nine month relationship with Marcella really was good for me and I'm talking about more than just the fucking and sucking. Her companionship was just what I needed after a long stretch of being alone and with only jacking off and an occasional one night stand for sexual relief. I mean before Marcella my last real relationship ended in my late fifties and I was almost 66 when I met Marcy. You can do the math and see that it had definitely been a while! My blood pressure is now down, I've lost some weight (fucking burns more calories than jacking off I guess!) and I feel much better than I have in years. The relationship with Marcy prompted me to get a long overdue vasectomy so there is no need for condoms now as long as I continue to be careful in otherwise practicing safe sex. No more one night stands or whores for the Horny Old Guy although I actually started that policy long before I met Marcella. I'm clean and I'm gonna stay clean! I'm also waking up more and more with morning wood, something that had become fairly rare before getting involved with Marcy. At my age that's a good thing! With Marcella I don't even need Viagra that much anymore! Yeah relationships are definitely good for you and I don't want to go through the long dry spell I suffered between the last two relationships. It's time to move on and look for another one of those lovely things! Long term would be preferred but short term will do!

The big question is where do I start? Of course Marcy's lovely 30 year old Filipino roommate Patty comes immediately to mind. I've been horny for her ever since Marcy introduced her to me at the beginning of our relationship. I've lost count of the number of times that I've jacked off to her and even fantasized fucking her while I was fucking Marcella (Yeah I know...I'm a BAD boy!) Would I like the chance to really play "Hide the Salami" with Patty? Would I like to find out if she really is a virgin (as Marcy suspects but I doubt)? Would I give about a month's pay just to kiss that soft little butt? Well Hell yeah! However since I'm a realist I really don't think that I have the slightest chance of doing any of that though. Let's face it! I'm 66 years old and Patty is 30. I was amazed when 38 year old Marcella became interested in me. Patty has also shown absolutely no indication that she is romantically attracted to me at all and I don't blame her. At first she seemed to think it was ridiculous that Marcy was even dating an old fart like me. She has warmed to me to some degree and accepts me as a friend I think but I still can't believe she would even entertain the idea of dating or doing the nasty with the Horny Old Guy.

Patty's status of being Marcy's roommate further complicates even considering a relationship with her. I seriously doubt that Patty would want to date (or fuck!) ANY ex boyfriend of her roommate. The two women only have one home phone line too so how do I handle approaching Patty by phone? Marcy seemed to answer that phone almost every time I called. Patty mostly uses her cell phone but I had no need to ever know that number...up until now anyway. If I ever run into Patty by herself at Target or McDonald's or anywhere else in public I might suggest that we go to lunch or dinner. I have nothing to lose by asking but I truly expect that she will turn me down. Patty may just have to remain in my jack off fantasies (sigh)...and believe me I'm going to have some need for some of those things starting about this Saturday night...if not before! Like I said I am a realist and sometimes you have to accept that there are things in life that you just can't have, no matter how much you want them. The more you can accept that, the easier life becomes! And yet...and yet...if that chance at Patty ever comes...I would jump her bones in a split second!

It would probably be more realistic and more worthwhile to pursue Kathy, my lovely redheaded neighbor who got elected along with myself to our condo Board of Directors in January. I would guess that she is in her early to mid 40's, very attractive and very nice. The only thing there is that we've only been together alone just once since we got elected, at my place to update our fellow condo owners' records. We got along very well that night and had some wine and a chat after our official business. By the end of the evening she had given me a throbbing boner which I relieved after she left by jacking off (I're shocked!) The February board meeting was cancelled because there just wasn't anything worth discussing but we have another one scheduled for next week. It will be all five us this time (the whole board) so I probably won't get a chance to cozy up to Kathy. I'm also not even sure that she hasn't got someone else in her life. I rarely see her in the complex since she lives way over on the other side but when I do see her she is always driving alone in her car which admittedly is encouraging. Then again Kathy may be married (although she doesn't wear a ring), she may have a boyfriend, she may be a lesbian, or she may just hate horny old guys who want to get in her panties. Lots of unknown elements there! We'll just have to see what happens (if anything!) with Kathy darlin'! I do love redheads though and it would be a treat to bury my face (among other things!) in that delicious red haired muff! Stay tuned for further details. I have a feeling something good could come out of this...but I've been wrong many times before in looking in my crystal ball! Only time will tell this time!

I've got a couple other ideas too, including meeting someone through a computer dating site or on something called Craig's List which a buddy of mine swears by. For now I'll just see what happens with Kathy and meanwhile my right hand still works as good as it did when I was a teenager....or at least almost as good! Who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe Marcy will call and say she's changed her mind and wants to come back over this weekend and jump my bones again. Maybe Patty will come over, tell me she really is a virgin and request that I put an end that state. Maybe one of my Celebrity Jack Off Fantasies of the Month from Hollywood (Are you there Scarlett, Nicole or Drew?) will drop in on me and give me a mercy fuck. Then again maybe pigs will fly! In reality I'll most likely stay home and jack off for a good while! Hopefully a new love and sex partner will surface...but at my age you never know!

As always thanks for reading this nonsense folks. I should be completely back to normal (or as normal as I ever get) on Monday. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!


cynthia said...

Yo Mikey baby you forgot about me as a future gf hehe :) Did you get my e mail?

yur friend

Al Sensu said...

I think you should approach Kathy. Just do it in a light way so that if she turns you down the board meetings won't be uncomfortable.

Mike Stewart said...

Cyn darlin' I could NEVER forget about you! Yeah I got your e mail (and your pics!!!), just what I need right now! Thanks babe!

Good idea Al! As with Patty I'm waiting for the right time and the right place! I've got to keep my approach low key with both!

anonymous redhead said...

A redhead in her forties? Are you kidding? Go for it!

Steff said...

Sorry to hear about Marcy and the break up (I'll have to scroll back through and see if I can find the story) but it's great that you have this positive outlook about things!

And it looks like you've got plenty of ladies lined up to ease your

Mike Stewart said...

I hear you anonymous redhead! You know how I love you lovely redheads. Extra points for freckles!

Thanks Steff darlin! Oh not too many ladies lined up. Only two and I expect at least one rejection. Until then my fantasies (yup including THAT one!) will have to keep me going!

anonymous redhead said...

Yeah, HOG, there is a good chance that Kathy is the Horny (middle aged) Gal. You like rock n' roll music? I suggest inviting her over and have something like "Little Dreamer" by Van Halen playing in the background - one hell of a sexy riff; always makes me want to disrobe instantly :) David Lee Roth is the caucasian man's Barry White.

M.A. said...

Totally with you Anon Redhead! DLR is tops! As well as 'Little Dreamer' (great track!) why not play 'Just a Gigolo'... that might make her laugh!!! It always makes me laugh every time I hear it and nothing gets my kit off quicker than someone making me laugh.... ;0

Hey, sorry to hear about Marcy! Well, not so sorry really because you don't sound all that sorry and I'm positively sure you'll be much happier with ... whoever!

Ciao HOG


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for that advice a.r. and m.a.! Any music (?) that will prompt the babes to disrobe instantly sounds mighty fine to me. Now if I can only figure out who/what the hell Van Halen is! Is David Lee Roth the same dude who got videotaped pounding the pork to Pamela Anderson or am I confusing him with Bill Clinton? Some guys have all the luck!

anonymous redhead said...

I was thinking that "rock n' roll" probably meant Elvis to you!!!!

Mike Stewart said...

To us teens of the 1950's, Elvis will always be THE KING a.r.! Chuck Berry, Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion...they all still rule for us! I think we all are particularly fond of the music we grew up on. Shortly after the arrival of The Beatles (who were great!) I started to lose interest. Heavy metal, punk rock...UGH! I can still appreciate Bruce ("The Boss") and a few others but for the most part modern Top 40 R&R is a snoozer to me. And PLEASE don't get me started on that cultural rot known as Hip Hop! Will modern teens look back fondly on that crap? Probably and I pity them for that!

I'll still check out that Van Halen (whatever that is!) though. Hey I'm a modern old fart! I got iTunes and an iPod. I bet you thought I still had a record player and an 8 track cassette deck. Hey I got a color TV too! LOL

anonymous redhead said...

You're absolutely right about loving whatever music it happens to be that you grow up with. My older cousins introduced me to Van Halen. I felt real cool being able to hang out with them, smoke their cigarettes and one of them taught me much more (my brother would murder him if he knew) He still kind of gives me a weird look at family functions - like he'd love to bend me over the table right between the baked beans and the potato salad!

Mike Stewart said...

Hmmmm...foolin' around with your cousins eh? You nasty girl! I won't tell your bro though!

Now the fantasy about a redhead bent over the table betwen the baked beans and the potato salad (LOL)...that is something I can definitely relate to! I may use that one on Saturday fact I may use it right now! Cheers!