Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All Bad Things Must Come to an End!

Yup that headline is correct folks! Click on the newspaper image to read all about it. It's time for the Horny Old Guy to put an end to all of this least for a while. There are a variety of reasons for my decision which I will attempt to outline below. Today marks the second anniversary of starting this goofy thing and by coincidence it's also my 200th post. If that's not enough it's also National Masturbation Month. What better time to pull the plug huh?

I started this wacky blog two years ago today, on May 16, 2005 with THIS lame ass post. I definitely was a bit unclear on the concept of blogging at the time. I thought it was more like a private diary and in the beginning that's probably what it was. I got almost no comments and I'm sure I had almost no readers. That didn't make much difference and I'm quite sure that most bloggers blog as much or more for their own enjoyment as for that of their readers. Now I look at my hit counter which shows over 85,000 hits and see that almost 5700 curious souls have clicked on my profile and I say "Who are all of these people?" I mean I still get very few comments so I truly haven't got a clue as to who all of these lurkers are. How do they find this thing? I'm sure some just stumble on it and say "Whoa! This old fucker is nuts! I'm out of here!" and I don't blame them. Some apparently do keep coming back for more new posts or delve into my archives. They are truly gluttons for punishment but I really do appreciate it! It's always nice to know you aren't talking to yourself even if you haven't got much to say!

I've let it all hang out (in more ways than one!) in this blog, divulged personal things about my past and present sex life that I've never told another person, not my closest friend or my two ex wives nor any of my many past lovers over the years. Some of those things I am not too proud of but I felt they had to be included. It's been a liberating and fun experience but it's time to zip it up and move on. My current social and sex life has been in a funk ever since Marcella left me which gives me additional incentive to at least take a break from this mental (but not my physical) masturbation. I mean how many ways can you say "Well I jacked off again all weekend?" I feel good about the possibility of establishing a long term relationship with my neighbor and new friend Kathy but that is going to take a while before it gets interesting...and maybe it never will.

Another thing that I have to consider is that I felt very uncomfortable and guilty writing about the sexual details of my relationship with Marcella while we were together, maybe even more so about writing of my lust for her sexy roommate Patty. This really bothered me more than I let on in my posts. I'm not good at keeping secrets and almost every time Marcella was over here I felt guilty that I would be blogging on Monday morning about our Saturday night fuck fests and her sweet Sunday morning blow jobs. I also worried about her finding this blog on my computer...and there were indeed a couple of close calls. I'm not sure I want to go through all that again if things get going with Kathy or any future girlfriend. Believe it or not I've never really been a "kiss and tell" (or "fuck and tell"!) type of least before I started this blog!

Additionally, as much as I've really enjoyed blogging, it's been taking up way too much of my time. It also looks like it will be a really busy summer for me. Two friends from my working days (as a civilian in military aircraft electronics) and myself are getting ready to restore a vintage aircraft for a museum. This will involve lots of travel to and from Sacramento and some overnight layovers there. I'm also planning some extensive summer travel. It's been far too long since I've been to Europe so I'm getting ready to take another independent tour of the continent. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Munich...ah just think...I'll be jacking off in all of those places! (Romantic, isn't it?). I'll also be taking a road trip to visit my sister in Colorado and see some old friends in other parts of the country. All that along with my duties as president of our condo Board of Directors (which is taking up more of my time than I envisioned!) and trying to get into Kathy's pant...I mean establishing a warm personal relationship with Kathy will keep me more than occupied until the fall. I may get back to blogging then...or anytime things substantially improve in my social and/or sex life. I suspect that there will be some further updates in the life of the Horny Old Guy. I'm just not sure when they will come. Check back here once in a while if you'd care to.

I will truly miss blogging though and I'm sure there will be some withdrawal symptoms. I've looked forward to writing new posts bi-weekly and digging up some silly illustrations to go with them. I've greatly enjoyed the comments that I have received as well as the occasional e mail. I'd sincerely like to thank all of you people (including all you lurkers!) for reading this nonsense, especially those of you who came back time and time again and/or left comments. To the two lovely women who sent me nude pictures of yourself, you will forever have my gratitude! I wish all of you the very best! Until we meet again, enjoy your bodies and your lives! Thanks again for reading and goodbye for now!

P.S. I don't know if I ever mentioned it or not (LOL) but...


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOO! I'm one of those lurkers. Just a poor married sap who enjoyed the trials and tribulations of a kindred spirit. You are one of the only blogs I read, and I can't say why. Always entertaining and informative. I'll keep you in my favorites and check back occassionaly. Thanks for the many hours of reading enjoyment, and good luck in your future exploits.

sexybiguy said...

OMG No Mike, Well things all cum to an This Bi guy found your blog a year ago, and I have luved reading and looking at your hot post ever since. You have a great time on your adventures. I wish you the best of luck getting into the redheads panties and bra. And if you ever get up here to eastern Canada, shoot me an email and drop in. The Bi guy can introduce you to all those hot big cocks he has been bugging you about,,lol. Your the best HOG and you will be missed,,All the best,
Bi Johnny

cynthia said...

Mikey tell me its not true hon!!!!!!!! You made me sooooooo wet sooooooo many times ya know!!!!!!!! i hope ur travels will take u down to FL tho and i give u wat u been missing lately hehe i will tell u more in e mail hon but hope u change ur mind about blog

hugs and kisses :)
ur friend always cyn

womanforlife said...

Oh no - that's an apocalyptic disaster!!! I love reading your blog (although via Google Reader so I'm a lurker of note). And I'm very jealous that some old dude is getting way more than me.. :-)

I'll stay reader-subscribed to your blog, just in case this is just a passing fancy and you'll be back tomorrow.

anonymous redhead said...

If you reconsider stopping writing, I'll send a nude picture of myself. Nah! Just kidding. I enjoyed it, though, thouroughly, and will miss you, horny old guy. Good luck.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those comments and kind words folks!

Mr. Anonymous (top comment) thanks so much for lurking and reading!

Special thanks to BiJohnny who has been my most regular commenter in recent months. I'm not sure about being introduced to those hot big cocks about some hot tight pussies instead? Cheers and keep on fuckin' and suckin' bi-dude!

Cyn darlin' what can I say? Your comments always give me some wood even if I don't know what the fuck you are talking about? LOL Just kidding! I'll think about that trip to Florida...if my heart and pecker are up to it. You haven't got any pet alligators down there have you?

Thanks womanforlife for reading and leaving that nice coment too! Your blog is cool!

Ah just the thought of a nude pic of anonymous redhead...even if she was just kidding (damn the bad luck! LOL). Thanks darlin'!

Anonymous said...

Dang Mike, 'tis a shame. All the best to you and may you get so lucky that you wouldn't have time to write about, if you chose to write again. You'll be missed and all in all, your blog was extremely entertaining (so don't feel guilty).

Dirty Debbie said...

I'm with the anonymous redhead...I'll send you as many naked pictures of myself doing whatever you want me to if you reconsider.
I really enjoy your blog and only discovered it a couple of months ago. I don't want to remove it from my blogroll and will keep it up there as long as I hope for your return.

Anonymous said...

I'm another older gent who thinks like a teenager and I've enjoyed your posts for quite a while now. Sorry to see you go but hope you will be back here soon. Have a nice summer and hope things work out with Cathy.
Don F.

Jess said...

I got a feeling of what you mean in this mike. I stopped blogging. But I always checked in on yours when I could. Take care of yourself and I wish you the best! I do hope to see a new post every now and then though! *hugs* and lots of love :-)

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks again for those comments and kind words folks! Nice to see some of my anonymous lurkers come out of the darkness too! I sincerely do appreciate ALL of you readers!

Ah naked pictures of "Dirty Debbie" (who has a mighty fine and sexy blog that I just discovered!)...there is something that puts some "lead in my pencil" if you know what I mean and I think you do!

Jess darlin' I wondered what happened to your nice blog (written so much better than mine!) which I greatly enjoyed! Cheers and hugs to you too darlin'! Have a great life!

Al Sensu said...

Mike, Sorry to see you go. How about leaving the blog up (you can always delete any posts that still make you uncomfortable) and see if from time to time you still have something you want to say? We'll be here.

Steff said...

Well, I have to agree...I'll miss it! But, in the end you should always do what is right for you. Now just because you're not going to writing doesn't mean you can't stop by, read, or comment over at my spot. Your trips sound know being a travel nut myself. I hope you have a wonderful time!

And all the best of luck with you and Kathy! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with al sensu. There is also way too much cool stuff on your blog to delete it man. Its fun going back and looking at some of your older posts. Some of your pix are priceless and your sense of humor always shows. How about leaving it up for future generations? Better yet just keep blogging.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for that Al Sensu...and for your other nice prior comments on my blog! I am going to leave the blog up for a while...maybe indefinitely...or until Google dumps it in the shit can!

Thanks Steff! I will be checking your blog...I need to keep up on the life of my favorite Texas darlin'! You'll continue to be in my fantasies...uh I mean thoughts!

Future generations stumbling on this blog Mr. or Ms. Anonymous? Now there is a scary thought! Thanks for the kind words though!

Sexy Momma said...


I am also a lurker and have enjoyed so much reading your blog.

You have given me some inspiration for my own blog!!

Well, if it's goodbye, have a good life, and this sexymomma is gonna miss you!

Mr Manic Depressive said...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I refuse to let you quit on me! NO!

Damn, I'm gonna miss you Mike. You are one of my daily reads. Shit, now what the fuck am I gonna do? Go outside? Live my life? Shit! Damn! Fuck!

Seriously though, good luck in whatever you decide to do. It sounds like the plane project is gonna be a blast. Have fun this summer. Drop by the blog and say hello from time to time, okay? Please!

Take it easy Mike.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks so much Sexy Momma! WOW! I just discovered your blog and it gave me some "inspiration" too...if you know what I mean and I think you do! Very nice! I'll be checking in on you frequently! Cheers!

Thanks to you too Mr m/d for your kind words here and on previous posts. They are sincerely appreciated! That going outside and living a life doesn't sound too shabby, does it? Me spending WAY too much time on the computer was just one of the factors that made me decide to take a break from blogging for a while. Not that I will be giving up surfing for smut altogether you understand...that would be like giving up jacking off and you know that ain't gonna happen!

Thanks again and my best you both!

Elizabeth said...

Awww, shucks, Mike. I read your blog almost every day. I'm just your average everyday soccer mom, who blogs about life and lack of a love life, but I love your blog. You are one funny sob, honest, transparent and heartfelt. I hope your time off will serve you well and you will come back to entertain us with your European sexploits.

I almost never comment, and for that, I apologize. I love comments on my own blog.

Thank you again for entertaining me over the past two years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike come on back! I miss you already!

JAFL (Just Another Female Lurker)

Shay said...

I'm just in shock!
I can't believe you're leaving us!!
but a horny old guy has got to do what a horny old guy has got to do, I suppose.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks for those very kind words Elizabeth darlin'! I do remember some of your comments from a while back and it's always a treat to go to your own beautifully written blog! My best to you and your family...and your future lovers (those lucky guys!)

Thanks JAFL! To tell the truth I miss blogging already too...BUT with my love/sex life in a funk, I was running out of ideas for new posts and starting to repeat myself way too often...time to take a break! I love all you lurkers though, especially those of the female persuasion!

Shay darlin'!!! My favorite sexy Canadian sex columnist! (Do you know Bi Rob/Bi Johnny who lives up there on Prince Edward Island and is even more horny than me?) Yeah "a horny old guy has to do what he has got to do"...which may explain why I jack off so much too! LOL Shay is one of the very top rated and most read sex bloggers folks and if you haven't discovered her yet, click on her name or click the link from my links column. A must read for horny guys and gals of all ages!

Satan said...

No, no, no!! I know I'm not one to talk, but don't even think of deleting this blog, and let's go with 'long vacation' rather than 'termination', ok??

Take care of yourself, Mike. ;) And come back soon.

JJ said...

Damn. this is my first visit and you're already calling it quits? I love the topics here. I'm gonna have to surf the archives.

Mike Stewart said...

Thanks to satan and jj for more kind words about this lame blog! Thanks again to EVERYONE who has posted comments on this, my last post for a while. Not one "Good riddance you old fart sex maniac!" either! I think I'll quit while I'm still ahead and close the comments on this post now.

My busy summer is just about to move into high gear and I'll have little time for a while to respond to comments or delete SPAM and messages from religious fanatics telling me that it's a sin to play with my weenie!

To the nice people who left comments regularly, the lurkers and the innocent souls who stumbled on this goofy blog, my sincere thanks for reading! I hope if nothing else, it gave you a few chuckles. If it offended you, my sincerest apologies.

I hope to be back here sometime in the near future but that depends on several factors, mostly related to my social life or lack of social life. Until then I wish you all the best in life and love! Goodbye for now.

(Horny Old Guy has left the building.)