Monday, April 09, 2007

How's My Love Life? Don't Ask!

Well it's been a month since Marcella left me and I'm doing well. No regrets! The relationship was good while it lasted. I wasn't love, not the stuff that makes good marriages or long term relationships but we liked each other and had lots of fun and lots of great sex which is just what I needed after several years of only having my right hand for sexual relief. I truly believe it was just what Marcy needed too since she had also been without a relationship for several years. I knew that it would all come to an end sooner or later and in this case it was sooner. Yeah I do miss the companionship as well as the pussy eating, the fucking and those Sunday morning blow jobs...but there will be more of those in my future...I hope!

Marcy and I hadn't had any contact since the Sunday afternoon she came over to pick up the rest of her "stuff" she left here. That was right after we broke up (which was totally her idea by the way!) During our relationship I used to meet her at the coffee shop (where we first met) a couple of times a week while I was taking a break from my morning walk and she was there for her coffee break from work. Since our parting I've been even avoiding that coffee shop. I felt that meeting, even seeing Marcy there, even from across the room, would just make me feel bad knowing that we were not a couple anymore. "Out of sight, out of mind!" has been my philosophy on most broken relationships through the years, especially when I was the one who got rejected! I've found that it's really hard to rekindle old flames. With very few exceptions once it's over it's been over for good in my past relationships. No woman has to worry about me begging them to take me back or harassing them in any manner.

That all being said I decided to call Marcy last Wednesday night and wish her a Happy Birthday and a Happy Easter and just to see how she was doing. She is doing well! She has had several dates with this "Phillip" dude she met at church. He's younger than me (in his forties I think), a Catholic and a Filipino like Marcy. Those are three big pluses in her mind and I do understand the appeal there. Marcy will be 39 this week and she deserves to find a compatible, hopefully life long partner. "Filipino Phil" may or not be "Mr. Right" but I am definitely not that fellow either so Marcy needs to look elsewhere for the man of her dreams. I wish her only the best in her new relationship and in her life and I told her just that on the phone. It was a cordial conversation and I'm glad I decided to give her that one final call.

There was however one negative bit of information I learned from my little phone chat with Marcy. I asked her how her sweetie pie 30 year old roommate Patty was doing and she excitedly told me that "Phillip" was going to introduce his good buddy, another Filipino close to Patty's age, to her and they were planning on going out on some double dates. It's a good thing we were on the phone and Marcy couldn't see my face drop when she told me that! Damn the bad luck! Given our age difference and her being Marcy's friend and roommate there was really a VERY slim chance that Patty would want to go out with me anyway but those nasty thoughts about slipping the salami to her were still in my mind, at least up until this phone call.

I think it's time to just forget about young Patty, except possibly in my jack off fantasies (she was there this past weekend in fact!) No use risking any more rejection at this time in my life. Time to move on! And yet...and yet...I do regret that I didn't catch Patty in the nude at her and Marcy's apartment at least once and that she didn't go to the hot tub place with Marcy and I as we planned that night. What I wouldn't give to gaze on that lovely, naked young body! What I wouldn't give to bury my face and cock in that....oh behave yourself Mike, you horny old bastard! You've got to finish this fucking post before you start jacking off!

That brings me to Kathy, my redhead neighbor and co-director with me on our condo Homeowners Board. Our meeting for March was at her unit (we take turns on homes where we meet) and I did learn a bit more about her, thanks to a brief private chat when our official business meeting was over. She is 48, a few years older than she looks (I was thinking early 40's). She's also just come away from a long term (12 years!) relationship with a live in boyfriend. They split up the first of the year and she says it's over for good but she also said that she is not interested in getting in another relationship for a while. "Shit!" thought the Horny Old Guy when he heard that revelation!

I still have the feeling that something good will come out of this but it's going to take a while to get to the place where I want to go if you know what I mean and I think you do! I may never get there for that matter but if not I think we can at least be good friends...and in a while hopefully even more! Meanwhile the board voted to put out a monthly newsletter for the homeowners. Since I'm the president and Kathy is secretary, we got elected to do that job. That means we will be getting together in private at least once a month in addition to our monthly meetings with the other directors. We've also begun to exchange humorous e mails with each other. Only time will tell but being a natural born optimist I think that after a few months of being my charming old self (what are you laughing at?) I may be "back in the saddle again" if you know what I mean and I KNOW you do! Whoopee-ti-yi-yo!

If it's not "back in the saddle" with Kathy I'm reasonably sure that it will be with someone else. I may even give that computer match thingy a try. A friend of mine swears by the free ads he has put on something called Craigs List although I have no idea what that is all about. Meanwhile I have to say that I'm enjoying my regained independence, the freedom to do whatever I want 24/7 seven days a week! Even the weekends are no problem anymore. As long as my right hand still works in conjunction with my dong as well as it did when I was a teenager and all those lovely fantasies (Hi Patty!) are still rolling around in my ancient and dirty mind, I'll get by okay, thank you! Hey I had three nice jack off sessions this past weekend. Things are definitely back to normal for the Horny Old Guy! Barring any unforeseen developments, this will probably be the last post where I'll ever mention Marcella or Patty. I've bored you people enough with this ill fated soap opera! Have a great week y'all and thanks for reading!


anonymous redhead said...

That's too bad about Patty. I say give Kathy another 3 months without sex and she'll be changing her tune about not wanting a "relationship". I'm going on 12 months with no sex. Not fun!

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks a.h.! I hope you are right about Kathy! 12 months with no sex eh? I feel your...uh....pain! I hope you would agree that masturbation saves the day? Got Hatachi (as in Hatachi Magic Wand)?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, Bi Johnny here. Mmm seeing the anonymous redhead comment above got me thinking. Did your neighbour find your, that may be a good thing. If not, i feel this redhead should cum forward and email you and you can take care of her 12 month no fun problem..Wow 12 months, imagine that I know you will be back in the saddle again, or at least back between spread legs soon. We got dumped on here this easter weekend with 30cm of snow, 90km winds. Sucks to be us. I shouldnt tease you by saying i got pussy yesterday, yummy. And my frined Jim, gave me one fine bj last Thursday.
Oh Mike, or other friends here, if you want to see Bi Johnnys bits, go to type in my members name which is
sexybiguy and for those who peek at my bits let me know at on how you liked them... Later Mike,,bi Johnny

anonymous redhead said...

Oh, yes, plenty of masturbation going on since I was 12. Nope, no magic wand. I'm not opposed to the idea, just don't think I need it. I'm not in too much pain, really. It's not so much the sex act that I miss as much as having a man touch my skin or feeling his weight on me. Does that make any sense?

Mike Stewart said...

Yo Bi Johnny! When you make comments why don't you use the "Other" section instead of "Anonymous"? That way you could put your name and your web page (just cut and paste it) and then people could just click on your name and they would go right to your web they do if they click on my name. Just a suggestion! As always, thanks for reading and commenting dude! Sounds like you will be glad to see (the late) spring this year! Sounds like all the pussy and bjs are keeping you warm though! LOL

Redhead, glad to hear you are a proponent of my fave activity...well ALMOST my fave activity! Yeah that makes perfect sense what you said. It's more than the actual sex that I miss too!

Marc said...

If you'll forgive an off-topic wuestion...

This is actually related to the post about porno movies, but I worry if I post it there you won't see it since that's an old entry now.

In Debbie Does Dallas (which I have on tape and love), there's a scene where two women are washing a guy's car in he rain. He invites them inside, and he gets them out of their clothes for a little three-way. You remember the scene? At one point one of them screams "Fuck me in the ass!" before he puts his cock in her. But (maybe because of the poor quality of the tape) it looks like he fucks her vaginally, instead of anally. Is my eyesight just owful, or does he indeed not fuck her in the ass?

Steff said... there ever a time when you aren't horny?!

I'm surprised you didn't get rug burn on your dick, but I sure do enjoy reading about it!

Ra said...

Thanks For MAking my DAY!!! I do night Shifts for QuickBooks...

Mike Stewart said...

Marc I do remember that scene but I'm not sure if it was really an anal one or not. Sometimes they do cheat as you know! I recently traded in my old DVD of "Debbie" or I would check it out. Reason for trade in was a new Special Edition is now out that is supposed to be much better quality than old one (which wasn't much better than VHS!). Sorry I couldn't give you a definitive answer!

Steff darlin' if you think I am horny now you should have seen me when I was younger!!! Of course certain darlins just still bring out the extreme horniness in me if you know what I mean and I think you do! LOL No rug burn...yet...lots of lube helps! Glad you enjoy this nonsense...DARLIN'!

Ra my friend I have no idea what "night shift for Quickbooks" means but thank you so much for reading my blog. Cheers to all in your country!