Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mustang Memories

I recently read in the paper that the last buildings of the Mustang Ranch, a legendary whorehouse near Reno, Nevada were burned down in a training exercise for the local fire department last month. My days of whoring are long since over but I still felt a bit nostalgic and even sad about the loss of that place. In my younger days, I had some mighty fine (and mighty cheap!) blow jobs and fucks there when I was between marriages and relationships and needed the service that only a warm female mouth or vagina could provide.

The notorious Mustang Ranch was located just east of Sparks, Nevada (itself just east of Reno). There is actually a tiny community called Mustang and that is the exit off Highway 80 that you took to get to the whorehouse. When I first visited the Mustang in the late 1960's prostitution wasn't really legal in Nevada although it was tolerated in some counties. In 1971 prostitution became legal in the state but only in the individual counties that approved it. Storey County where the Mustang is located was the first county to approve of it and thus the Mustang became the first legal whorehouse in the country in 1971.

My first visit to the Mustang came shortly after my first marriage fizzled out. I was in my late 20's and one horny son-of-a-bitch (yeah I know...I still am!). I'd heard about the legendary Mustang and decided to pay a visit one Saturday night to get a break from my jacking off and to get one of those things that was so missing from my marriage...a blow job! My ex wife Margaret, like a lot of women in those days, apparently believed that blow jobs were something that only whores and sluts did and she may have not been too far wrong back then. Many a young stud and old fart both married and single visited the whores to get what he couldn't get at home. I never got even one BJ during my four year marriage to Margaret, in fact I got very little head even in foreplay. I missed what I had got accustomed to from the whores of Korea, Japan and Mexican border towns in the Army as well as a few nice women in my civilian life...good old fashioned all American cum-in-mouth sloppy blow jobs! To this day I think those thingies are the closest to Heaven I'll ever come here on Earth! I just love those blow jobs!

I still remember that first visit to the Mustang. There was a high fence around the place, even a guard tower with armed guards on the property. You rang a doorbell at the gate and got buzzed in. Inside the place you were welcomed by a madame and all the young women lined up, sometimes as many as 25 of them. You chose the one that appealed to you. Talk about being a kid in a candy store! I tended to choose the younger "girl next door" types. Your whore of choice took you into her private room and asked you what kind of "party" you wanted. That of course determined the price. You could get the standard fuck, a "half and half" (she would suck you until you were nice and hard and then you would fuck her), a "full french" (my favorite, the cum-in-mouth blow job) or just about anything else your heart and dick desired. Two or more women were also available for the big spenders. Anal sex and kissing were off limits I believe. The price was negotiable. In the late 1960's and early 1970's you could get fucked or get a "half and half" or a full blow job for $15 or $20. I later learned that there was actually a house rule in those days that the women had to accept as little as $10 for a straight fuck or blow job if the customer was about to walk out the door. Of course the women would attempt to get as much as they could for all of their services. $20 seemed reasonable to me and I usually left a $5 tip if they provided good service. there such a thing as a bad blow job? Some are better than others (no teeth please!) but I can't really remember a bad one!

Before or after the money negotiation stage the Mustang girls would give your pecker an inspection and a thorough wash. If they saw anything wrong with your weenie you had to take a hike and that was a good thing for all concerned. The girls got monthly medical checks too and there really wasn't much chance of catching anything you didn't want at the Mustang. After you had paid your money your lady took it out of the room to deposit it while you took your clothes off. I always preferred that both of us to be completely nude, even for blow jobs. The blow jobs were quite professional, some of the best cock sucking that I've ever experienced in fact and with a "full French" you indeed did get to blast off in the prostitute's mouth.

No they didn't swallow but that never made any difference to me with ANY blow job. Hey if the gals are willing to suck my weenie and take my heavy load in the mouth, I don't care what they do with the resulting jism! The Mustang girls would go spit it out in the sink and then rinse with mouthwash, fresh and ready for their next client who would hopefully now be coming through the gate. You put your clothes on and with a few pleasant words (and usually the awarding of a tip for exceptional services provided) you were on your way out the door unless you wanted to stop at the bar to have a drink or maybe even re-charge your batteries and go back for seconds. Yeah that happened with yours truly a few times!

I made several return trips to the Mustang in my late twenties and my early thirties. Getting married again put an end to those trips of course. When I'm married or in a long term relationship I don't play around with anyone, whores in particular! When that second marriage to Julia ended with a big thud (I caught her cheating) it was back up to the Mustang again. By then (the late 1970's) the price of a full blow job had increased to about $40 but it was still well worth it to get sucked off with no strings attached. Herpes and AIDS had not reared their ugly heads so condoms were still not necessary. One night stands and new casual relationships soon replaced my trips to the Mustang (which was a long way to drive for a blow job by the way!) and I made one only one more trip there sometime in the mid 1980's. By then the price had doubled again. It was now $80-100 for a blow job and the girls didn't seem to want to negotiate. Understandably condoms were now required for both fucking and blow jobs. I decided it just wasn't worth it anymore and went out and jacked off in the parking lot. Easiest $100 I ever saved in my life! The only problem was that on the way home I stopped in Reno and lost my money in the casinos! Looking back it definitely would have been more fun to lose that money at the Mustang! I never went back to the Mustang again. The glory days of cheap cum-in-mouth blow jobs at the Mustang Ranch were gone for good!

The guy who owned and ran the Mustang was a colorful character named Joe Conforte. I met him at the bar one night and found him to be a very nice guy. He even bought me a drink and gave me a token for a free fuck on my next visit! Joe got into some big trouble with the Feds for tax evasion and he skipped the country for Brazil in the late 1990's. As far as I know he's still living the good life down there. The government padlocked his place and sold most of the property to another nearby whorehouse owner to recover some of the taxes Joe owed to Uncle Sam. An addition to the original place remained on the property and that is what went up in flames last month. The Bureau of Land Management intends to restore the land, right by the Truckee River, to it's original state. Thus the era of the Mustang Ranch is now gone forever.

Tens of thousands of horny guys, young and old, must have passed through those Mustang gates. More than a few young guys probably knocked off their first piece of tail there. Single guys, married guys, all ages, all sizes, all races...all looking for a relief from using their right hand to bring themselves off or get what they couldn't get at home. Nevada's system seems like the right way to handle prostitution to me. The girls stay clean and safe with no pimps to steal their money or beat them up. Nothing illegal about the service, no worries about being caught in a police raid for the johns or the whores. No worries for the guys about being mugged or catching the clap (or worse!) or being arrested and seeing your name in the paper and your reputation and personal life ruined. Other countries tolerate and even legalize prostitution but we are too hung up with morals, religion and politics to ever do that here in the USA. Nevada remains the only place in the country where you can legally pay to fuck and that's not in all of the state's counties. For instance there is still no legal screwing for money in the counties where Reno and Las Vegas are located. Of course the illegal variety of whoring is everywhere, in Nevada and throughout the country. No way in hell you are ever going to stop the world's oldest profession!

Like I said before, my whoring days are long over. Too much to worry about nowadays! You may end up with a death sentence! I don't even want to fuck a whore with herpes or AIDS with a condom! I'm not even sure that I could get it up with all of the worry! Of course the same goes for one night stands for me. All part of my ancient history now! I'm clean and I'm going to stay clean! It's either be in a monogamous relationship or stay home and jack off and you can guess which of those options I'll be engaging in this weekend!

If you want to read more about the Mustang Ranch you might check out THIS ARTICLE from Wikepedia. Even though I've always considered any short or long term relationship MUCH more rewarding than going to a prostitute, I look back fondly on those relatively few afternoons and evenings when I walked through those gates of the old Mustang Ranch, wondering what the lineup of poontang would look like today! Rest in peace Mustang Ranch you legendary whorehouse and God bless all the wonderful women who worked there throughout the years. Thanks for the memories...and the blow jobs!


Al Sensu said...

I went to 3 Nevada brothels in the late 80s and early 90s and none of them was a great experience. I think things were better in the earlier days as you indicate.

Also having been married to a no-BJ-wife, I got my first BJ ever when I was 35 (!) at the Moonlight Ranch in Carson City. (It's now the Moonlight Bunny Ranch of HBO fame and seems much better and much more expensive). The job was $60 back then, with condom, and it was functional but not that good.

I went to one in Elko, but can't remember it. Got a 1/2+1/2 with two positions for $150. Also, just OK.

And I did get to the Mustang once, and had a 1/2+1/2 that would have not been memorable except that it cost $250.

Not that I'm doing that kind of thing anymore, but if I was it wouldn't be at Nevada brothels, except if I was willing to blow a grand, I'd go to the Bunny Ranch.

There are plenty of better paid sex experiences available all over, and while they may not be legal, it really doesn't matter.

Mike Stewart said...

Whoa! Those prices did go through the roof didn't they Al? I lost interest when blowjobs were still under $100 (and I thought that was high!). I feel your pain about having a no-BJ-wife. Been there, done that! I'm sure glad modern women are more sexually liberated. It seems like things changed about the same time that "Deep Throat" movie came out! Thank you Linda Lovelace...and thank you Al for relating your whorehouse experiences!

cynthia said...

For you hon the bjs will always be free :)


Mike Stewart said...

Cyn darlin' you ALWAYS say the right thing! Uhhh...planning any trips to California?

Steff said...

I wonder when the shift happened from women thinking blowjobs were something they wouldn't do till now when most women find blowjobs enjoyable?

I can't remember thinking "I'll never do that!" when it came to cock sucking. I have an I'll-try-anything-once attitude when it comes to sex and I actually enjoy giving a blowjob and the resulting mouthful of cum.

Funny story, my roommate in college always swore she'd never put her mouth "there" on a guy, but now that she's married all she'll say is that she's not as uptight as she used to be. ;)

Mike Stewart said...

Steff darlin' all I can say is that you are definitely my kind of woman!!! (not that I hadn't already figured that out!) Ah if I was only about 40 years younger...LOL

anonymous redhead said...

If you were just 25 years younger you'd have a good shot with me. You should lie about your age and everything else, like a normal man! You'd have more fun!

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks a.r.! Over the years I've learned that it's best not to lie about your age, your martial status, how much money you have or the size of your dick! Fibbing about those things can come back to haunt you!

Wow! 3 consecutive nice comments from sexy young women! I'm flattered! It sure beats that "Why don't you go into a rest home you perverted old fart?" one I got sometime back. LOL Cheers to you all!