Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boners in the Barber Chair

I get my hair cut by a lovely young Vietnamese woman who looks absolutely good enough to eat, which among other things is just what I'd like to do to her. Yeah I know...fat fucking chance you old fart! My Viet sweetie barber looked and smelled particularly delicious yesterday morning and as I gazed on that shapely butt and low cut neckline I began to feel a stiffness rising in my pants. Parts of her body were occasionally brushing against mine as she went about her work and that was working it's usual magic on the old pecker. "Ah so close...and yet so far away!" thought the Horny Old Guy to himself! Not the first time that I've sprung a throbbing boner in that barber chair!

I've fantasized about unzipping my pants and having a quickie jack off under that sheet from time to time. It's always a rush to jack off somewhere where you shouldn't be doing it. If I thought I could discreetly get away with it, I might even try it. The under the sheets vibration would probably give my uncivil, ungentlemanly conduct away though and the Horny Old Guy really is a gentleman as you all are aware of by now (what are you laughing at?) I would also worry that my barber/hair stylist would finish her work before I finished mine and pull back the sheet to reveal my senior citizen dong in action...and then who knows what would happen? She would either laugh or scream and call the cops. Nope, it ain't worth going to jail for or even getting kicked out of her shop for. I'll be a good boy and keep in zipped in that barber shop. Yesterday I did what I always do on such occasions...left the barber shop with a stiff dick (wonder if she noticed the bulge?) and went home and jacked off while I fantasized eating and fucking and being sucked off by that lovely Asian barber shop babe.

Did you know that there was one time that I actually did get offered a blow job in a barber shop? That was by another Asian honey on a trip to Bangkok over 25 years ago. I wrote about that trip HERE Back then (and probably still now!) sex was for sale all over Bangkok. You could get fucked or sucked off at almost every place in town except McDonald's and I'm not even sure that they didn't ask you if you wanted a blow job along with those burgers and fries there. Anyway I went to a barber shop to get a haircut right after I first arrived in Bangkok and this young, very attractive Thai babe took me into the back room where there was a bed and asked me if I wanted some oral service (for a substantial extra charge of course!) in addition to my haircut. I was tempted but turned her down. Admittedly I'd come to Bangkok primarily with sex in mind but I wanted to look around, to see what else was on the menu, before indulging my erotic fantasies. This young Thai female barber was however just as lovely as the one I patronize here in Stockto

I truly love women of all races but Asian women have an extra special, erotic, exotic appeal to most of us guys I believe. Ah those lovely young butts, those small to medium sized but very firm breasts, those warm, tight pussies...oh control yourself Mike! Finish this fucking post before you start jacking off again!  I got my first taste of Asian sexual hospitality at the young age of 18 while I was in the Army and stationed in in Korea. There were side trips to Japan for even more rewarding Asian sexual experiences. Admittedly that sex was all with prostitutes but when you are 18 and horny and far away from home and your American girlfriend (in my case my ex girlfriend!) that really didn't make any difference. It's "any old port in a storm" you understand and those were some lovely ports indeed! I was especially fond of those Asian blow jobs. Asian women are truly some of the best cocksuckers in the world. I didn't have sex with another Asian woman until I went to Bangkok thirty years later and there (after my haircut without the BJ on the side!) I spent most of my week getting sucked and fucked by another sweet young Asian babe. Ah yes those were the days!

I'd always sort of hoped to find an Asian girlfriend somewhere along the line right here in the good old USA but that just never happened, damn the bad luck! When I was younger Asian women didn't seem to date guys of other races that much and I rarely saw them in the bars in my lecherous bar hopping one night stand days. I guess things have changed because when you look at college campuses nowadays it seems to be a status symbol for every Caucasian and black guy to have an Asian girlfriend...and the young Asian women don't seem to object to having white or black boyfriends either. It's sort of like the fact that most modern young women (of all races, starting in their early teens) are apparently ready, willing and able to casually give blow jobs to their boyfriends with very little coaxing. They don't even consider blow jobs sex! (Thanks Bubba Clinton!) Yup I was just born fifty fucking years too soon! Oh always my fantasies and my right hand will get me through the day and through the night!

Getting back to reality, my neighbor and fellow condo association board member Kathy came over last night and we edited and published our first monthly homeowners newsletter together. It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to doing future issues with her. Once again we got along very well and I got my first hug from her (and she initiated the hug!) when she left. She declined my invitation to stay for a glass of wine though. "Maybe next time!", she said. It seems like I've heard that line before! Things are moving along nicely though...I think I've got a new good friend...and hopefully something more than that! Only time will tell. Yeah I'll admit it...I jacked off in bed while fantasizing about Kathy after she left too. They don't call me "the Horny Old Guy" for nothing folks! Two lovely jacking off fantasies in one day! Life is good!

With erotic thoughts of women of all races lingering in my ancient and dirty mind, I'll wish you all a great weekend! Thanks for reading this nonsense, see you next week!


sexybiguy said...

Great post I too have sported a big hard one getting a haircut, and one time at my female Dr's office. I have always had a fantasy of fucking a young asian teen.Who knows it can happen yet in life. With the Bi Guy anything is Have a great weekend Mike, oh and yes I always masturbate once a day at least, and feel it is time soon,,Bi Johnny

cynthia said...

Mikey I will cut yur hair and do dat other thing too hehe I went to hair stylist skool really I did. Come on down to FL and see :)


Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for the comment Bi Johnny! Click on his name and then on the name of his brand new blog at the bottom of his profile page folks. Like he says, anything is possible in the life of the Bi Guy!

Uh Cyn would you care to expand on what "dat other thing" is darlin? It sounds like it might be an offer the Horny Old Guy can't pass up!!! How's the weather down Florida way this time of year? The haircut would be as nice bonus well as that other thing whatever it is! Cheers!